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February 2014 Archive (7 posts)

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PHP: The Danger of !strpos('something', 'something') === FALSE | I came across some search and replace PHP code that was working correctly if the search string sat in the middle or towards the end of the input string, but failed to perform if the search string was positioned at the front of the string. Taking ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
PHP: Strip Leading Zeroes from a String | Because ordering numbers is a whole lot easier when they all of the same length in terms of characters, with leading zeroes used for padding, the issue of stripping these unnecessary characters out for display purposes tends to crop up quite a lot. Which is silly ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Remove SVN Entries without Destroying the Physical Files | Occasionally you realise that certain files have been unnecessarily added into your SVN repository, such as user uploaded photos and documents for example. Obviously this causes repo bloat and because these files aren't core to the code base, they should best be removed from the ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
SVN Commit Error: Repository Moved Temporarily; Please Relocate | I encountered a rather strange (and frustrating!) error today which was completely blocking me from committing any files into my SVN repo. After a lot of fiddling and tweaking (all unsuccessful) and finally just destroying the whole damn thing to start afresh, I did stumble ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Ubuntu Server: Recursively Remove .svn Folders | Sometimes SVN repositories just go bad and the best way forward as far as what you are concerned is to simply wipe them and start out fresh. Of course, while you can simply delete the SVN repo directly to remove it and then quickly recreate ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
MySQL: Quickly Load a CSV file into a Database Table | CSV (comma separated value) files are often used as a way to transfer data between two different systems - it's a simple, verbose, and difficult to break (if you double quote every single string of course) way of saving grouped data into a flat ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
Windows 7: Manage Startup Programs | The recommended way to manage which applications load on start in Windows 7 is of course to trawl through each application's settings or options pages and control them from there. However, another more efficient way to do it (if you are a little computer literate) ... (Tips, Tricks and Tutorials)
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