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May 2010 Archive (13 posts)

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PHP Script to Trim and Replace Apostrophes for Each Value in Each Column of Each Table in a MySQL Database | Annoyingly, I got saddled with a database for a system which contained a whole lot of "uncleaned data", in other words data with a lot of trailing and leading, uncessary whitespace characters, as well as a generous helping of apostrophes and quotation marks - the ... (CodeUnit)
How to Trigger a Click Event using jQuery | This seems a little silly to even mention here, but some people don't now how to actually trigger events for which they've sculpted all that nifty jQuery code functionality for. It's actually really simple to be honest. You know that $('#button').click(function(){ alert('button clicked!'); }); code you ... (CodeUnit)
Convert FireFox Color rgb(xxx,yyy,zzz) to Hex | Firefox has a nasty habit of returning element background colors and colors in general in the format rgb(xxx,yyy,zzz) as opposed to the normal #xxyyzz hexadecimal format we've been accustomed to seeing from the likes of Internet Exlorer and the rest of its browser ilk. Obviously this ... (CodeUnit)
Monitor Your MySQL Database: Spotlight on MySQL | Spotlight on MySQL, or Spotlight for short, is a fantastic tool for monitoring the status of all your MySQL databases via one single screen display. It basically allows you to specify a number of MySQL connection strings to various databases that you control and once connected, ... (CodeUnit)
Excellent jQuery Color Picker Plugin | I stumbled upon this frankly excellent, though unfortunately generically named, jQuery color picker plugin the other day. Color Picker is a jquery plugin developed by Stefan Petre, which simply put, delivers you with a neat little widget that allows a user to select a color ... (CodeUnit)
How to Scroll to the Top of a Page with Plain Old Javascript | Sometimes a person forgets the simple things in life, so every now and then it is a good thing to be reminded of them. Like scrolling to the top of a window for example. Plain old vanilla Javascript comes equipped with two really handy functions, namely ... (CodeUnit)
FileCrop: RapidShare and MegaUpload Search Engine | I've mentioned the great RapidShare and MegaUpload search engine on this site before, but now a new site has caught my fancy, namely FileCrop. Like I mention above, at the heart of it all, FileCrop is simply a search engine in the sense that it ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery: Bind an onClick Event to an Item in a DataTables Row | As it has quickly become apparent on this site, my two current favourites in the land of web development is the fantastic jQuery javascript library and the brilliant jQuery-based DataTables plugin that gives you instant dynamic table features applied to any bog standard HTML table. The ... (CodeUnit)
How to Install Foxit PDF Reader 1.1 in Ubuntu Karmic Koala | Foxit Reader 1.1 is an incredible little PDF viewer that features some powerful tools while remaining pretty damn quick. It's free for non-commercial usage and features most of the viewing tools you've come to expect from the big daddy of PDF readers, namely Adobe Acrobat. ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery + Javascript: How to Select all Text in a Textbox | I have a nice little inline editing function attached to one of my administrative pages which basically lists a whole lot of tag names currently saved on the system. When you click on the tag name, it gets replaced by a textbox containing the name, ... (CodeUnit)
PHP: How to Get all the Numbers out of an Alphanumeric String? | Given a registration code, or something important like that, which often contains information encoded in the alphanumeric string itself, it is sometimes quite useful to be able to simply strip out the letters from the string, leaving only the numeric part behind. So for example, for ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery: How to Expand an Accordion for Printing | The jQuery UI library brings with it a host of cool effects and elements to apply to your project, one of which is the pretty cool accordion effect that basically turns a whole lot of sequential divs into an "accordion" - allowing you to click ... (CodeUnit)
Failed Flash & Missing Backups | Sigh. After years of solid and faithful service, despite the lack of care, my Transcend JetFlash 4 GB USB flash drive finally borked and said it's last goodbyes. But it didn't go quietly into the night. No, it kicked and screamed, corrupted and declared itself ... (CodeUnit)
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