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May 2014 Archive (5 posts)

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Throw Up... Meet Face | Ugh, well that was pretty gross. We'd just dressed up little Emily in her super cuddly and cute brown teddy bear suit, and while Chantelle was getting herself ready to head out with Em, I sat down with the little teddy bear for a quick ... (Emily)
Jessica the Ballerina | So now we have a ballerina in the family. On the insistence of Mom (a passionate ballerina in her youth), and with their help, Jessica is now excitedly twirling around the house on her tippy toes, arms outstretched in the air, overjoyed by the fact ... (Jessica)
Emily fails to help me Pack Away Washing | As it turns out, Emily is rather useless when it comes to helping me pack away the kids' washing. I put her down on the bed, throw out the washing, go pack a few pairs of pants away in Jessica's cupboard, and on my return ... (Emily)
St Elmos Pizza Disappointment (Tyger Manor) | Disappointing, St Elmos Pizza Tyger Manor. Disappointing. We don't normally eat pizza and invariably when we do, it is home made pizza because quite frankly that just always seems to be the ultimate best (not the cheapest option though mind you). However, we have on more ... (My Life)
South Africa National Elections 2014 | So the day of national voting has come and gone again, and as per usual (I haven't missed a vote, national, provincial or municipal since I first became eligible), May 7th saw me join the throng of people gathering outside of Gordon's Bay Primary School ... (My Life)
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