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July 2008 Archive (6 posts)

Filtering on: Software & Sites (clear) | You see that nifty little icon next to the URL in your Internet browser's address bar? That little icon is known as a favicon (short for favourites icon) and was originally used by Microsoft for their Internet Explorer favourites list. However, since then everyone has ... (Software & Sites)
Remotely Changing Multiple Linux File Permissions with FileZilla | A large number of hosting companies exclusively run Linux-based servers, simply because they are cheaper to run and thereby allows the hosting company to offer more competitive hosting packages as a whole. Of course as a web developer, you are then stuck with Linux-specific Apache ... (Software & Sites)
Changing Microsoft Office Word 2007 AutoCorrect Options | While the new Microsoft Office Word 2007 has simply made things a whole lot easier for entry-level users as a whole, it can be more than a little frustrating to the experienced Word user who can now no longer find the functionality that they know ... (Software & Sites)
Vat Vas Vodacom Vhinking? | You've got to wonder just what in the world the tech boys at Vodacom central were thinking when they quietly updated their proxy through which all Vodacom mobile Internet subscribers are by default routed through last week. Obviously this was a decision pushed through by ... (Software & Sites)
CodeUnit.ZA Online | I've mentioned Ryan's and my little collaboration a little while back now already, and although no concrete work has of yet materialized for our little 'business', I am happy to announce that we have decided to go ahead and make our little project official anyway, ... (Software & Sites)
Now Anybody CANN | ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the non-profit organization that is to all intents and purposes the controlling body and "city-planners" of the Internet. In the past they have controlled the Internet with a rather tight fist, particularly when it came ... (Software & Sites)
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