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December 2010 Archive (12 posts)

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Spritely: Character and Background Animation without Flash! | So you are the type of person that likes those cheesy moving, animated characters and backgrounds that appear on numerous websites around the Internet. In fact, you love just about anything that moves and hence are absolutely in love with creating Flash animations. But what if ... (CodeUnit)
Google Calendar: SMS Reminder Notifications | Google Calendars is an extremely useful, versatile and powerful calendar application which is available almost anywhere where you can find some sort of data connection - and most importantly of all, it is completely FREE to use. One of the nifty features of this calendar ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery: Iterate Through an Element's Classes | More often than not, your HTML elements will have more than one class assigned to them. Now while it is easy to check if an element belongs to a certain class with jQuery's built in hasClass function, you'll be pleased to know it is just ... (Programming)
Ubuntu Terminal: How to Switch to a Different User Account | Working in the terminal is sometimes like scratching around in the dark as a blind man. You think you have achieved something but you can't see whether or not you actually did. So it is pretty useful sometimes to be able to quickly switch users ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Terminal: How to Back up Your Crontab File | To generate a back up of a crontab file is actually pretty simple, making use of the built in -l switch that comes with the command: sudo crontab -l > ~/path/to/your/backup/file See what we did there? The -l switch spits out the crontab file's contents and we ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Terminal: "cp: omitting directory" Copy Error | When attempting to copy a non-empty directory in Ubuntu using the cp command, you will be presented with the following error message: cp: omitting directory mydirectory To force the copy cp command to handle the non-empty directory correctly, you need to force the recursive switch using ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Terminal: Assign or Add a User to a Group | To assign or add an existing user to an existing group under the Ubuntu terminal is actually quite easy if you know the command and syntax: sudo usermod -G group -a user See? Told you so! :P (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu and the Canon LiDE 100 Scanner Fix | Earlier this year I treated myself and purchased a Canon LiDE 100 USB Scanner (which ashamedly hasn't seen all that much use for the rest of the year). As much as I like the little low cost fighter, one of my biggest gripes was that ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Reload Apache Configuration without Restarting the Service | Sometimes you make subtle changes to the configuration files of Apache, affecting certain aspects of the server's performance but not others. To get these changes to the configuration files live, the standard route is to save your changes and restart the Apache service. Interestingly enough though, ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Server: Steps to Create a New SVN Repository and Add Users for it | To add SVN repositories and give existing user accounts access to it is not entirely a one step process in Ubuntu. So this is how you do it... First, browse to the folder in which you want to generate your SVN repository and create the respository ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Ubuntu: How to Renew Apache's default SSL Certificate | A lot of the time, in order to quickly enable SSL for Apache in Ubuntu, servers make use of a self-signed certificates. These are pretty useful, though they do have a tendency to expire on you when you least expect it. To renew this 'snake oil' ... (CodeUnit)
Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy | If you are a serious web developer (and you happen to be working off a Windows platform), then chances are good that you currently have the excellent Fiddler web debugging proxy installed on your machine. If you don't, then perhaps you should consider rectifying this situation. What ... (CodeUnit)
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