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October 2015 Archive (27 posts)

Pancakes at Paardevlei, Milkshake at Mondeor (2015-10-03) | At the beginning of the month, whilst Chantelle was working her weekend shift, Jessica, Emily and I nipped out to surprise her by buying some flowers from the Paardevlei Farmers Market. The market was a lot, lot quieter than last time, so it was a more ... (Photo Gallery)
Japan 2014 - 10 Kaiko Promenade, a Red Brick Warehouse, and... Oktoberfest in Yokohama! (2014-10-03) | So just like that, Terrance was gone, and my brother Ryan and I found ourselves alone in Tokyo, Japan - one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world. Right. Amazingly though, Ryan had already figured out what is said to be a particularly complicated train ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 09 Black Burgers for Lunch in Shinjuku, Tokyo (2014-10-03) | Having just enjoyed the panoramic views of Tokyo via the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, we next marched off through a very busy Shinjuku (lunch time foot traffic) in search of food and electronics, grabbing the former from a most unexpected source: Burger King. Seeing as Halloween is ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 08 Visiting the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku (2014-10-03) | So day 1 of our Japan 2014 tour had been pretty awesome, and with tour guide Terrance still at our disposal for half a day, day 2 kicked off (after a delicious hotel breakfast of course) with a trip to Shinjuku, Tokyo! Our target for the morning was ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Taking the Nappy Bin from Smelly to Smiley with Ambi Pur | The dreaded nappy bin. There is a permanent odour surrounding this hunk of white plastic with its clever weighted swivel top that allows you to disappear nappies with a simple lift of a handle, an odour that lingers, not strong at all but just... there. Of ... (Partner Content)
An Evening Playing at the Park (2015-10-06) | The seasons are definitely changing for the better at long last - so, so many more hours of sunshine in a day! Of course, the means that we get to spend much more of our evenings playing on Country Mews' little communal patch of grass after ... (Photo Gallery)
Japan 2014 - 07 Irish Guinness at Celts in Yokohama (2014-10-02) | So our first day in Japan (with Terrance as tour guide) was a pretty good one. Temples, Towers, Robots and Baseball, one certainly couldn't argue against us deserving a bite to eat and something decent to drink in order to cap off what had been a truly excellent day out ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 06 DeNA BayStars at the Yokohama Stadium (2014-10-02) | Having already enjoyed a jam-packed day in Tokyo that saw us wander around Zojoji temple, view Tokyo from above via the iconic Tokyo Tower, and stand in the shadow of a giant Gundam in front of DiverCity, we scurried back back to Yokohama to make ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 05 Giant Gundam at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba (2014-10-02) | Having seen Tokyo from above thanks to our trip up Tokyo Tower, we next started making our way towards Odaiba, the popular sightseeing and shopping district that is situated on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay! In order to ensure the best views, we took a ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 04 Things to see in Tokyo - Tokyo Tower! (2014-10-02) | Having safely reached Japan, successfully travelled from Yokohama to Minato, and taking an unscheduled stop at Zojoji temple, we had finally reached the first tourist attraction on our list of things to see in Japan - the iconic Tokyo Tower! Just as the Eiffel Tower is used to frame a ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 03 Zojoji in Tokyo - Jodo-Buddhist Chief Temple (2014-10-02) | Continuing our trek to Tokyo Tower on foot, we exited the Hamamatsucho business district and entered Shiba (Minato, Tokyo), and in the process stumbled onto what would be my first taste of Japanese religion proper - the Zojoji temple complex that serves as the principle temple of ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 02 From Yokohama to to Minato in search of Tokyo Tower! (2014-10-02) | I had no trouble in having a good sleep in my bed in our small Super Hotel Yokohama room following our first night in Japan, and indeed, woke up refreshed and super excited to tackle this wondrous new world full of signs that I couldn't ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
