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February 2011 Archive (39 posts)

I've Had Enough of You Too, Daddy! | Over the last while, saying that Jessica has been a bit niggly over some of the warm Summer evenings we have endured thus far would be a bit of an understatement, as for some or other reason she has taken to crying out aloud for ... (Jessica | My Life)
Blogroll: How to Export and Import WordPress Blog Links | To export and import a Wordpress blogroll, or links if you prefer, is actually pretty easy, seeing as Wordpress already comes with everything necessary for this built in. Your WordPress blog's links and links categories are accessible by hitting this URL: Now that you know this, importing ... (CodeUnit)
Covered: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #23 (Barry Kitson) | Despite being renamed to Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes from issue 16 volume 5 onwards, the Legion has always been one of those books that you can't help but wonder if anyone truly cares about, and yet which always seems to be in DC's ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Joke Factory: Need a Lawnmower? | A man was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw a man eating grass by the roadside. He ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate. "Why are you eating grass?" he asked the man, curious as to this rather ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Review: Mushishi (2005) | Hauntingly beautiful. Directed by Hiroshi Nagahama for Artland studios, this 26 episode series adapts the award-winning manga series of the same name by Yuki Urushibara. The story revolves around the ubiquitous spiritual creatures known as Mushi, whose supernatural abilities often flow over and affect the ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Ficus Crack Pot | Ficus Crack Pot. Despite sounding like a drug reference, I am in fact referring to poor Mr. Ficus' pot, which didn't survive the last gusty blasts we experienced here in Gordon's Bay unscathed. After picking up Mr. Ficus who was lying on his side, dusting him ... (My Life)
Getting Heavier by the Day | Well the good new is that little Jessica is still growing at the pace of a Concorde in flight - and we now have an excellent paediatrician close to home. On to the stats. According to the latest doctor's measurements, Jessica now clocks in at a ... (Jessica | My Life)
Ubuntu: How to set PHP's default Time Zone | From PHP 5.1 onwards, you have been able to define the default time zone which is to be used in PHP regardless of what time zone the server or Apache might be using. To do this requires some minor adjustments to your php.ini config file. First, ... (CodeUnit)
Bikini Beach Funakoshi Training | Friday 11 February saw the perfect way to de-stress after a long week of work, with a Bikini Beach training session to kick off the weekend. As it turned out, the wind that had plagued Gordon's Bay during the week had dissipated, leaving only glorious sunshine ... (Martial Arts)
Covered: Catwoman #45 (Adam Hughes) | Selina Kyle has always been a character sitting on the fence over at DC Comics, straddling the line of being either a villain or a likeable person, the latter being difficult to make a reality considering Selina Kyle as Catwoman is at the heart of ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Joke: Sex in the Dark | Having successfully escaped the crowd, a young couple finds themselves alone in a middle of a dark forest. Needless to say, the two start having sex. After about 15 minutes of this, the man finally gets up and says, "Geez, I wish I had a torch ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
How to Change the MySQL Time Zone on an Ubuntu Server | If you wish to explicitly set the time zone for your MySQL running on an Ubuntu Server, here is how to do it. First open your global MySQL my.cnf configuration file: sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf Scroll down the file to location the section. Add the following line: timezone = ... (CodeUnit)
How to Change the Time Zone on an Ubuntu Server | It is often quite useful to be able to change the time zone on your Ubuntu server and to do so has become particularly simple. Now that the original command, tzconfig has been deprecated, we turn to the new option: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Running this brings ... (CodeUnit)
Review: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (2006) | Actually worth a chuckle or two. This 25 episode long series from director Shinichi Watanabe takes the fun scenario of throwing together four gleamingly handsome young lads with a desperate shortage of cash, forced to leech off a wealthy mansion owner in order to survive ... (Anime | My Reviews)
jQuery DataTables with Lots of Columns Crashes in IE | If you are using the brilliant jQuery DataTables plugin to present your data in nifty dynamic tables, and are using it in a server-side loading context, you have no doubt encountered the issue when a table with a lot of columns (more than 20) fails ... (CodeUnit)
Photo: Dancing at Claire's Wedding (Zevenwacht) | December 2007 marked the big day for my sister Claire as she married her captured man, Riley Carpenter. The wedding was a huge success, the venue was gorgeous and the day was perfect, resulting in one heck of an awesome wedding reception. And what are wedding ... (My Life)
How to Reuse a MySQL Result Set | To reuse an existing result set returned from a query is actually pretty simple thanks to PHP's mysql_data_seek function and the fact that mysql_query returns a buffered result set by default. So essentially all we want to do is rewind the entire pointer right to ... (CodeUnit)
Just a little Defect in the Design | Okay. So my almost perfect, swimsuit-model in the making daughter didn't quite come out of the oven 100% blemish free. As it currently stands, my little floppy dribble monster comes with two minor defects: 1) a head of red hair (in other words, she's a ... (Jessica | My Life)
Happy Valentine's Day | A message to Chantelle. To my most beautiful wife, mother to my gorgeous daughter, faithful companion, trusted friend and my partner for life, I just want to say these few little words to you. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you more than you will ever know. Love, Craig. (My Life)
