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July 2008 Archive (24 posts)

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Blisters for Bread | Rejoice Dean and Zania, we have finally faxed our entries in, officially making us part of this year's Blisters for Bread 5km charity fun walk in aid of the Peninsula School Feeding Association.So on the 31st August Dean, Zania, Chantelle and I will be donning ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
The Last Day at Home | So, today marks the last day of working at home for me as starting tomorrow, I'm back in the office full time, following the withdrawal of this 'privilege' of mine. As you may or may not know, the existence of this very blog caused a couple ... (My Life)
CaClimb! | Okay, so now we have had CaPoo!, CaJump! and CaNavigate!, so next on the list is CaClimb! as I discovered for myself while outside looking for the damn cats so I could put them inside and go off to gym yesterday.Coco as per usual ... (My Life)
Scary C! | I love C and I know that she loves me back, but sometimes I've got to wonder, like yesterday when I arrived home to find her hard at work cleaning the flat, a feat particularly worrying considering that this was her first day off in ... (My Life)
Pizza Beach | Seeing as Chantelle was working this weekend once again, I pretty much had to entertain myself and this meant getting to grips with Just Cause, a game I trashed horribly after the first try out, but now grudgingly admit to finding it quite enjoyable and ... (My Life)
CaNavigate! | So following the enthralling adventure of Coco and Olympus getting smart, we've already had CaPoo! and CaJump!, which now proudly brings me to CaNavigate!, the latest kittie intelligence exploit brought to us courtesy of that ever lovable ball of fur, Coco.Despite frequent attempts at trying ... (My Life)
Is it the Shoes?!? | So last weekend I had to go shoe shopping. As I mentioned before on these very pages, the only pair of smart black shoes, my trusty old Bronx look-alikes, gave up the ghost on Andrea's wedding day. And being the impatient man that I am, ... (My Life)
Sweat Shop! | Whew, I'm glad to report that the drive to get a more active gym routine going is still going strong at the moment. Monday nights is Katabox, the only class that I currently attend and then the rest of the week's evening outings to the ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
CaJump! | Seeing as we made such a big deal about Coco's first outside poo (see here for the thrilling details), it seems fair to make just as much fuss about Olympus' latest feat, namely that of leaping from the floor right up onto the kitchen counter ... (My Life)
Monty in the Middle | Wow, you know work is damn busy at the moment (thanks to the start of term this Monday) if I only managed to physically post about the past weekend now! As I've mentioned before, while Friday night saw Chantelle and I head out to Bernie's Moorings ... (My Life)
No Card to Stand On | Despite the fact that Chantelle was NOT quite at her happiest with me on my return from work on Friday night, she couldn't exactly say no to some supper at Bertie's Moorings (especially since our TV was buggered), so off we twaddled to this quaint ... (My Life)
CaPoo! | Ah, it makes a proud parent's heart so glad to see their girl make their first ever poo out in the garden. Yup, it was with much bated breath that Chantelle and I sat outside in the sun yesterday, keeping very, very quiet so as ... (My Life)
Oh Bovril! | Olympus has an extremely cute but annoying way of eating off his mom and dad's plates. Instead of just standing along the side and licking the inside out, our little boy gets right stuck into thing and walks across the entire plate to make sure ... (My Life)
All Shook Up! | Saturday afternoon saw the wedding event of the year as Chantelle's former flatmate and work colleague and daughter of Whammy and Louise (the owners of Gordon's Beach Lodge), Andrea Ellenberger, got ready for the biggest day in her life - on stage!You see, the husband ... (My Life)
Visitations | So after returning not all that late from what was a really spectacular wedding on Saturday evening, the sick as a dog me was understandably more than a little eager to simply spend the rest of Sunday in bed recovering, a particularly tantalising option considering ... (My Life)
The Fallout Begins | So the fallout from the unsavoury events surrounding the 'discovery' of my blog by my colleagues and the subsequent fall out over some of its less than flattering comments has finally come to fruition. And although I have agreed to stop commenting on office politics and ... (My Life)
The Sickness | Well, I am quite relieved to see that I am not the only one who has been crapping their pants and hurling their lungs out this weekend. It would seem that there is most definitely a nasty bug floating around at the moment seeing as ... (My Life)
Suit Hire Rip-off! | Man, I can't quite get over the rip off I encountered hiring a pants from a suit hire place for yesterday's wedding. Now my job being the casual job that it is, pretty much means that I don't own any fancy clothes (much to Chantelle's ... (My Life)
Oh Sick! | We've been waiting months for what surely may be the wedding event of the year now, Andrea and Albert's Elvis-themed wedding at the HB Thom Theatre, Stellenbosch, today... which can only explain my extreme frustration at falling sick to some or other stomach bug yesterday!! Friday ... (My Life)
That Sucks! | Hmm, while I had recently reported that everything was looking good in 45 Nagua fish tank, it seems I may just have jinxed myself. Completely out of the blue, one of our guesthouse-rescued speckled goldfish bit the dust a little while ago, officially making that the ... (My Life)
When It Rains It Drips | Of course, I've got nothing on the thousands of people currently left homeless after all this torrential rain the Western Cape has been suffering this past week or so, so this little post may seem a little pedantic in the light of their plight, but ... (My Life)
Deaned Worthy | Saturday evening was Dean's planned hamburger braai evening, which would explain why I met up with Chantelle in Bellville at her mom's place just before 18:00 (I skipped out on what must have been a torturous day of shopping - shame Retha!) and off we ... (My Life)
MARKed Man | After having spent Friday evening all on my lonesome watching movie after movie and playing a seemingly endless amount of Warriors Orochi, it was kind of nice to have Terrance pitch up at my door on Saturday morning for our planned get together with Anime ... (My Life)
Cut Above the Rest | Monday evening saw a flu-ridden Chantelle decide that for some or other reason the best cure for her at that point in time would be to have a go at cutting someone's hair for the first time - and by someone I mean me of ... (My Life)
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