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November 2015 Archive (34 posts)

Butterflies on Helderberg Farm (2015-11-22) | The girls and I quite enjoy taking an outing to Helderberg Farm every now and then, and so the other day, when we found ourselves once again left to our own devices, we immediately decided to make the most of the great weather and head ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Jessica's Bellville Birthday Party (2015-11-14) | This year Jessica had two birthday parties courtesy of Chantelle, one for Jess' local school and complex friends (celebrated at Mondeor), and one for all the family and our friends in Bellville (celebrated at Monty and Cheryl's house). The theme was once again Frozen (of course), and this time ... (Photo Gallery)
Solved: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Freezing on New Game Start | 2012 saw the release of the troubled Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning RPG game from Big Huge Games and 38 Studios, which despite some big names attached to it (R.A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane, Grant Kirkhope, Ken Rolston), and more than just a few high ranking review ... (Games Notes)
Jessica's Mondeor Restaurant Birthday Party (2015-11-13) | For some or other reason, Chantelle decided to challenge herself by having not one, but two birthday parties for Jessica (turning five) this year. The first one would be for all the local Gordon's Bay friends (i.e. from Vergeet-My-Nie playschool and our Country Mews complex), and the ... (Photo Gallery)
Frollicking at Funky Frogs (2015-11-14) | Jessica, Emily and I found ourselves having to kill some time before we were allowed into Jessica's birthday party venue (Ouma's house!) last Saturday, so other than the nice nature stroll in Vink's Arboretum that we took, I also let the girls run wild in the fun ... (Photo Gallery)
Trees in Vink's Arboretum in Durbanville (2015-11-14) | Jessica, Emily and I stumbled across Vink's Arboretum last weekend, which is a lush green belt that runs parallel to Majik Forest on the border between Bellville and Durbanville. Managed by a partnership between Cape Town City Parks and the volunteer group Vink's Greenbelt Association, the ... (Photo Gallery)
Goodbye Rdio | I really, really like Rdio. So much so that I'm a paid user of their streaming music service. They have a fantastic user interfaces, their related music algorithms are fantastic, their audio quality is great, their music selection phenomenal, and best of all - they ... (Software & Sites)
Kodi: Eminence Skin: How to Clean the Movie Library | The excellent Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is my preferred media server at home, on top of which I run the gorgeous Eminence skin. At first it is not very apparent how to clean up your video library (i.e. remove duplicates are deleted items), despite the ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Playball Certificate Evening (2015-11-19) | One of the best extramural activities that we ever enrolled Jessica into at Vergeet-My-Nie playschool has to be without a shadow of a doubt Playball. Established in 1986 (and offered in numerous countries), Playball is essentially a sports coaching system for children between the ages ... (Photo Gallery)
Japan 2014 - 16 Kitanomaru Park and the Nippon Budokan in Chiyoda, Tokyo (2014-10-04) | My brother Ryan and I were certainly on the move on our first unaccompanied day in Japan. Having already seen the Big Egg stadium at Tokyo Dome City, relaxed at LaQua, reflected at the Yasukuni Shrine complex, and viewed a Mitsubishi Zero at the Yushukan ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 15 Yushukan War Memorial Museum in Chiyoda, Tokyo (2014-10-04) | Having now wandered around the grounds of the solemn Yasukuni Shrine complex in Chiyoda, Tokyo, we turned our attention to the actual reason we had headed out this way in the first place - my hunt to see a Mitsubishi A6M Zero WWII fighter plane. Situated ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Swimming at Mondeor Garden Restaurant (2014-11-30) | Oops. Found this folder of photos I completely forgot to post to the blog last year November, taken on one of our outings post Jess' birthday party to Mondeor Garden Restaurant. How do I know it was post-birthday? Well mainly because Jessica was totally rocking ... (Photo Gallery)
Dough-it-Yourself: Kids build your Own Panarottis Pizza | Not that we go there often mind you, but if we do, we don't usually take the girls with us to Panarottis in Somerset Mall. However, one time we did actually treat Jessica to some pizza at Panarottis, and it was rather nice to discover ... (My Life)
Play, Markets, and Buying Plants! (2015-06-14) | If I look back to winter, then quite a lot of my weekends with the girls looked like this - after all, we had a pretty pleasant winter in terms of weather this year: 1) Spend a little time playing at home while I do a couple ... (Photo Gallery)
A Most Unromantic Wedding Anniversary (2015-11-08) | So this year marked the sixth year that I've been married to Chantelle. This year around though, our anniversary day fell on a Saturday, and this being a weekend where Chantelle was working (and stressed in trying to get things organized for Jessica's big birthday ... (Photo Gallery)
Real Deal Warm Water at The Caledon Hotel, Casino & Spa (2015-11-05) | So finally, Chantelle and I took advantage of Caledon Hotel, Casino & Spa's long running promotion, The Real Deal (previously known as The Reel Deal, changed I suspect because most people - including us - failed to spot the pun first time around). We headed out ... (Photo Gallery)
Breakfast at The Pool Room, Oak Valley in Elgin (2015-11-05) | So having enjoyed an unintended (but delicious) cup of Hot Chocolate at Fred & Max in Elgin, I suggested to a dejected Chantelle that perhaps we should wander over to the nearby Oak Valley Estate to see if their beautiful The Pool Room restaurant could ... (Photo Gallery)
