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November 2010 Archive (15 posts)

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Ubuntu Server: Maximum Compression of a file Using 7za | Just a quick one-liner to remind me how to ultra compress a file using 7za instead of the bog standard gzip which I always seem to automatically turn to because its the only one I can remember out of my head! Anyway, the command to ultra ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Server: Enable Nano Syntax Highlighting | Although newer versions of Ubuntu (10.04 and up) already come with the helpful nano syntax highlighting enabled, older versions don't - though thankfully switching this on is pretty simple to achieve. To enable nano syntax highlighting for a user, first copy the nanorc file to the ... (CodeUnit)
PHP: Strip Non-Alphanumeric Characters out of a String | Sometimes it comes in quite handy to strip out all the non-alphanumeric characters from a given string. Of course, we could just use a bog standard preg_replace with a valid regex to achieve this, though the result of doing this might result in a non-readable ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery UI: Remember Your Open Tab | The jQuery UI library is a brilliant collection of official jQuery UI widgets and effects, one of them being the extremely useful Tabs widget. Tabs allows you to shorten a page by placing bits of a page's content into their own little "tabs", which can be ... (CodeUnit)
LastPass: How To Delete All Saved Vault Items at Once | LastPass is a fantastic password vault application available over a number of different platforms and with a huge range of rather useful features that includes things like automatic form filling, one-click login, synchronization across browsers and of course bullet-proof password management/storage. Our quick little how to ... (CodeUnit)
The Google Closure Minifier App | I've mentioned Google's cool Closure javascript minifier project here in these pages before, but now I seen they've gone and put up a fantastic app that makes it as simple as a snap of the fingers to generate your own minified versions of your existing ... (CodeUnit)
PHP: File Upload Error Code | When handling file uploads via enctype="multipart/form-data" forms in PHP, you'll be pleased to know that PHP doesn't just leave you high and dry but instead returns some pretty helpful error codes to let you know when something goes wrong. The following is a comprehensive listing of ... (CodeUnit)
An Easy WinSCP alternative in Ubuntu | I make heavy use of WinSCP to transfer project files across to our production servers from my Windows development machine. Recently though, I needed to switch to my Ubuntu machine here at home to carry on with my development, and needed a quick replacement in ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: Change the File Size Limit for phpMyAdmin SQL Dump Imports | Working with the web-based phpMyAdmin can sometimes be a bit of a lesson in frustration, particularly when you start bumping your head against its various limitations. One such annoying limit is the default 2MB upload limit applied for SQL file imports. The good news is that ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: Create a Subdomain under Localhost | As a web developer I need to juggle a number of projects on my development machine all at once. The simple way to get around accessing these various sites is to set up a number of subdomains under localhost, one for each project. In other ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Install NetBeans IDE for PHP Development | I enjoy using the powerful NetBeans IDE for all my PHP web development work, and believe it or not, installing it in Ubuntu is actually pretty simple to achieve. First, download the necessary .sh install file from Ensure the platform is set to Linux (x86/x64) ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: Change or Reset the MySQL Root Password | MySQL gets installed with a default root account under the username "root". Sometimes the system will allow you to install a root account without a password (VERY not safe), but for the most part you have to set a password on install. If of course you ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: Simple Install for PHPMyAdmin | PHPMyAdmin is a useful web-based management tool for your MySQL server running as part of your LAMP stack. To install this tool in Ubuntu turns out to be pretty simple after all. Assuming your Apache webserver, MySQL and PHP are all already installed and up and ... (CodeUnit)
A Test String for UTF-8 and Internationalization Work | As an English-speaking, South African developer, I craft all my work for an English-speaking audience. I rather, I would like to always do that, but unfortunately the harsh reality of commerce won't let me - I need to craft things that will work for different ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat: GConf Cleaner to Boost Your Performance! | Just like its commercial big brother, Windows, Ubuntu sometimes manages to miss deleting certain keys or associated data when you uninstall programs or packages. Needless to say, this affects your GConf Database which could in turn become unstable and might even go so far as ... (CodeUnit)
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