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January 2011 Archive (5 posts)

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Covered: Batman #500 (Joe Quesada | Kelley Jones) | Issue 500 is a big milestone no matter the comic franchise and it was a biggie in 1993 when Batman volume 1 hit its 500th edition. We were slap bang in the middle of the epic Knightfall crossover story that had seen Bane break Batman's ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Covered: Zatanna 8 (Zatanna) | Don't puppets scare you? They scare me. Those lifeless eyes in those soulless, disproportional bodies. It is therefore no wonder to find that DC's not so premier magician in fishnet stockings, Zatanna, is also pretty scared of these guys. And as for proof, I present to ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Black: The Birth of Evil | While fleeing a hit man through the deserted alleys of Denver, a bullet clips Thomas Hunter's head. He escapes with this life, but later passes out from his wounds... and his world is swallowed by black. From the dark comes an amazing reality of another world ... (Comic Books | My Reviews)
Covered: Danger Girl and The Army of Darkness 1 (Abbey Chase) | Seeing as the now-in-Dynamite's-hands Army of Darkness comics licence has crossed over with a number of interesting and well... questionable (in terms of storyline) other comic book franchises over the years, e.g. from Marvel Zombies all the way through to Xena: Warrior Princess, it would ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Covered: 2000AD 1384 (Shaun of the Dead) | Shaun of the Dead is the rightful cult king in terms of British zombie films, finding that perfect balance between horror, zombie, romance, black humour and all out laughs. As a tie in with the movie, director Edgar Wright and main honcho Simon Pegg joined forces ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
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