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January 2010 Archive (6 posts)

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Like Stepping on a Puppy's Tail | Just got back from a quick lunch time gym session now, and I must say, this is the first time I've ever had to watch tennis with the sound on mute! The reason? Victoria Azarenka. This 20 year old Belarusian girl must have the most annoying playing ... (Sport & Health)
Schadenfreude: Splitting the Course | Schadenfreude: pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. It's human nature really. You can talk about staged wardrobe 'malfunctions' like Janet Jackson's infamous Superbowl Stunt all day long if you want, but shame poor Scottish bobsledder Gillian Cooke has to take the cake for experiencing one ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff | Sport & Health)
The Warm Water Spa and the Cellphone | My dear old father-in-law Monty managed to achieve the quite unthinkable this past weekend (which we spent as a Montgomery Clan getaway to Warmwaterberg Spa just by the way) - he managed to completely soak his cellphone by forgetting it in the pockets of his ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
The Missing Karl... and the SingStar Link | I'm worried about Karl. I haven't heard from the good Dr. Storbeck in ages now, haven't seen any life of him (apart from newly tagged photos) on FaceBook and haven't come across his name in any ground-breaking scientific journal releases as of late. What has happened ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Daily Annoyance: Gero Yoghurt | To me yoghurt is yoghurt, I eat any brand of the stuff (though I do prefer the smooth ones to the chunky types, I'll admit to that), but it would seem that Chantelle has a penchant for Gero yoghurt, the low fat, diabetic friendly yoghurt ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
A Trojan in Our Midst | Well, the new year is now upon us and like most, I'm sure you already have that scrap of paper with all your new year resolutions tucked neatly under the phonebook, just in case you accidentally lay eyes on it again come the end of ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
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