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January 2010 Archive (4 posts)

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The House of C 008: Sent Packing | The female species. Seemingly completely incapable of packing sensibly and more importantly, packing in accordance with available space and duration of the trip. Without fail, with every packing opportunity, my dear wife will haul out the biggest bag available and stuff it to the seams, pausing only ... (The House of C)
The House of C 007: Axed! | Axed! It's weak I know. But hey, sue me. It's my webcomic and I can run out of good ideas if I want to! So there! :P But in the interests to keep you on board as a regular reader, please be aware that I hereby solemnly do ... (The House of C)
The House of C 006: They are Always Late! | Women. Nobody gets them, or rather no man understands them. Why is it that no matter how late or delayed they are in getting to any appointment, be it to make the opening of a show or meet the queen, there always seems to be ... (The House of C)
The House of C 005: Dark Knight | This one came out round about the time that the latest Batman movie, Dark Knight was first released and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only cartoonist to use the "dark night" wordplay, that's for sure! Still, I kind of like the brush stroke colouring on ... (The House of C)
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