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July 2013 Archive (5 posts)

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Photo Gallery: Jessica dresses up as a little Red Indian (2013-07-19) | Last week Friday Chantelle headed out to pick up Jessica from Baby Steps creche after what must have been a particularly fun and cheerful day - based entirely on the fact that she walked in on this: Mini "Red Indians" = daily dose of cuteness completed! ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Winter Wonderland Winding Down (2013-06-30) | This weekend was the big Carnival Weekend for the Gordon's Bay Winter Wonderland tourist attraction, and we ended up there each and every day of this past weekend! These photos were snapped on Sunday morning, as everything slowly started to wind down again. (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Koggelbaai (2013-06-30) | On our way back from breakfast in Betty's Bay, we pulled over at Koggelbaai and took the trail down to watch the surfers in action at this popular surfer hotspot - not to mention chuckle at all the baby baboons running about and causing havoc ... (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Jack's Cafe in Betty's Bay (2013-06-30) | With Jessica sleeping over in Jacobsbaai with Monty and Cheryl, Chantelle and I made the most of our Sunday morning home alone by jumping into the car and heading off to Betty's Bay, where we indulged in a delicious breakfast at Jack's Cafe! (Photo Gallery)
Photo Gallery: Table Mountain: Constantia Nek to the Dams (2013-06-29) | Saturday saw us walk up Table Moutain for a picnic by the dams, taking the Constantia Nek jeep track route up. This particular route is fairly easy going in terms of terrain obviously, but don't be fooled - it's the elevation that gets you! So, so ... (Photo Gallery)
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