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May 2010 Archive (22 posts)

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Photo Gallery: Weekend at Aloe Guesthouse Hermanus (2010-05-28) | We spent a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable weekend at the Aloe Guest House in Hermanus, thanks to one of Chantelle's "experience swaps" that she is so good at organising! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
For Sale: Trojan Sit Up 100 Bench - R200 | * Please note that this is an old post - the bench was sold within a couple of days of posting this, i.e. it was gone by June 2010 already! * I currently have a second-hand Trojan Sit Up 100 bench up for sale, going for ... (For Sale)
Oh Cramp! | Sigh, I don't know where this comes from, really I don't. For some or other reason, every now and again, my calf muscles decide to suddenly seize up and cramp in the most excruciatingly manner possible - between 03:00 and 04:00 in the morning! O.o I'll ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Braai at Driftwood Beach Villa (2010-05-22) | Outside of the fantastic getaway to the Drakensberg which Chantelle has surprised me with for my 30th birthday, I should have known that she had even more up her sleeve, as she continued the celebrations on our return home by organising a night at Driftwood ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Skid Row | This is not a nice topic to breach, but it is one I feel is absolutely necessary. We have in our office... an untrained person. And when I say untrained, I mean unable to use the most simple of shared toilet etiquette utensils - the toilet ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Jackie Chan, Fantastic Four & Iron Man 2 | I actually had a pretty decent weekend last weekend, despite the fact you can't really look back at it and say, "wow, awesome, cool" or anything like that. As expected, Chantelle was back on full duty for the weekend and so Friday night saw me ... (My Life)
Games-Xetra Durbanville | I've mentioned before that our pals Andy (Andrea) and Albert Snyman went and opened a gaming store out in Durbanville called Games-Xetra and now thanks to some video magic from the ever creative Albert, here are two video adverts showcasing the new shop. The store itself ... (Games | My Life)
Death, New Life, Insurance? | Last Friday didn't get off to the best of starts, and technically the drive home didn't end on a good note either. You see, I arrived early morning at the Steenberg Virgin Active gym like I always do and as I proceeded to swipe in, I ... (My Life)
And Then I was 30 | And then I was 30. So last Tuesday, the 11th of May, saw me end off my time in the twenties and enter the age of the thirties, and following the awesome surprise long weekend away to the Drakensberg courtesy of a sneaky Chantelle, this ... (My Life)
Homemade Pizza Heaven | Last Thursday we came up with a great idea on what to make for supper. No boring old frozen chicken steaklets defrosting in the oven, no boring pancakes or toast, no, we decided to finally make use of Chantelle's awesome pizza baking apparatus that has ... (My Life)
For Sale: Trojan Ellipti Pro 300 Elliptical Trainer - R2,000 | Update: Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available. I have an unused, though assembled, brand new Trojan Ellipti Pro 300 elliptical trainer for sale, going at a pretty low R2,000 (negotiable). Amongst its features are 12 pre-set workout programs, auto-tension ... (For Sale)
Coming Up, From Green to Blue | Eish, I didn't realise that my next grading is literally lurking around the corner. This time around I'll be pushing for my blue belt under the Funakoshi style and by the sounds of it, the amount of people grading out of my class appears to ... (Martial Arts | My Life)
The Coming Age of Aunties and Uncles | So for any of you who have not yet been informed (telephone account is going to be high this month!), Chantelle and I are delighted to announce that we are indeed four weeks pregnant, with the blood test having confirmed all this on Wednesday 13 ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Making Pizza (2010-05-13) | There is nothing better than making your own pizzas, even if you don't have a proper pizza oven! And yes, it tasted as good as it looked! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Shorts: Move, Crash, Sleep, Birth | (NOTE: This was meant to be published last week - but thanks to a "kidnapping" of me by my wife for a surprise birthday celebration weekend away, I only get to post it now! :P) So life has been quite busy on the work front as ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: uShaka Marine World (2010-05-11) | One of my favourite spots to visit in Durban is of course the famous uShaka Marine World, a giant oceanarium that houses a remarkable variety of sea life, all presented in a brilliantly thought out wrecked ship theme. This particular photo set arose out of ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Birthday Fun at Cattle Baron (2010-05-11) | I treated my family to a big family dinner at Cattle Baron in Durbanville, in celebration of me reaching my 30th year on this planet. Food was delicious, and the company wonderful as always! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Falcon Ridge (2010-05-10) | The Drakensberg is a spectacular part of our country, and one of the spots well worth a visit if you are ever in the area (like when Chantelle surprised me to a weekend away at the stunning Inkungu lodge for my 30th birthday!) is Falcon ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Weekend at Inkungu Lodge (2010-05-07) | Chantelle caught me for a complete sucker and surprised me for my 30th birthday by whisking me off to the picturesque Drakensberg, for a stay in the luxurious Inkungu Lodge. Seriously, what a fabulous getaway, and one that I certainly wouldn't mind doing again on ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
To Nieuwoudtville and Back | So last, last weekend (yes, yes, I've taken my sweet time to write this quick post), Chantelle and I effectively cut ourselves off from the rest of the world, jumping into our little green Getz and jetting along on a 5 hour trip through to ... (My Life)
Plooie, the Funny Mutated Sheep | So we had some fun and games and a learning experience with regards to sheep on our trip to Nieuwoudtville two weekends ago (a blog post on which I promise is still to follow). As you may or may not know, that particular area around ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
Jackie Chan, 30 Seconds and Bertie's Mooring | Apart from the big office move that happened over the course of Friday which saw Touchwork uproot itself from Unit 4 and move everything across to Unit 1 of the office block (lots of heavy lifting and installing everything from scratch), this past weekend turned ... (My Life)
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