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May 2011 Archive (24 posts)

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Jessica: Daddy-assisted Crawling | Okay, so little Jessica is still no where near being able to crawl on her own - but that doesn't mean that Daddy can't have fun for her during her daily pillow tummy time! :) (Jessica | My Life)
Photo Gallery: Bath, Daddy and Butternut Time! (2011-05-28) | Random photos featuring bath time, daddy, and the after effects of eating butternut when you are still a baby. (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Fateful Fondue Fun | Friday 20 May saw us host our first big event at home since the arrival of Jessica late last year, and seeing as it is kind of our trademark, it was time once again to pull out the fondue pots and brandish our long sharp ... (My Life)
Infant Ill | Shame, so little Jessica is sick for the first real time in her life, with a good and proper ear, nose and throat infection. She started showing symptoms on Monday, and although our own thermometers didn't indicate a fever (which have now shown to be ... (Jessica | My Life)
PathCare Complaint Resolved | A little while ago I posted about an issue we had with PathCare revolving around a stale claim from Jessica's NICU jaunt which the medical aid had eventually turned down, forcing them to instead turn to us and try and squeeze the money directly from ... (My Life)
Daddy Sings Old MacDonald to Jessica! | Chantelle doesn't think that I can sing. However, Jessica doesn't seem to share this opinion with her mommy and has even gone as far as confiding in me and suggesting that I enter Idols one year, just to prove her wrong. I like that idea. And ... (Jessica)
An Evening of Poker with the Grangers | Saturday evening I found myself dropping Jessica off with Mommy who was on work duty and heading out along the N2 towards Bellville, where I made the arduous trek through to the De Akkers complex (located very much in my old home-base stomping grounds) to ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Fateful Fondue Fun (2011-05-20) | I like hosting fondues, it is always loads of fun. As per usual, friends and family played the part of guinea pigs for this run, the first fondue ever hosted at Country Mews! (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Voting in the Local Municipal Elections 2011 | Wednesday the 18th of May 2011 was of course South Africa's local municipal elections. And if you are a proud (or not so proud) citizen of this country, then it would have been your duty to make the effort of trudging down to your local ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Voting at Gordon's Bay Primary School (2011-05-18) | Our new voting station for both national and local elections is Gordon's Bay Primary School. And yup, usually they're pretty well organised down there! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Yes, My Home Office is Officially Cooler than Yours | Yes, my home office is now officially cooler than yours. Why you ask? Well it is all thanks to the new addition in my little man den here at home, a little something I picked up from a frame/art shop in Canal Walk on my ... (My Life)
DIY Home Upgrade | We really haven't spent much time or money on improving the house in a very long time, with life and the garden simply getting in the way of the small amount of free time we do seem to have here in Country Mews. However, this ... (My Life)
Jessica Tastes Porridge for the Very First Time | Admittedly, I don't think that I would be all that crazy about rice porridge, but I guess like the box says, this is the best one to start baby out on, just to make sure in case she's allergic to something! Anyway, the big day had ... (Jessica)
Photo Gallery: Home Upgrade (2011-05-15) | Doing some DIY around the house and just making it a little more pretty with some much needed accessories... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Mommy Talks to Baby Jessica | There is nothing nicer when little Jessie gurgles a cute response to something you said, making you just want to cover her in hugs and kisses each and every time! This particular video, taken a fair while ago, captures mommy talking to baby, and baby responding ... (Jessica)
Photo Gallery: Mouille Point Lighthouse (2011-05-11) | Taking full use of Touchwork's new policy of getting the day off on your birthday, Chantelle and I was intent on making the most of it by going up Table Mountain for the day - only problem was, it turned out the weather wasn't going ... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Birthday Morning (2011-05-11) | Chantelle woke me on the morning of my 31st birthday with breakfast in bed, followed by presents - which in included an awesome office chair, just waiting for me to assemble it! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Black Bean Braai | And on April the 30th, 2011, the long awaited braai opportunity at Mr. Brown's house finally came to pass, after waiting for what seems like millennium since the last time we braaied at his family's home. Originally slated to be an American Barbecue in honour ... (My Life)
Turning 31 | Tomorrow I will be officially 31 years of age. Yup, now well and truly on the slippery slope downwards, towards the dreaded "old age" that will eventually catch up to all of us. A lot changed in one year, and from having a lot of ... (My Life)
Easter Weekend 2011 | Admittedly, Easter Weekend 2011 was probably not the most awesome or exciting of Easter periods I've ever had, but this one did come with enough variety in activities (and chocolate) to not make it a bad one! ;) Seeing as our disposable money levels aren't yet ... (My Life)
Back to Work, Back to Blogging | Note: Once again, life gets ahead of blogging, and this post which was meant to appear on Tuesday, only appears now. Oh well, what can you do? :P And I'm back. Thanks to all of the public holidays plus three days' leave, I have technically been ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Jessica's First Porridge Attempt (2011-05-06) | We all have to learn to eat porridge at some point in our life, so it is no surprise that Jessica too had to go down this path... (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Jessica at Home amongst the Pillows Mostly (2011-05-03) | When you are as little as young Jessica, then you need to do a lot of sleeping to catch up. And pillows make the best snuggle buddies, don't they? :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
A Note on Easter and Breast Milk | If you are a breastfeeding mother and you read material that is handed out to you, then you would undoubtedly know that the food that you eat effects the milk that your breasts produce. It is quite a simple system really, and hence there exists ... (Jessica | My Life)
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