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January 2013 Archive (15 posts)

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Weekends of Friends, Family and Markets | Last year I didn't have too many weekends to enjoy, mainly because Chantelle and I were pretty much running market stalls each and every Saturday and Sunday! This year however we've cut back on the markets, now only doing Hathersage every second Sunday, which effectively ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Visit to Blaauwklippen Market (2013-01-20) | A gorgeous sunny day meant that we weren't quite ready to head home just yet following our visit to the newly opened Root 44 market, and so Chantelle, Jessica and myself found ourselves making the short drive down the road to the more established Blaauwklippen ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Root 44 Market Discovery (2013-01-20) | A new market recently opened up on the R44 on your way into Stellenbosch, named Root 44 (well, it is on the wine farm Audacia after all). Being a direct challenger to Blaauwklippen as well as Oude Libertas markets, Chantelle and I thought it would ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Toddlers and Braai at Country Mews (2013-01-19) | We invited the friends over for a January braai at our place, and answering our call came Evan and Natasha, and Damen and Michelle, all with little ones in tow of course! The wind died down enough to allow for an outside braai and an ... (Photo Gallery)
Back to Market | Last weekend was the final weekend of Jessica's holiday - she started creche at Baby Steps on Monday! Of course this meant that we needed to get her back, and so on Friday evening after work, Mom and Dad came over to enjoy some supper ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Delivery to Sacred Ground in Franschhoek (2013-01-12) | Jessica and I joined Chantelle for her morning cupcakes and cakes delivery to the Sacred Ground Deli in Franschhoek, on what turned out to be a gloriously sunny day. As always the tourist town was bustling, with tourists, locals and even a festive group of ... (Photo Gallery)
Cartridge King | I received a pretty cool Canon IP4500 printer as a gift when I left UCT from the UCTRF a couple of years ago, and it has happily sat in my home office ever since. Of course, now that Chantelle is running her own little business ... (My Life)
Touchwork Developments | So I'm back at work after a relaxing two and a half week break, meaning that I'm raring to go. 2012 was a bit of a transition year for Touchwork I suppose, in that we lost our previous development manager, took on a new managing ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Helderberg Nature Reserve Picnic with the Storbecks (2013-01-06) | We started off December with a picnic at the Helderberg Nature Reserve, joined by Evan, Natasha, Evalynne and Ryan, and so it seemed fit to end my holiday off with yet another delightfully relaxed, frisbee-filled picnic at the shady Helderberg Nature Reserve, this time joined ... (Photo Gallery)
Chantelle's Cookies & Cakes: Bumblebee Transformers Cake | Chantelle got a cake order in the other day for a "Bumblebee Transformers Cake", destined to make a lucky little 9 year old boy smile on his birthday. And this is the yellow and chrome hued mecha that she came up with! Check out that detail. That's ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Butterfly World Expedition (2013-01-05) | I spent the second last day of my holiday with Chantelle, Dad and Jess at Butterfly World - Mom unfortunately missed out due to an emergency Devon look-after call, following the unfortunate burning of Riley's fingers on the lawnmower. It was a beautiful summer's day ... (Photo Gallery)
Jessica's First Bed (and a Chest Freezer) | So I made two last big purchases here at the death of my Christmas vacation period, the first being a humongous KIC 438 litre chest freezer for Chantelle's booming Cookies & Cakes business (though I could probably fit a whole springbok in there with relative ... (My Life)
December and My Christmas Vacation 2012 | So I'm hurtling towards the end of my year-end vacation time (ugh, work starts on Monday again), and overall December and Christmas holiday 2012 has been quite the relaxing and enjoyable time, so I thought I'd better highlight some of it just for reference's sake. ... (My Life)
Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 | So 2012 is gone and 2013 is now firmly in place. As per usual there were almost no downs in 2012, but looking retrospectively back at it, it was perhaps not one of the greatest years past, perhaps even more lacklustre than 2011, which itself ... (My Life)
Blast from the Past: Chantelle's Cuisine | I came across some old files of Chantelle's and thought I simply had to post: So Chantelle's Cookies & Cakes isn't the first - looks like my wifey has tried her hand at running her own little side project before! :) Started in July 2006 by ... (My Life)
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