Coffee at Fred & Max Eatery in Elgin (2015-11-05) | Chantelle and I took a mid-week break last week and headed out towards Caledon Hotel & Spa to take advantage of their long running Real Deal promotion. Chantelle decided very much that she'd like to stop for breakfast on the way, and as such settled ... (Photo Gallery)
Emily and her Push Bike | History tends to repeat itself, or so the saying goes, so it makes sense then that just a handful of years ago Jessica was entertaining herself on her green Big Jim push bike... ...and now two and a half years later, we have Emily zipping about on ... (My Life)
Hasbro has you Covered this Holiday Season | A pretty cool blogger drop arrived at my door yesterday, an early Christmas present in the form of three awesome toys for the girls from Hasbro. My Little Pony, Play-Doh, and Nerf - and you already know just how much Jess loves her My Little ... (Partner Content)
Jessica's Vergeet-My-Nie School Concert (2015-10-17) | One Saturday morning, mid October, saw both both sets of grandparents (plus one uncle and one aunt) descend upon Gordon's Bay to join us for Jessica's playschool musical concert, simply entitled "The Art of Noise". The Vergeet-My-Nie Playschool teachers had all been working hard with the kids leading ... (Photo Gallery)
Japan 2014 - 14 The Yasukuni Shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo (2014-10-04) | With the sights of Tokyo Dome and LaQua at Tokyo Dome City now done and dusted, Ryan and I turned on Google Maps and looked for something green to head towards. (In general, this is pretty much how we quite often selected where to go ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 13 LaQua in Tokyo Dome City (2014-10-04) | So on our first unaccompanied day in Japan, my brother Ryan and I had headed off to Bunkyo, Tokyo, making our way straight to Big Egg City, aka Tokyo Dome City. Having now ogled more than enough baseball related things to satisfy our need, we next ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 12 The Big Egg Baseball Stadium in Tokyo Dome City, Bunkyo, Tokyo (2014-10-04) | Following our night time Yokohama walkabout, my brother Ryan and I found ourselves spending the first day on our own in Japan by taking a trip out to Bunkyo, Tokyo, in order to visit Tokyo Dome City, home of The Big Egg, otherwise known as ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Japan 2014 - 11 Yokohama at Night - World Porters, Cosmo World, and... the Landmark Tower! (2014-10-03) | With the Yokohama Oktoberfest beer garden now well and truly behind us, onward we marched towards the giant, neon lit ferris wheel in the distance, stopping only because we were distracted by the lights coming from the rather prominent Yokohama World Porters building in front ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Wedding Anniversary Lunch at The Stables at Vergelegen (2014-11-07) | Today, 7/11/2015 marks the sixth year that Chantelle and I have been married to one another. However, seeing as today is a Saturday, Chantelle is working, and I have a slightly sick Emily to worry about, means that other than maybe a nice coffee get ... (Photo Gallery)
Traveling the South Coast in Luxury | Stretching southwards all the way from Durban to the beginning of the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast, and located in the KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa’s South Coast is one of the country’s premier vacation destinations. Few people can deny the area’s incredible natural beauty, its numerous ... (Partner Content)
Replacing the Hyundai Accents Door Lock Actuator | Chantelle and I were quite looking forward to spending a night at the 12 Apostles hotel in Cape Town as a gift to ourselves for our wedding anniversary/birthday celebrations, but of course, that damn thing known as adult responsibilities kind of stepped in the way ... (My Life)
Kiddies Parties Galore (2015-10-31) | I've mentioned a couple of times now just how many kids parties we have during the October/November period, and to be honest, I've kind of lost count. Let's just put it this way - last weekend we had three parties spread over two days! Sounds exhausting right? Saturday ... (Photo Gallery)
Sunday Lunch at Skilpadvlei Wine Farm (2015-10-18) | With Saturday having been such a nice day (Jessica's school concert, both sets of folks over for a braai, winning our Rugby World Cup game against Wales), we treated ourselves to a nice family Sunday lunch out at Skilpadvlei Wine Farm, a recent re-discovery of ... (Photo Gallery)
Pancakes and Ponies and Blaauwklippen Market (2015-10-25) | Weekend days with no birthday party celebrations pencilled in for October/November are pretty rare, but we did get one of these beauties towards the end of last month. Sadly though, Chantelle was working, which meant that it was up to the girls and I to ... (Photo Gallery)
Mobile Apps are Changing Desktop Software | Software development is constantly and rapidly changing, and these changes are primarily occurring due to the emergence of mobile apps. There are billions of mobile apps in existence, with new ones being developed all the time. This incredible competition has not only made it important ... (Partner Content)
Walking along the new Walkway to Suikerbossie Whale Viewing Site, Gordon's Bay (2015-11-02) | By chance I spotted the other day what appears to be a new walkway being setup along Faure Marine Drive, stretching pretty much from the Faure Street/Drive intersection and going all the way up to the Suikerbossie Whale Viewing Site. A brilliant idea, because a) Gordon's ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Gordon's Bay: Bikini Beach getting all set for Summer 2015! | Summer Season 2015 is rushing towards us at breakneck pace, and so pleasingly it's quite nice to see our little Blue Flag beach in Gordon's Bay undergoing a bit of a makeover. Up until recently, the beach had become a little... unfriendly, in terms of it ... (Travel Attractions)
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