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August 2015 Archive (14 posts)

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Pizza at Wild Clover (2015-08-23) | With Chantelle now back in the fold, last Sunday saw us braving the now overcast and slightly damp weather (a surprise given that Saturday was such a hot day) with a drive out to Wild Clover, a fantastic spot on a farm that features a ... (Photo Gallery)
Root 44 and Burger King Ice-cream (2015-08-22) | It was girls and I again last weekend, so after we did all the chores (that involved riding around trying to source fridge lightbulbs and other odds and ends), I figured it a great idea to take advantage of the unusually warm weather and drive ... (Photo Gallery)
Building up to Easter at Bossa Social Cafe (2015-04-03) | Oops, stumbled across another small set of photos that I completely neglected to post way back in April. I've already mentioned what a nice Easter we enjoyed this year, complete with excited Easter egg hunt and visit to the legendary Scratch Patch, but these photos ... (Photo Gallery)
Helderberg Farm on a Public Holiday (2015-08-10) | Great weather, check. Public holiday, check. Desire to be out of the house, check. In other words, I had the girls up and dressed pretty early on, and we were out the door just after 09:00am, heading off first to Builders Warehouse to get some ... (Photo Gallery)
Giraffe House and Wild Clover (2015-08-08) | Taking advantage of the stretch of good weather we had been enjoying for the last big, Saturday saw me abandon Chantelle with her work and the need to sort out the baking/braai room, and head out with the girls to the middle of nowhere, corner ... (Photo Gallery)
Pit stop at Houw Hoek Farm Stall (2015-08-02) | Following our lovely Sunday out and about in Hermanus was of course the drive back home to Gordon's Bay. Seeing as we had already enjoyed the scenic coastal route on the way there, I opted for the quicker N2 route home - and for the ... (Photo Gallery)
Sunday Drive to Hermanus (2015-08-02) | Two weeks later and we're back in Hermanus once more! Faced with the possibility of staying at home and doing nothing, I suggested that we head out for a nice scenic Sunday afternoon drive to Hermanus, for the kids to play and for Chantelle to ... (Photo Gallery)
Coffee in Hermanus at Europa Cafe (2015-07-15) | So following our exciting and thoroughly enjoyable whale watching adventure in Gansbaai, Chantelle and I decided to stop for some coffee and cake in Hermanus on the long drive back home. (On such a beautiful day, who could really blame us?) As always, Hermanus' famed Cliff ... (Photo Gallery)
Whale watching in Gansbaai with Ivanhoe Sea Safaris (2015-07-15) | It's actually turning out to be a pretty good year in terms of experiencing new things - seriously, if I'm not flying a plane then I'm on a boat watching whales! :) Gordon's Beach Lodge has a work relationship with Ivanhoe Sea Safaris and often send ... (Photo Gallery)
Dutch Haven Bistro and Bastille Day at Blaauwklippen (2015-07-18) | A couple of weekends ago we got to experience two very different bits of European culture - On the Saturday we found ourselves out and about in Durbanville, and ended up enjoying some food at the kid friendly Dutch Haven Bistro, situated in the Garden ... (Photo Gallery)
Mondeor and a visit from the Folks (2015-07-25) | Two weekends ago we were out and about on the Saturday furniture shopping (Chantelle was working, so it was during her split), a completely pointless task if you have a toddler and a four year old tagging along, because invariably they quickly get bored and ... (Photo Gallery)
Feeding the Animals at Montagu Guano Cave (2015-07-10) | Finally, we had come to the end of our week in Montagu. It had been a good trip thus far: springbok pie in Ashton, birds in Robertson, a river cruise on the Breede river at Viljoensdrift, a nature garden in Montagu, a historic stone tunnel, ... (Photo Gallery)
Viljoensdrift Boat Ride (2015-07-09) | Situated on the beautiful stretch of country road (R317) between Robertson and Bonnievale, Viljoensdrift wine estate, nestled south of the Elandsberg Mountains, finds itself quite literally on the banks the Breede River - the so-called lifeblood of the Robertson Wine Valley. Although they have been ... (Photo Gallery)
Die Kloof Padstal in Montagu (2015-07-09) | If you are out and about in Montagu and are looking for a great kid-friendly place to take the kids while you sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, a slice of cake, or perhaps something more substantial, then look no further than the excellent ... (Photo Gallery)
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