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July 2008 Archive (7 posts)

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Blisters for Bread | Rejoice Dean and Zania, we have finally faxed our entries in, officially making us part of this year's Blisters for Bread 5km charity fun walk in aid of the Peninsula School Feeding Association.So on the 31st August Dean, Zania, Chantelle and I will be donning ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
Sweat Shop! | Whew, I'm glad to report that the drive to get a more active gym routine going is still going strong at the moment. Monday nights is Katabox, the only class that I currently attend and then the rest of the week's evening outings to the ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
Shocking Snackwich | I got a bit of a shock yesterday morning while making myself a snackwich for breakfast... no, literally I got a bit of a shock!Is this even possible? The snackwich press was on and ready to go, I placed my two lovingly crafted cheese sandwiches ... (General Nonsense)
A Little Cash in Hand | So I did my good deed for the day/month/year. Seeing as varsity started in full swing this morning, I am once again relegated to parking on middle campus and walking up because I am to cheap to buy a parking disc which I would hardly ... (General Nonsense)
Cracked Glass | Damn, Chantelle was off to work quite early this morning, and there is nothing worse than getting to your car in the early hours of the morning before you are completely ready for the day, only to find the small back window at rear of ... (General Nonsense)
Cheesy Rookie Mistake! | Oh man did we make a cheesy rookie mistake on Sunday afternoon! After a delightful sleep in on a very wet and muggy Sunday morning, followed by being dragged through to a shopping centre on the outskirts of Stellenbosch to pick up some top for the ... (General Nonsense)
Nemo Located! | Tuesday night I discovered that C is in fact one of those girls who when pregnant, is going to ask you to go out in the middle of the night to buy toffee crunch ice-cream that is only available in one shop in the area, ... (General Nonsense)
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