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January 2013 Archive (7 posts)

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How to Disable TouchPad Clicking on a Fujitsu Lifebook A Series Laptop | I have a Fujitsu Lifebook A Series laptop from work which is a fantastic laptop overall, and certainly a piece of equipment that I'm more than happy to be working with. However, laptops and I have traditionally not been the greatest of friends, particularly when ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Apache Webserver: A Method to Change the Domain of Your Site | Unfortunately domain names are seldom cast in stone when it comes to commercial products, because as with most things, people tend to change their minds further down the line. If for the last three years your web application has been running under the domain but ... (CodeUnit)
JavaScript: How To Trigger at a Specific Time | Sometimes you want your web page to do something at a specific time. For example, perhaps you want your page to force a reload at midnight, say if it is being used as a monitor screen and you want to reload it in order to ... (CodeUnit)
How to Flush the Windows DNS Cache | Quite often you can resolve web connection issues by flushing your possibly corrupted or out of date system DNS cache. To flush the DNS cache whilst using Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 is relatively trivial, making use of the standard ipconfig executable. First, we ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Subversion: How to Disable a SVN User Account | If you control access to your SVN repository via Apache authentication, then you'll undoubtedly have a password file somewhere on your system, containing the list of all the users who have an account that can access your SVN repo. The standard file used by Subversion ... (CodeUnit)
Solved: Print Error - PPD version is not Compatible with Gutenprint | For some or other reason my Canon IP4500 printer simply stopped printing on my Ubuntu 12.10 box in the office. Accessing the Printers under the System Settings menu, I noticed quite a few broken print jobs in the print queue, and on closer inspection they ... (CodeUnit)
SVN Commit and SVN Update Failure Resolved! | I had a frustrating start on my first day back at work following my nice and relaxing vacation - all of a sudden it was reported to me that SVN commit and SVN update actions were now failing for the development team. What followed was ... (CodeUnit)
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