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July 2010 Archive (14 posts)

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Goodbye My Jetta Jameson | So this morning I waved goodbye to my steadfast friend and mover who served me so loyally for so many years already. I can't quite remember just how long I've owned my 1997, 1.6 white Jetta 3, but it has been quite a couple of ... (My Life)
For Sale: 1997 White Volkswagen Jetta Sedan - R17,500 | Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase. For Sale: A white, 1997 Volkswagen Jetta Mark 3 - R17,500 (neg.) Although she already has a good 241 250 km under her belt, this girl is still in good working ... (For Sale)
Drop like a Berry, Sting like a Bee | Well, that is certainly one way to check whether or not you are allergic to bee stings. So I was happily striding back to the office after enjoying a refreshing lunch time gym break, when I felt something solid drop onto my head at a fair ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Buying Our First House (2010-07-24) | Our estate agent Len was instrumental in convincing us to buy our lovely house here in Country Mews, Gordon's Bay. These photos were grabbed on an impromptu second look at the house, before we made our decision right there and then, signed all the papers ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
My Onset-of-Adulthood Crisis | Someone pointed out to me that this really has been one hell of a year in my life. In the span of 1 year I have gotten married, tried to make the jump into management, gotten my wife pregnant, bought a brand new car off ... (My Life)
So What is Really in a Name? | So out of our four chosen names to be applied to our first child, the pendulum has now swung back again, strongly in favour of the original choice of Jessica, though modified with the use of our second girl name, meaning that should our baby ... (My Life)
The Progress of Our Little (Possibly) Jessica | Last Friday was the big 13 week scan for Chantelle and myself, the so-called NT scan whose primary objective is to establish whether or not your foetus may be suffering from some major defect, like Down Syndrome for example, and thus give you the choice ... (My Life)
Charging a Flat Car Battery | Believe it or not, Jetta Jameson is actually still apart of our lives here in 45 Nagua Bay, but only because I STILL haven't gotten around to advertising her. Don't ask, I can't explain why I haven't yet either - nor do I even have ... (My Life)
Blood on the Carpet Floor | So after boring you with all the homely news of life in Nagua Bay last week, I thought I would continue the trend and get everyone more up-to-date, because as we know, time waits for no man. So let's start with the bedroom then shall we? Well, ... (My Life)
The Gloved Hand that Washes | For long have I laughed at puny Chantelle who, although washes her dishes in super heated temperatures that no normal human should be able to withstand, does so wearing ridiculous looking bright blue rubber gardening gloves. (Well, I call them gardening gloves because that is ... (My Life)
The Cat, the Tree, the Pot | I know, I know, another cheap photo post, but damn it, Olympus is just being so lovable and cute at the moment that I couldn't resist! Thanks to the glorious weather a weekend or two ago, I finally had the chance to swing open the back ... (My Life)
My Feet are Warm, but Damn it, there goes the Bed! | The last couple of weekends really haven't been about unwinding and taking some time off from work, rather it has been an exercise in maintaining one's composure when confronted with the pig sty that your home has turned into as well as the physical fatigue ... (My Life)
Of Friends and Football | Although I did get a fair bit of home maintenance, furniture shifting and re-packing done this weekend thanks to the new carpet finally getting laid in the second bedroom on Friday afternoon, Saturday was pretty much a minimal work day as come 13:00, Mr. Brown ... (My Life)
Race Condition for The Towel Hook? | Why, oh why does Steenberg Virgin Active seem intent on creating a race condition for towel hooks in their shower facilities? Look, I love the fact that this is one of the few Virgin Active's that saw it fit to actually put doors on their ... (General Nonsense | My Life)
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