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November 2012 Archive (5 posts)

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Photo Gallery: Retha helps with Sacred Ground launch Cupcakes (2012-11-27) | Sacred Ground ordered so many cupcakes for their big launch event that Chantelle had no other choice but to rope in the helping hands of Retha (who just happened to be spending a few nights with us at the time, fresh from Spain)! (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Cheryl and Chantelle go to Charly's Bakery (2012-11-27) | Chantelle and Cheryl finally managed to make a trip through to Cape Town to visit the famous Charly's Bakery. Although the trip was fun, turns out Chantelle was a little underwhelmed with their goods in the end... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Jessica's Birthday Braai (2012-11-18) | Boerwors rolls, outdoor braai, balloons, umbrellas, gazeebo and sun was the order of the day, as all our friends joined us in celebrating Jessica's 2nd birthday. And as you can see from the footage below, a great day was had by all! :) (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Jessica Birthday Surprise (2012-11-14) | We didn't really celebrate on Jessica's birthday seeing as it was a weekday, but we did wake her up in her cot with a surprise cupcake and candles combo. Needless to say, she still needs to get the hang of candles. Chantelle also made these cool ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Our 3 Year Anniversary Supper (2012-11-07) | With life being as busy as what it is, what with our little 2-year old Jessie and all of Chantelle's baking for the markets, we didn't exactly celebrate our third year wedding anniversary with much style. (To be fair, we didn't really get to celebrate ... (Photo Gallery)
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