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September 2010 Archive (11 posts)

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My Little Growing Daughter | As you may have noticed, I haven't exactly been hanging around these pages for the last month so, purely because of all the current work around the new house that is going on in my life. Which of course means I haven't exactly been keeping ... (My Life)
Splittig Gi's | I seem to be making a habit of this you know. Splitting gi's (or dogis if you prefer) that is. The latest ripped white training pants to add itself to my notorious list of shredded pants, joined the ranks at Monday night's training session, where Gerhard ... (Martial Arts | My Life)
Photo Gallery: Painting the House and Laying the Grass (2010-09-19) | Painting and gardening and fixing up things, these were the first order of the day after the successful purchase of our new home! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
A Work in Progress | Admittedly I haven't been around here on these pages (or those of for that matter) all that much as of late - never mind my poor neglected of course! I could of course say that one of the reasons for this is the ... (My Life)
Foiled at the Pumps | This morning I was once again foiled at the pumps, but not by the lack of petrol attendants as has been the case over the last two weeks. No, as the guy who assisted me clarified, while the strike may very well be continuing on ... (My Life)
Karting Around | Go kart seats are not made for big people. This I found out first hand last week when Touchwork took its development team out on its first ever team-building excursion. As you might have noted by now, go karting was selected as the activity for the ... (My Life)
Happiness is... an Unexpected Gift Card | Nice. There is nothing better than an unexpected gift. Like emptying your desk drawers in order to pack the contents into boxes for the move over to your new house and noticing a sturdy little mini blue envelope staring back up at you from the ... (My Life)
A Ripped Decision | I only have two shorts which I wear on a daily basis. Scratch that, of this weekend I have no shorts that I wear on a daily basis - a tragic loss that drove me straight to the mall and straight into overheated malice in ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Photo Gallery: Touckwork Karting (2010-09-03) | We don't do it often, but every now and then Touchwork will go on a team build drive, with the development team this time around fighting it out on the karting track in Kenilworth! (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Laying the Drainage Chips (2010-09-03) | I played around a lot with the layout of our little driveway. One thing I was certain of however, was that I was definitely going to be replacing a lot of those ugly cement slabs with drainage chips. (My Life | Photo Gallery)
5 Country Mews is a Go! | So on Tuesday 31 August 2010, Chantelle and Craig officially stepped into their new home. 5 Country Mews is now ours - well technically this month it still belongs to its previous owners and then after it belongs to the bank, but in essence it belongs ... (My Life)
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