With WACE, a true Cycling Bucket List is Born | At the end of July this year, six of the world's top mass participation cycling events announced that they had come together to form the World Association of Cycling Events (WACE) - and in doing so, created a true 'bucket list' for lifelong cycle enthusiasts ... (Partner Content)
Playing with LEGO at Willowbridge | Well Jess sure had some fun. I'm not sure if it was just a school holiday thing or not, but the very cool Kiddiwinks LEGO store in Willowbridge has a whole heap of Friends-branded LEGO set up outside their store in a supervised setup that ... (My Life)
Tarryn and Robert Announce their Marriage (2015-10-10) | The Bakesh Food and Wine restaurant in Durbanville seems quite a nice little place to stop for a bite to eat, but now thanks to Rob and Tarryn, it will forever be associated with something much more special. You see, last weekend we were invited ... (Photo Gallery)
Playing Gordon's Bay Beach Sand (2015-10-11) | The nice thing about Summer now really being just right around the corner is of course the fact that we can end off pretty much any day with a quick stop to play in the sand at our local beach. Emily enjoys this thoroughly (though just ... (Photo Gallery)
Japan 2014 - 01 Flying to Tokyo Narita Airport in Japan - and arriving in Yokohama! (2014-09-30) | Seeing as today marks Terrance and Yuko's first wedding anniversary, it seems fitting to finally (a year later), kick off the posting of all my Japan 2014 photos to the blog. So as I outlined before, last year Ryan and I embarked on a trip to ... (Photo Gallery)
Photos at Canettevallei Lavender (2015-09-27) | Chantelle spotted something very cool on Facebook a little while ago - a wine and lavender farm in Stellenbosch had put out the invite that if anyone wanted to, they were more than welcome to come through and take some photos in the farm's lavender ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Coffee at Skilpadvlei (2015-09-26) | A couple of Saturdays ago, Emily finally managed to find her way out of this gigantic Disney princess-themed jumping castle and join the rest of us to finish celebrating little Hannah's fourth birthday with one of Michelle Ollewagen's always fabulously setup kiddies parties at their ... (Photo Gallery)
Food and Entertainment Aplenty: Madame Zingara - The Celebration | Exactly halfway into September last month, Chantelle and I found ourselves scurrying to get the kids to Bellville on time so that Rob and Tarryn could babysit for us whilst we, accompanied by both sets of mom and dad, headed for the Grand Parade in ... (My Life)
Tallahassee Spur on Heritage Day (2015-09-24) | Apart from our play time at Helderberg Farm this past Heritage Day public holiday, I also treated my two girls to what could possibly be their first ever Chico the Clown experience at the Tallahassee Spur (currently being renovated) in the Somerset Mall. Of course, ... (Photo Gallery)
Ice Cream Feeding Time at McDonalds! | A couple of weekends ago, at the end of one of my frequent "Dad and the girls" adventures, I treated Jessica and Emily for a ice cream and play stop at Waterstone Village McDonalds (the only one I ever take the girls to because of ... (My Life)
Helderberg Farm on Heritage Day (2015-09-24) | Chantelle was working this Heritage Day, meaning that it was up to Jessica, Emily and I to figure out some fun for ourselves - so given the great weather this public holiday had presented us with, the three of us found ourselves spending some playful ... (Photo Gallery)
Wild Flowers in the West Coast National Park (2015-09-13) | Sunday (a few weeks ago mind you) was the culmination of our little jaunt to Hopefield - a viewing of the magnificent Spring wild flowers at the Postberg Flower Reserve within the West Coast National Park. Having spared the kids the torture of sitting in a ... (Photo Gallery)
Simply Bee and a Church in Hopefield (2015-09-12) | A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves overnighting at the Merry Widow in Hopefield as part of our whirlwind flowers in the West Coast National Park adventure. Needless to say, these days Hopefield is but a fraction of its former size (and glory), and in ... (Photo Gallery)
The Merry Widow in Hopefield (2015-09-12) | As I mentioned earlier, a couple of weekends ago we posted the kids off to the grandparents and following a not so great Friday evening date night, hit the R27 to travel along the West Coast for a quick spot of flower viewing in the ... (Photo Gallery)
Breakfast at Beulah on the R27 (2015-09-12) | A couple of weekends ago, we split the kids (one went to Granny, one went to Ouma), and after not the best of date night ever (couldn't locate the restaurant we wanted to try, settled for mediocre, in the middle of a renovation, Spur, and ... (Photo Gallery)
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