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July 2007 Archive (14 posts)

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Weekend in Review | Friday was a full day of work for a change for me, and for a change I actually notched it up a gear or two. So thanks to the fact that the varsity students were returning the next Monday following their long June holiday period, ... (My Life)
Parents spurred on | I basically live at the guesthouse nowadays, so I might as well help out here and there, so if I'm not helping Chantelle with the inventory updates or waiting to help guests check in then I'm driving around to pick them up from place to ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review: Sunday | Sunday morning saw me switching the PlayStation on for the first time the weekend. Having now completed Okami, I pretty much need to decide which of my titles I next want to play. Thanks to a rash of game buying the last couple of months ... (My Life)
CodeUnit vs Merkaba | Thanks to my knee injury I was forced to sit out of badminton last night, so instead I invited Merkaba over to play some footy with me. He brought his Fifa 07 with him and we literally kicked the evening off. The bugger always complains that ... (My Life)
Scratch that one by me again | Damn it. Stupid white bumper. I don't know why I even bother getting my bumpers resprayed all the time. It doesn't take more than a month before some idiot who can't drive scrapes off the paint. Grrr... My old trusty steed, Jetta Jameson (I'll ignore comments ... (My Life)
No more Running Away | Aargh, the frustration is beginning to set in! Thanks to my knee injury I've been out of action for two weeks already and combined with the rest break for the karate tournament means that I've basically not done any physical activities/training for almost three weeks ... (My Life)
The Weekend in Review | Seeing as this was Chantelles weekend off for the month, I decided to put in a little leave for Friday and Monday and make this a bit of a rest break weekend. Late night Thursday saw us catching Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Return, a ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Caldeon Getaway Weekend (2007-07-14) | One of our earliest weekend getaways together saw Chantelle and myself head out to the fabulous Caledon Spa, where on arrival our room was updated for no reason at all, leading to one fantastic weekend away from home! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Shoulder to Shoulder: Karma bites back | I should have known that posting my satirical {0163} post would backfire. Karma obviously was not happy with my comments and decided that my head was getting a little too big. So it promptly arranged for me to lose 3 out of 5 FIFA matches ... (My Life)
Shoulder to Shoulder | Hee hee, I extended my winning streak against the boys in FIFA last night when I dropped by the pick up the fight vids from Ryan. Catching him in the middle of his TV show like I always do, he accepted my challenge to a ... (My Life)
1 Month of Happiness! | Today marks the 1 month anniversary of Chantelle and me officially going out now. It has been a month of absolute pleasure and bliss, and to be honest, I haven't been this happy in ages. She really is turning my world upside down and I'm ... (My Life)
Fight! | So tomorrow is the big day as I take part in the SAs Kyokushin semi-contact tournament. As per usual I haven't put all that much training in, but I'm in fairly decent shape so hopefully it will go a little better than my last showing. ... (My Life)
Weekend in Review | Had a pretty pleasant weekend if I must say so myself :) Worked a full day on Friday for the first time in ages, so it was pretty weird only getting home just after 17:00. Seeing as Jason is still down with flu, karate was ... (My Life)
An Eye for Disaster | Did you know that dry eyes, slightly sharp nails and eyes that don't want to fully open don't work so well with contact lenses? The other evening I thought I have ripped my eyeball out whilst removing my contact lens from the left eye. I ... (My Life)
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