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January 2009 Archive (19 posts)

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Cattle Barons | I didn't know that Cattle Baron has two franchises! The standard Cattle Baron Steak Ranches and then the more upmarket Cattle Baron Grill House, which incidentally was where we found ourselves at on Tuesday evening in celebration of Ryan's 26th birthday.The one that he had ... (My Life)
It's a Hit! | Wow, a good sporting weekend this past one has been! Started off with the brilliant Cape Cobras versus the Chevrolet Warriors Pro20 game and then ended off with the Stormers vs. Saracens rugby clash at Newlands!Friday night's Pro20 game was the season opener for the ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Passport Please | Just in case you were wondering, wedding preparations are still proceeding like a unstoppable steam engine. Lots of things have been organised and booked since I last posted an update, and sometime soon I will once again indulge you in all the boring details I'm ... (My Life)
The Appeal of Hairy Arms | Not sexy: the fact that one of my garden chairs has been stolen from behind my sliding door. Sexy: hairy arms. Or at least that is what Chantelle keeps telling me. However, as sceptical about that fact as I might be, it has now been ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Couchlications | Crapnuts. It had to happen sooner or later, but nuts, why did it have to happen now, in a period where we just seem to be haemorrhaging money left, right and center at the moment? Two off-site weddings to attend, our own wedding preparations to ... (My Life)
Picnic Paradise | Seeing as Friday and Saturday had been pretty much utilised to their fullest, Sunday it was decreed to be our day off, and more importantly, a day in which we spent some much needed alone time together.So a plan was concocted, shopping was done, a ... (My Life)
Saturday Symphony of Shopping | So after a brilliant fish braai with Robert, Monty and Cheryl on Friday night (Rob absolutely HAD to prepare the fish that he caught over the holiday), Saturday morning was an early up and go for Chantelle and I, with she and her mom off ... (My Life)
World, Meet Achilles | World, meet Achilles, the latest addition to our little family here at 45 Nagua Bay. Friday night got off to an interesting start to say the least. Finally a weekend off for my baby, and naturally, a signal for it to instantly become a jam-packed ... (My Life)
Of Work and Play | Whew, I'm deadbeat at the moment. Too many late nights, too many early mornings. Well, I'm now well into the new year of work here at Touchwork and so far so good - I haven't been fired. :)There's a lot of problems surrounding legacy applications ... (My Life)
Wedding War Council: Session 1 | Friday evening turned out quite the pleasant affair, with the senior Montgomery and Lotter clan members being invited out to our humble abode to partake in some supper and then some informative matters regarding the current status of our wedding plan arrangements.Now originally the plan ... (My Life)
Wedding Snapshot | What can I say, we're an organised bunch. And since we're the kind of people who booked their wedding venue even before they were engaged, it stands to reason that we have now also booked our photographer and videographer for the event.Admittedly, I'm rather shocked ... (My Life)
Dishing out the Dirt | Well, Chantelle is now officially purring like a well stroked pussycat. At last, I have finally given in to her constant 'nagging' about the fact that for the last couple of months we've only had access to SABC 2 at home, thereby depriving her of ... (My Life)
Weight Off My Shoulders | How embarrassing, the shame,oh the shame... So seeing as I am now officially back at the gym, both in the mornings before work and then again in the evenings on the way home, I am slowly but surely getting quite into the swing of things, ... (My Life | Sport & Health)
Crimson at Fogeys | So in our ever snowballing, wedding arrangement hunt, Friday evening saw Chantelle and myself prep Mr. TomTom and head out towards Muizenberg, Fogeys Railway House Restaurant to be more precise. And while our Internet-gleaned address for the restaurant proved incorrect, the infallible POI listing on ... (General Nonsense | My Life | My Reviews)
Hit the Spot! | Saturday evening and for the first time in absolute ages, Karl-Heinz, Terrance, Ryan and myself got together for an unadulterated evening of PS2 FIFA football action at Karl's newly renovated flat.For the first time in history, we could actually comfortably sit on TWO sofas ... (My Life)
Com-rom? | Hmm, just watched Jim Carrey's latest movie Yes Man, thoroughly enjoyed it, and realised that I had been completely unfair to Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst's latest outing, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People in my earlier 'quick review' post.As much as I enjoyed ... (My Life)
Tennis Stars We Ain't | So following up on all the visits by Wayne, Candice, Karl-Heinz and Patricia, next up on the list was Terrance and Ryan who showed up at my door yesterday morning, fully equipped and ready for some court action.The morning actually sped by pretty quickly, with ... (My Life)
The Same Procedure as Always | Having just seen the classic 'Dinner for One' TV snippet (thanks to the DVD we bought Monty for Christmas), I can't help but wonder if for the next couple of foreseeable years our New Year's celebrations won't be run in exactly the same fashion as ... (My Life)
Entrapping Passersby | You know, I was saying to Chantelle that there is at least one other good thing of living way out here in Gordon's Bay: the fact that we can kind of pull all our friends (that we see far too little these days) off the ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
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