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January 2015 Archive (18 posts)

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The Morning of Jessica's Birthday (2014-11-14) | Last year Jessica's actual birthday fell on a Friday, which is of course a normal Vergeet-My-Nie playschool day, which in turn then meant that it was "wake the kids up super early" day! Sticking to tradition, we spruced up some cupcakes, placed some presents on the ... (Photo Gallery)
Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm (2015-01-17) | The Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm is a CITES registered breeder and tanner of the African Nile crocodile, a crocodile that is a resident reptile in many of South Africa's game reserves but which no longer roams free in the country - meaning that this is a great ... (Photo Gallery)
The Carpenter and Lötter Family Shoot (2014-06-29) | In the middle of last year, my sister Claire went ahead and organised a professional photo shoot for the family. She hired her professional photographer friend Matt McLagan to handle the photography end and together they decided to make use of Claire and Riley's gorgeous, ... (Photo Gallery)
Emily's 1st Birthday Party (2015-01-11) | So the 13th of January rolled in and with it, Emily turned one. Seriously can't believe how the first year of having the cutest baby in the world as part of our family is already over! Anyway, taking Chantelle's guest house shifts into consideration, we ... (Photo Gallery)
Gibson's for Date Night in the Waterfront (2014-05-10) | So my quest to play catch up in finally getting around to posting all of my phone camera photos up to the blog continues... Last year Chantelle and I did something uncharacteristic for my birthday by heading out for a very rare date night on ... (Photo Gallery)
Vergeet-My-Nie Year End Picnic (2014-12-10) | Last year Jessica's awesome playschool Vergeet-My-Nie ended off their year with a big weekday morning picnic, to which all the parents, grandparents, and whomever else wanted to come along were invited. We were treated to a beautiful Summer's day with fantastic sunshine, soft grass, and ... (Photo Gallery)
Betty's Bay Penguins and Dinner at Kleinmond (2014-04-19) | Back in April of last year, Monty and Cheryl joined Jessica, myself, Chantelle and a very small Emily on a journey to go and see the penguins at the Stony Point penguin colony in Betty's Bay, followed by an impromptu drive through to Kleinmond, a ... (Photo Gallery)
A Walk on Paternoster Beach (2014-03-02) | Paternoster is one of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast of South Africa. It is situated 15 km north-west of Vredenburg and 145 km north of Cape Town, at Cape Columbine between Saldanha Bay and St Helena Bay. It also happens to feature ... (Photo Gallery)
Holiday Adventures with the Girls (2014-12-27) | As you might have noted from the recent run of blog posts (almost all photo gallery entries mind you), Jessica, Emily and I really did get up to a lot over this December break. The girls all ended their respective playschool years around the 12th ... (Photo Gallery)
Grayson's 1st Birthday Party (2015-01-10) | Yesterday Chantelle, Jess, Emily and I found ourselves making the trip through to Constantia in order to join up with the Carpenter Clan in order to celebrate Grayson's 1st birthday. (Incredibly enough, today we're actually out celebrating Emily's first birthday - what a weekend for ... (Photo Gallery)
Fun at Blasters (2015-01-03) | Following a fantastic evening out in Greenpoint and Camps Bay, not to mention the wondrous experience of being able to sleep in late for a change on a Saturday morning, Chantelle and I eventually needed to make the trek through to Bellville to retrieve Jessica ... (Photo Gallery)
Park First, then Funky Frogs (2014-05-11) | Last year I celebrated my birthday by of course, doing things with my kids. Stationed in Bellville following a great night out with Chantelle (burgers and the big wheel at the Waterfront) the previous evening, we kicked things off with a trip to the local ... (Photo Gallery)
New Year's Lunch with the Lotters (2015-01-01) | After spending a lovely evening out with Damen, Michelle and Ryan for New Year's Eve, the actual 1st of January was dominated with a trip out to Mom and Dad's house in order to celebrate the New Year with a big family lunch. Despite Chantelle ... (Photo Gallery)
Drakenstein Lion Park (2015-01-02) | Chantelle had two days off during the entirety of my December holiday, so of course when she did finally have a day off to join us for some family fun, we immediately decided to head out for an adventure! After quick consultation, Jessica agreed - ... (Photo Gallery)
New Year's Eve with Damen and Michelle (2014-12-31) | For the first time in a very, very long time, I actually had something planned for New Year's Eve. Yes, it was still a 'parent with small kids' plan, but nevertheless, it was a plan. After an afternoon visit to Mom's place for a quick ... (Photo Gallery)
Weskus Padstal Stop (2014-02-28) | Back in February last year, Chantelle, the kids and I were invited to join both the Montgomery and Holmes clans for a weekend away in Jacobsbaai, which we of course gleefully accepted. On our way up, Chantelle insisted that we pull over at the famed ... (Photo Gallery)
Pinnacle Point Weekend with the Montgomery Clan (2014-08-30) | In August last year Dad let us and the Montgomery Clan use the Pinnacle Point pad for the week (well for Chantelle, myself and the kids, a weekend and a little bit), which turned out to be a pretty good getaway in the end. We ... (Photo Gallery)
Outing to Stodels (2014-07-13) | It's not often that Chantelle and I can lavish our full attention on Jessica now that we have Emily in the mix, but way back in July last year we did actually manage to leave Emily with Oupa and Ouma and treat Jessica to an ... (Photo Gallery)
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