Covered: Judge Dredd Megazine 39 (Shimura) | Once a trusted and respected Hondo-City judge, Inspector Shimura finds himself a victim of devious machinations against him, resulting in him being cast out of the giant mega-city and forced into the life of a ronin warrior, battling to find out the truth and take ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Photo Gallery: Bikini Beach Funakoshi Training (2011-02-11) | Gordon's Bay is the home of Funakoshi Karate International South Africa, and what good is living by the sea if you don't use it? After all, it makes for a great training ground! (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Joke: Confessions of Toilet Paper | A drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, enters a confessional booth, sits down, but says nothing. The Priest coughs a few times to get his attention but the drunk continues to just sit there. Finally, the Priest pounds three times on the wall. The drunk mumbles, "ain't no ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
IPCop: Troubleshoot No Internet when All other Network Activity Works | What’s the best way to try and troubleshoot the scenario when we have network connections to everything else but the Internet (i.e. external mail, MySQL, and FTP) works, on our IPCop run network? (And note in this case the IPCop run network usually runs ... (CodeUnit)
MySQL: How to Check if a Column Exists in a Table with SQL | To check if a column exists in a table with SQL using a MySQL database is pretty easy, thanks to the nifty SHOW COLUMNS command. To find if a specific column exists, we simply extend the standard SHOW COLUMNS FROM statement with a LIKE parameter, which ... (CodeUnit)
Review: Bartender (2006) | Incredibly boring and pointless. 13 episodes long, firmly in the drama and slice of life genre, Bartender tells the story of a... bar, a bartender and the patrons that find their way to him to relate their sob story so that he can fix a ... (Anime | My Reviews)
MySQL: How to Check if a Table Exists with SQL | To check if a table exists with SQL in a MySQL database is pretty easy, thanks to the nifty SHOW TABLES command. To find if a specific table exists, we simply extend the standard SHOW TABLES statement with a LIKE parameter, which allows us to search ... (CodeUnit)
Photo: Rust-en-Vrede Waterfall (Oudtshoorn) | November 2007 Chantelle and I enjoyed one of our first proper weekend getaways together, making the trip up to the picturesque Oudtshoorn for a weekend of caves, wildlife and relaxation. Despite being both struck down by a horrible stomache bug that literally half ruined the trip, ... (My Life)
Visiting Hours | What a bonus, Jessica slept just about all the way through on Monday evening! She's been quite niggly for the last week or so, particularly during the evening, something that can either be attributed to a side-effect from her shots (states so on the packaging) ... (Jessica | My Life)
PHP: Loop through each string line in a Textarea | To loop through all the string inputs entered on a new line for a textarea control is not particularly challenging and uses basic array functionality to achieve this. To see the code in action: //trim off excess whitespace off the whole $text = trim($_POST); //explode all separate lines into ... (CodeUnit)
Trundling Along | So little Jessica is doing well, thanks for asking. No, I haven't been posting all that much about her up on these pages, but rest assured that is simply because the little floppy dribble monster is happily keeping her parents quite busy with her sleep, ... (Jessica | My Life)
PHP: Return all String Permutations for a 1 Dimensional Array | Getting all the possible string permutations of an array can be pretty useful if you are trying to unlock something and this nifty little function does exactly that: function array_permutations($items, $perms = array()) { static $permuted_array; if (empty($items)) { ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu: How to Copy a Line in Nano | Nano is an extremely handy and lightweight text editor that comes with most Linux distributions these days. Today's tip will teach us how to copy and paste a line or piece of text within a text document. The first method to copy and paste a line ... (CodeUnit)
Covered: Judge Dredd Megazine 74 (Shimura) | Today's Covered plucks an image straight from my late teens, when I thought the world of Judge Dredd could do no wrong and that British born comic books were simply the best. The rogue former Hondo-City judge, Shimura, was fast becoming popular and one of the ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
My Pingdom Come: Uptime Monitoring made Easy! | Monitoring your website's uptime just became pretty easy, thanks to the remarkably clever From their site: If you are a business with an online presence, it is important that your website and other online services are available 24/7, all year round. However, all websites have occasional ... (CodeUnit)
Joke: Until Death do Us Part | Mary Clancy goes up to Father O' Grady after his Sunday morning service, and she is in tears. He says, "So what's bothering you, Mary my dear?" She replies, "Oh, Father, I've got terrible news. My husband passed away last night." Without hesitation, the priest says, "Oh, Mary, ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
Ubuntu: MySQL SSH Tunnel via the Terminal | If you have a closed machine that doesn't allow MySQL connections from the outside world but does allow SSH access in to the box, say hello to the world of SSH tunneling. The concept is simple. Bind one of your local machine's port via a SSH connection ... (CodeUnit)
First Impressions: Rental Magica | Magician Dispatch Service and Mage's Society: Astral, has seen better days. Sure they have in their employ a good variety of magic users, covering all the bases like Celtic magic, King Solomon's magic, Shinto, Onmyodo, Alchemy, Vajrayana and Rune magic, making them capable of dealing ... (Anime | My Reviews)
Blog from Your Browser: Scribefire | Enjoy uploading your blog but want to do it a little faster without resorting to the clunky standard web interface? Enter Scribefire, a brilliant browser add-on that makes for quick and simple posting directly to your blog! From their blurb: ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that ... (CodeUnit)
Renew Your Car Licence Online | The City of Cape Town is pretty wired when it comes to paying accounts, and renewing your car licence hasn't been left behind. From the official site: Online payments: instructions You can pay your licence fees online by doing an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your banking website. ... (CodeUnit)
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