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November 2013 Archive (7 posts)

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Photo Gallery: Chantelle and Jessica go to the Beach (2013-10-09) | A-ha! I stumbled across these photos on Chantelle's old phone the other day, and thought them cute enough to post - now I know exactly what the two girls get up to when Daddy is home late from work! Ice cream on the beach, you lucky ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Quick Pitstop at UCT (2013-11-17) | Forgot to post these snaps, but basically on our way home from Claire's birthday lunch in Constantia, little Emily decided to make life hard for Chantelle's bladder, meaning a bathroom was needed sooner than later. So I suggested stopping in at UCT to make use ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Stellenbosch Fruit & Veg Breakfast (2013-11-23) | We were on a weekend Stellenbosch adventure and Chantelle thought it a great idea to start things off with a nice breakfast at the new Fruit & Veg in the Eikestad Mall, Stellenbosch. She was right. (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Claire's Birthday Lunch at Little Stream (2013-11-17) | To celebrate Claire's upcoming birthday, Claire and Riley invited the family out to join them at the dog-friendly Little Stream Restaurant in Constantia for a Sunday lunch outing. As you would expect from a venue out on that side of the world, the grounds are ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Jessica's 3rd Birthday Party (2013-11-16) | So the plan had been for a glorious picnic at the Helderberg Nature Reserve on a sun-filled day, the invites had been sent and the preparations made. Sadly for us though, just as the weekend was starting to roll in, word arrived of the imminent ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Jessica Birthday Wake Up (2013-11-14) | Jessica's 3rd birthday fell on a Thursday this year, which of course then means a weekday cupcake wake up for our little girl - which needless to say she thoroughly enjoyed. (Seriously though, who wouldn't love waking up to a freshly prepared cupcake?!) Armed with a ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Enjoying the Sunshine (2013-11-03) | Summer is well and truly on its way, meaning more and more opportunity for little Jessica and her daddy to get some sun on their ghostly pale bodies. This particular day was one of those rare Sundays where we didn't have any cupcakery business or ... (Photo Gallery)
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