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September 2014 Archive (8 posts)

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Emirates Boeing 777-300ER vs Airbus A340-300 | To be fair, the 'vs' in this post title is completely misleading - but it just so happens that I'll be experiencing both the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER and the Emirates Airbus A340-300 on my trip from Cape Town to Japan and back again (with stop-over ... (My Life)
I Lost Jessica. | I'm not making a very big deal out of this, or at least wasn't at the time, but in truth it really is a big deal. You see, today I lost Jess. I did not know where my daughter was and it was scary as ... (Jessica)
Princess of Hand-Me-Downs | Shame, if being the second child is already so sucky compared to being the firstborn, I would hate to know what it feels like to come third! Emily is without a doubt the Princess of Hand-Me-Downs, not a title to be proud of mind you. ... (Emily)
Overwhelmed and Underpaid | Spotted this Dilbert cartoon from Scott Adams the other day and it kind of resonated with me and the way I am feeling regarding work at the moment. To put it lightly, I'm tired. I'm stressed and I'm tired. I'm tired of being responsible for everything, ... (My Life)
Back to Work She Goes | Having two kids is expensive. It doesn't have to be of course - you could just dress them in newspapers and toiletpaper - but needless to say we prefer to be able to give them a little more in life. Sadly, Chantelle's Cupcakery hasn't recovered very ... (My Life)
Sadly, 5 Country Mews is now off the Market | Back in April I announced that we had put our house up for sale and were indeed very excited at the prospect of moving back to Bellville. Six months later, cap in hand, I'm back to announce that in the end, the house failed to ... (My Life)
Uncle Barry's Ice Cream on Gordon's Bay Beach (2014-09-12) | Spring is in the air, which means that we can start coming out of Winter hibernation, hitting the beach, and more importantly, treat the girls to some delicious Uncle Barry's soft serve ice-cream! Hint. It's divine! (Photo Gallery)
And Sometimes even Trained Mommies get it wrong! Part II | Almost exactly three years ago, Chantelle gnashed her teeth and threw her arms up into the air in exasperation after turning all of baby Jess' clothes pink thanks to an errant red baby tracksuit pants that was in the wash. This time around, all of ... (Emily)
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