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July 2017 Archive (9 posts)

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Rowing on Eikenhof Dam at the Elgin Grabouw Country Club (2017-03-11) | Located in the Kogelberg biosphere region and sitting right next to the tranquil waters of the Eikenhof Dam in Grabouw, the Elgin Grabouw Country Club, which was founded in 1987, serves as the area's local recreational sporting and social hub. Thanks to its proximity to the ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Cape Dutch Architecture in the historic Church Street of Tulbagh (2016-12-10) | The Boland Earthquake of 1969 wreaked massive damage across the historic town of Tulbagh, but it was also thanks to this very disaster that the restoration and preservation of the town's history became a reality. The discovery of a photo taken in the 1860s allowed for ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Things to See in South Africa: Glowing Rooms 3D Mini-Golf in Cape Town | So how do you make putt putt even more of a crowd puller if you find yourself trading out of a small boring little shopping center (The Gallery) in Milnerton, Cape Town? Why you slather everything in neon, glow-in-the-dark paint, airbrush some fantastic wall murals to ... (Kid Activities)
Chimpanzees at Monkey Town in Somerset West (2016-11-06) | Sometimes I don't particularly feel like driving very far when it comes to my weekend outings with the girls, and so invariably we end up at Monkey Town, situated a ridiculously convenient ten minutes down the road from me. Founded back in 2000 by animal lover and ... (Nature and Animal Attractions | Photo Gallery)
Things to See in France: Mont Saint-Michel | One of the earliest recognised UNESCO World Heritage Sites, France's famed Mont Saint-Michel island commune in Normandy stands as one of France's most recognizable landmarks, not to mention one of its most popular tourist destinations. Situated about 1 km off the country's northwestern coast, the tidal ... (Travel Attractions)
Weekend Away at the African Tulip Guest House in Tulbagh (2016-12-09) | If you are interested in the Cape's architectural heritage, then a visit to Tulbagh should very much be on your agenda. You see, the damage that the disastrous 1969 Boland Earthquake wreaked upon the town sparked a renewed interest in its heritage, with the result being extensive ... (Accommodation | Photo Gallery)
Kids at Play at Peregrine Farm Stall in Grabouw (2017-03-11) | Situated in the fertile Elgin Valley, just outside of Grabouw, Peregrine began life as a humble little fruit vending stall on the side of the N2 way back in 1964, and in the many years since, has morphed into somewhat of a road trip institution ... (Farm Stalls | Photo Gallery)
Moer Koffie and Melktert at Die Tolhuis Bistro and Farm Stall in Ceres (2016-12-10) | Towards the end of last year, over the course of our weekend away in Tulbagh, Chantelle and I decided on the spur of the moment to try our hand at cherry picking on Klondyke Farm (as well as fuel some nostalgia by checking in on ... (Food and Drink | Photo Gallery)
Things to See in Slovenia: Lake Bled and Bled Island | Some 55 km from the capital city of Ljubljana, you'll stumble across the tourist popular little town of Bled, tucked in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia. The picturesque Lake Bled, a lake of mixed glacial and tectonic origins, lies adjacent to ... (Travel Attractions)
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