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January 2011 Archive (28 posts)

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PHP: Generate a Thumbnail from a JPG, PNG or GIF Image File | With PHP's built in access to the decent GD graphics library, generating a thumbnail image from a larger photo turns out to be pretty simple to achieve. Below is a function you can use to create a thumbnail image from either a JPG, PNG or ... (Programming)
JavaScript to Confirm a File Download | A confirmation dialogue is handy when you want to make sure that the selected action is actually meant to take place and isn't just the result of an accidental click. Of course, achieving this is super easy thanks to JavaScript's built in dialog box functions, ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery: Remove Drag and Drop Action from Content Pane of Sortable Portlet Widgets | jQueryUI's awesome sortable functionality makes it a breeze to create sortable widget dashboards, allowing you to place little widget panes across a number of columns to your heart's desire. However, the default is that the entire widget or portlet pane forms part of the sortable ... (CodeUnit)
Purchase Electricity and Pay Fines Online | I like doing my administrative things online. Who doesn't? No more queues, frustrating tellers, being shunted from one desk to the other. And of the online services which I use the most here at home, buying electricity from the awesome payCity definitely ranks as right ... (CodeUnit)
Managing the files on Your iPod: CopyTrans Manager - An Alternative to iTunes! | I am not a particularly big media consumer, especially when it comes to my iPod, but I do enjoy taking it along to my gym sessions to keep my mind nice and distracted while I work up a sweat. Now while iTunes is the default ... (CodeUnit)
How to Set MP4 Video Tags for Your iPod | Now that I enjoy watching animated television shows while I work out at gym, the process of converting my DVDs to iPod MP4 video files has begun in earnest! One of the last problems I encountered dealt with the lack of info tags on my ... (CodeUnit)
How to Run SCP when Copying From a Machine not using the Default SSH Port 21 | Although port 21 is the default port used for SSH connections and thus SCP, most of the time you will find that in order to increase protection, the actual assigned port is far removed from the default 21. So how do you specify this when ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Delete a MySQL Database via the Terminal | To delete a database from a MySQL server instance, we need to make a DROP DATABASE call against the server. First, fire up MySQL in your terminal and login as an administrator account with: mysql -u root -p You will be prompted for your root password before ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Checkout from a SVN Repository via the Terminal | To create an initial SVN checkout from a SVN repository on your Ubuntu machine via the terminal is a pretty simple affair thanks to the pretty standard svn checkout call. To checkout, enter: svn checkout https://svn.server:port/svn/project/trunk /home/projectdir (Obviously you would swap out all the relevant details to match ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Delete a MySQL User Account via the Terminal | To delete a user account from a MySQL server instance, we need to make use of a DROP USER call to the mysql.user table. First, fire up MySQL in your terminal and login as an administrator account with: mysql -u root -p You will be prompted for ... (CodeUnit)
Toggle a Div's Visibility with jQuery | To toggle an element in terms of visibility, like a DIV for example, is pretty easy with jQuery and its ultra nifty toggle() function. First, simply declare the div you wish to hide and show, give it an ID and if you want, set the initial ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Create a MySQL User Account via the Terminal | To create a user account from a MySQL server instance, we need to make use of a CREATE USER call to the mysql.user table. First, fire up MySQL in your terminal and login as an administrator account with: mysql -u root -p You will be prompted for ... (CodeUnit)
Display Embedded Photo EXIF data with PHP | Most digital cameras add EXIF (Exchangeable image file format) data to photos captured nowadays, embedding information like camera type, settings, timestamps, etc. into the captured file itself, and in the process creating a host of quite important (to enthusiasts anyway) bits of meta information in ... (Programming)
Ubuntu: How to Show MySQL User Accounts via the Terminal | To get a list of user accounts on a MySQL server instance, we need to make a SELECT call to the mysql.user table. First, fire up MySQL in your terminal and login as an administrator account with: mysql -u root -p You will be prompted for your ... (CodeUnit)
SQL: Toggle 1 and 0 Value in an Update SQL Statement | I tend to use a lot of tinyint columns as controllers for my database-held objects, usually sticking to the convention of 1 means on and 0 means off. In other words, the perfect target for a SQL toggle statement! In order to toggle update a value ... (CodeUnit)
Internet Explorer (IE) and the Cached .js File | Internet Explorer and pretty much all other modern web browsers make use of silent caching in order to streamline user experience. Of course, caching is a marvellous tool when needed, but also a frustrating one when you don't want it turned on. Enter the humble ... (CodeUnit)
How to Split a MP4 Video File for Your iPod | At the moment I quite enjoying watching television shows on my iPod while working out at gym. Of course to get these television show episodes on my little iPod, I first need to rip them off my DVDs and convert them into MP4 - which ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Search for a Folder via the Terminal | Often you know that there exists a specific directory on your system, but you just can't seem to locate it anywhere. Enter the useful find statement, a generic workhorse that you will most certainly find on almost all *nix distributions! To locate a specific directory by ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: Get Yesterday's Date for a Bash Script | Date work often plays an important part in automated bash scripts, and as such, it is pretty useful to be able to calculate yesterday's date for your variable work. Now we know in order to get the current date we could use this: NOW="$(date +"%Y/%m/%d")" Using this info, ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: Import a SQL Dump into MySQL | The quickest way to import a properly generated SQL dump containing structure and table definitions plus data into a MySQL database is to simply pipe the file directly to the powerful mysql command function via a terminal window. The command would look something like this: mysql ... (CodeUnit)
How to Remote Desktop into a Windows Server from Ubuntu | How to Remote Desktop into a Windows Server from Ubuntu. There are a number of ways to do this actually, but the one below is pretty simple. And it is all thanks to the ultra useful rdesktop command. To connect to a Windows box, simply open ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Enable or Disable an Apache2 Site / Virtual Host | Sites or virtual hosts are extremely useful when you are hosting more than one website on a box. I've already shown you how to set up virtual hosts under Apache 2, but I thought I would quickly just give a little more insight into ... (CodeUnit)
How to Install Subversion (SVN) in Ubuntu | To install subversion (or SVN if you like keeping things short) is pretty simple to achieve in Ubuntu (as with just about everything else). First, open up a terminal window and enter: sudo apt-get install subversion After entering in your password, the system will automatically grab the necessary ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Restart the Cron Service | After making changes to your crontab file, be it the sudo or standard version of the file, you will need to restart the appropriate cron service. The command line sequence to achieve this is as follows: sudo /etc/init.d/cron restart The system should indicate that the cron has ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Force a Silent Cron | By default, cron actions that produce output generates emails that get sent to the system administrator. If we don't particularly want this behaviour, we need to terminate our function calls with a specific character sequence, which looks as follows: 5 * * * * /usr/mine/script > ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: The Basics of Bash Scripting | A bash script is simply put a file containing a list of commands to be executed by the bash shell (remember, there are a number of different shells available in the Unix world). The very simplest scripts contain a set of commands that you ... (CodeUnit)
jQuery: Livequery and the Hover Event | Before jQuery's native live() and delegate() functions came into being, the default for handling binding on late generated DOM elements was to make use of the excellent Brandon Aaron plugin LiveQuery (otherwise known as Live Query). Today we look at how one handles the hover ... (CodeUnit)
GUI Management of your Ubuntu Server with Webmin | There is nothing more daunting than being given an Ubuntu Server to manage if you have never ever delved into the world of command line (or should that be terminal line) Linux. Thankfully though, someone saw it fit to lend a helping hand to these ... (CodeUnit)
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