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January 2014 Archive (6 posts)

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Review: Noir (2001) | Present day Europe. Mireille Bouquet is Noir, one of Europe's most deadliest assassins. However, her life is uprooted when she comes into contact with a young girl named Yuumura Kirika. She has no past, but she has knowledge of Noir. And she knows how to ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Review: Momoiro Sisters (1998) | Murakami Momoko and Murakami Sakura are sisters living together. Momoko is a sweet, virgin high school girl while Sakura is a more... worldly office worker. While Momoko is just moving into the realm of love, relationships and sex, Sakura has more than had her fill ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Review: Metropolis (2001) | Metropolis: A future society, where humans and robots co-exist. A giant city-state, atop of which rests what could be termed a symbol of the advanced civilisation, the newly completed skyscraper Ziggurat, where an opening ceremony is underway... During the middle of a florid speech by ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Review: Love Hina (2000) | Urashima Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart make a promise to be accepted at and to meet each other at the prestigous Tokyo University before she moved out of his life. Problem is, the promise was made 15 years ago, and Keitaro has no idea what ... (Anime | My Reviews)
A Gaming Round-up: DmC, Sleeping Dogs, etc. | I have a confession to make. I'm pretty much over single-player gaming these days. Blame lack of diminishing returns, or just pure apathy, but I no longer find it hugely entertaining to sit down by myself with controller in hand for an hour or two ... (Games | My Reviews)
Review: Kiddy Grade (2002) | Stars Century 0328. Planet Aineias. 162 years ago, in the year SC:0165, the Galactic Union and the Galactic Organisation of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT) were formed. At the time, the job of the Earth-based headquarters was to correct economic imbalance, arbitrate disputes and negotiate contracts ... (Anime | My Reviews)
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