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December 2010 Archive (9 posts)

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Homecoming Princess | I guess I have been pretty quiet on the Jessica front in terms of the blog lately, but that is mainly because nothing big has been happening and everything has been pretty much status quo, smooth sailing if you know what I mean. My beautiful daughter ... (Jessica | My Life)
Jessica versus the Aqueous Cream | Having enjoyed her bath (well possibly enjoyed it), next up is Jessica versus the Aqueous cream as Chantelle does her best to smear it all over that tiny little body! (Jessica)
Jessica Getting Soaped Up | Bath time is a rather soapy affair for little Jessica and mommy Chantelle - while Daddy stays firmly stuck in the wings, trying to get as much info into his thick skull so that he can handle the job next time around! (Jessica)
Jessica Getting Her Hair Washed | Captured another video moment for the fans out there, this time of the oh so professional Mommy showing me how one washes a red head baby girl's hair. Needless to say, I didn't pick up on all that much considering I was far to busy ... (Jessica)
Jessica being Niggly | It is about time we shared our little one with you, so here is the very first video footage ever taken of our little dribble monster. It is aptly entitled "Jessica being Niggly in the NICU". Enjoy! (And you will. Because she's so cute. Not because ... (Jessica)
Jessica and the Nipple | Can you believe that little Jessica has been with us for a whole month now already? Although still "incarcerated" at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the fabulous Kuils River NetCare hospital, our little dribble monster is doing exceedingly well, outside of the danger zone, ... (Jessica | My Life)
Jessica's Footprints | We received a nice little surprise the other day. As Chantelle strolled into the NICU for her daily visit, one of the nurses presented to her... a little page with Jessica's inked footprints on it! Okay, you can squeal in glee now. Aren't they too cute? ... (Jessica)
Jessica's Journey Home - Week 3 | The third week of Jessica's fight back has now come and gone, and our little Martian dribble monster came through with flying colours! Taking in exclusively Mommy's Steri and Stumpie breast milk at last, little Jessica has already been taken off the drip and is now ... (Jessica | My Life)
Jessica’s Journey Home – Week 2 | Jessica's second week in the NICU at Netcare Kuilsriver (21 - 27 November) was a bit of a mixed bag, though definitely with far more positives than negatives. Chantelle continued her recuperation at home, with me looking after her - and of course playing chauffeur ... (Jessica | My Life)
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