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January 2009 Archive (7 posts)

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PHP: Remote File Include by URL Denied | If you ever get an php error message stating URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration, chances are that you are trying to include a remote file by URL call somewhere in your PHP script. Older PHP versions used the Fopen wrapper allow_url_fopen = ... (CodeUnit)
Right-clicking on .EXE Files cause Microsoft Vista's Windows Explorer to Crash | If you've ever come across the problem of your Windows Explorer process falling over every time you right click on an executable (.exe) file in Vista or XP, chances are pretty high that you recently installed some game or application that comes bundled with Sony's ... (CodeUnit)
Javascript: Why DOCTYPE affects document.body.clientHeight | If you ever make use of the document.body.clientHeight attribute in either your vanilla Javascript or jQuery code, you would have noticed by now that sometimes it returns a 'correct' value and other times not.Often the reason for this discrepancy can be traced to your use ... (Programming)
MySQL Root Password Change and phpMyAdmin | By default, most MySQL installations' root user account starts with a blank password, a password set to nothing. Now when installing MySQL as part of a package like WAMPSever or XAMPP for example, other supporting services that are also being installed are automatically set up ... (CodeUnit)
Declaring Optional Input Variables in PHP Functions | Just a simple one this time around to give you the syntax for adding optional input variables to your PHP functions. This is pretty useful if you are going back and making changes to legacy functions by introducing new functionality to them but at the ... (CodeUnit)
Intrepid Ibex Hanging Shutdown Fix | I've finally gotten around to poking about and fixing the hanging shutdown and missing sounds error on my Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex installation and thought it best to share the solution with the rest of you.First off, identify that you are experiencing the same problem ... (CodeUnit)
CorelDraw X3 Freezing on Color Select | If you are using CorelDraw X3 and find that every time you click on the color palette to change the selected color the applications just hangs or crashes completely, chances are pretty good that you are suffering from a corrupted color palette. The simplest way to ... (CodeUnit)
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