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September 2018 Archive (10 posts)

Feathers, Eggs and a Tractor at Safari Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoorn (2017-07-04) | When in Oudtshoorn with kids, visit an ostrich farm. I am pretty sure that this is a rule for the Little Karoo, and certainly one that I followed when we found ourselves spending some time in the ostrich capital of South Africa as part of ... (Family Attractions | Photo Gallery)
Driving over the Outeniqua Pass outside George (2018-06-28) | Whilst in Mossel Bay with the girls and my folks for a bit of the June school holidays this year, we were rather hoping to catch a ride on the Outeniqua Power Van - a 2.5 hour return trip aboard an old Transnet railcar up into ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Cape Town Sevens Rugby at the Cape Town Stadium (2017-12-10) | Easily one of the most eagerly awaited days on the Cape Town sports calendar, the Cape Town Sevens (more correctly known as the South Africa Sevens) is ridiculously popular. Grabbing tickets is a tricky affair, but if you manage to land a couple, then go ... (Events & Entertainment | Photo Gallery)
Staying the Night at Diaz Beach Guest House in Mossel Bay (2018-01-11) | Following a delightful December holiday stay in both Mossel Bay and Gouritsmond, this year kicked off with us having to leave the Hyundai Accent in George for repairs, returning home to Gordon's Bay with the kids, and then Chantelle and I heading back up to ... (Accommodation | Photo Gallery)
Picking Youngberries at Wildebraam Berry Estate in Swellendam (2017-12-26) | Depending on my mood on the day, a drive up to Mossel Bay could either be a quick fire 3.5 hours long or a lengthy stop-filled journey that could take up most of the day. Our December 2017 drive? Definitely the latter. While enjoying a lovely ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Dinosaurs and Whales at the Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town (2017-08-20) | I pretend that any visit to a museum is for the benefit of my girls of course, but obviously that is very much a straight up lie - It is for me. Pretty much always. Case in point, I really really  wanted to see what ... (Historic Attractions | Photo Gallery)
Authentic Indian Curry from Foodmandu in Gordon's Bay (2018-06-08) | Following a day spent up in Johannesburg for a meeting with one of the big banks for a potential project with them, Chantelle and I stole a moment of alone time by heading out for a midweek lunch at the slightly hard to find, but ... (Food and Drink | Photo Gallery)
A Week of Golf and Ice Cream at Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay (2018-06-23) | It's kind of nice, this year the girls and I are getting to see quite a bit of Mossel Bay thanks to mom and dad's place in Pinnacle Point (in particular because they managed to secure an additional week to their share, making the window ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Vintage Steam Trains at the Outeniqua Transport Museum in George (2017-03-20) | If you are looking for the largest transport museum in South Africa, look no further than the Outeniqua Transport Museum in George, Transnet's homage to the history of transport in South Africa, and indeed, the history of Transnet itself. It is also just so happens ... (Historic Attractions | Photo Gallery)
Animal Spotting at Giraffe House in Stellenbosch (2017-09-30) | The Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre (better known as the Giraffe House) sits on the outskirts of Stellenbosch on your way to Paarl. Their focus is on providing easy access to some of Africa's wonderful wildlife and bird species, a place for people to enjoy being ... (Nature and Animal Attractions | Photo Gallery)
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