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June 2011 Archive (50 posts)

Review: Eyeshield 21 (Volume 7) | We continue the story of one wimpy Sena Kobayakawa who has assumed the on-field identity of one "Eyeshield 21" as he comes of age by trying his hand at American Football, thanks to his gift of super fast legs, honed by all the years of ... (My Reviews)
Vision of Escaflowne Episode Guide (1 - 5) | 01 Fateful Confession Kanzaki Hitomi is a sprinter, and today is her school’s time trials to select the runners for the up-and-coming prefecture track meet. She arrives just in time to watch the boy she likes participate. Amano Susumu is a skilled runner, breaking the 11 ... (Anime)
MySQL: How to Remove all Newline Characters from a Column | Annoyingly, carriage returns and line-feeds (aka newline characters) often get sucked up into our database through imports, inserts and the like, which is annoying because these generally invisible characters play havoc with simple WHERE COLUMN = STRING statements because what you thought were matching strings ... (CodeUnit)
Really Shouldn't be on the Road | There is this very annoying fella that makes me grind my teeth just about every morning on my ride through to work. His crime - the audacity to ride one of those stupid hand-cranked reclined bicycle thingies in morning Muizenburg traffic. Now cyclists in bunches ... (My Life)
How to Check your Airtime Balance on MTN | If you are on the MTN mobile phone network then it is a pretty simple task to check your remaining airtime if you are a prepaid (or even a contract) customer via their nifty little Balance Enquiry feature. For prepaid, or PayAsYouGo as MTN likes to ... (CodeUnit)
PHP: How to HTML Entity Decode an Euro Symbol | I came across an annoying bug in my application where for some reason my Euro symbol wasn't being HTML entity decoded for use in a PDF as opposed to the other available symbols which were. At first I assumed that this might be a bug ... (CodeUnit)
Achilles Photo-bomb! | So there I was, trying to snap a nice picture of little Jessica who I had plonked down in bed beside her mommy, who had just got back into the warm snuggly blankets after a nice warm shower in preparation for work. However, it would seem ... (Jessica | My Life)
Jessica versus the Tub Chair | Okay, so she isn't quite there yet, but little Jessie is always keen to try just about everything we task her with, even if it is sitting upright in a tub chair! (And as you can see from the smile, she seems to be enjoying ... (Jessica)
Grabbing the Bottle with Both Hands | Jessie's continued development steam-rolls ahead with each and every passing day, with one such milestone being the ability to at last reach out to something in front of her and try to grab it with both hands. Of course, the applies very nicely to her ... (Jessica)
jQueryUI Datepicker Calendar Control Visible at the Bottom of the Page | For some or other annoying reason, my jQueryUI datepicker controls start exhibiting a weird bug where on page load, the normally hidden control calender was appearing right at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the launch control would then bring up the calendar correctly, ... (CodeUnit)
Barechested Daddy | As much as I despise these cheesy photos of skin on skin parent/child interactions, I have to admit, these few shots I finally gave in and allowed Chantelle to take of Jessica and I on our way to bathy bath time really do show off ... (Jessica)
Review: Eyeshield 21 (Volume 8) | We continue the story of one wimpy Sena Kobayakawa who has assumed the on-field identity of one "Eyeshield 21" as he comes of age by trying his hand at American Football, thanks to his gift of super fast legs, honed by all the years of ... (Manga | My Reviews)
Photo Gallery: Jessica Lazing About (2011-06-22) | Photos of Jessica doing... well basically not a lot. (My Life | Photo Gallery)
You're Under Arrest Episode Guide (1 - 4) | 01 And So They Met Its her first day of work, and Tsujimoto Natsumi is already late. And sitting stuck behind a railway crossing is definitely not helping things. But taking that reckless shortcut on her little scooter might not have been the best idea either. ... (Anime)
PHP: How to Gracefully deal with some Microsoft Windows Special Characters | Although Microsoft Windows smart quotes are the usual culprits for web developers who need to display strings on devices powered by operating systems other than Windows, there are in fact a number of other Windows-only special characters that can potentially rear their heads every now ... (CodeUnit)
Vision of Escaflowne Episode Guide (6 - 10) | 06 The City of Intrigue Van, Hitomi and Allen make it safely to the capital of Asturia, Palas. There they are greeted by the lovely princess Millerna. Allen's men take care of the Crusade and the guymelef units while Allen, Hitomi, Van, Merle and Millerna head ... (Anime)
How to Set the Selected Index of a Dropdown using jQuery | There are a number of ways to set the selected index of a dropdown list when it comes to jQuery, though unfortunately one of them only works about half the time, basically whenever the guys behind the library remember to fix a particular bug in ... (CodeUnit)
.Hack//Sign Character Guide | Crim The enigmatic Crim follows no man but himself. One of the older players of the game, he helped found the Scarlet Knights with Subaru. He recently returned from a long absence from the game, eager to relieve his stress and hone his fighting skills. He ... (Anime)
Covered: Cinderella: Fables are Forever #1 (Chrissie Zullo) | Following on from Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love, the same team of Chris Roberson and Shawn McManus are back in 2011, sending Cinderella off to a freezing Russia and pitting their bikini-clad spy against the sinister villain Silverslipper this time around in Cinderella: Fables are ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Cats versus Birds | So on the day we were expecting the first visit from Mom and Pops to the Gordon's Bay Lotter stronghold in absolute ages, guess what happened? Well, as I should have known, I strolled past the bathroom in the morning, only to recoil in horror ... (My Life)
Wall Panel Heater for Jessica | Seeing as it is now Winter which of course equals lower temperatures, we decided to install a comfy wall panel heater in Jessica's room in order to ensure she remains toasty all Winter round. Now if you've ever done any research into heating solutions, you ... (Jessica | My Life)
A Photo Visit from Mom and Pops | A couple of Sundays ago we were treated to a visit from Mom and Pops, something we hadn't had for quite a while now. They were quite keen to come and catch up with little Jessica and see the various changes we had made to ... (Jessica | My Life)
Review: Angry Birds | My goodness, what an additively fun game on any mobile platform! Developed by Finnish software house Rovio, Angry Birds is somewhat of a phenomenon in the world of casual gaming, having easily captured the lion's share of the mobile casual games market from 2010 onwards. It ... (Games | My Reviews)
My Introduction to Android: Galaxy Ace S5830 | What, who, how?! I didn't believe the SMS I received the other day from Vodacom, alerting me to the fact that I could now upgrade. "That's impossible," I exclaimed, "there is no way that I've had my delightful Samsung Star for two years already!" But a ... (My Life)
How to Install Arial Black Font in Ubuntu 11.04 | I like Arial Black. There is something compelling about that big and chunky font that makes me always want to include it in my designs. However, it is a Microsoft Windows font and it comes thus as no surprise that it isn't available by default ... (CodeUnit)
Speeding Fine Reduced | If you cast your mind all the way back to March, you might remember my letter faxed off to the traffic department in the hopes of getting my big speeding fine reduced. Well if you can't remember, I don't blame you - I had forgotten about ... (My Life)
Jessica and her Cuddle Buddy via My Galaxy Ace | At last, my new camera has a decent phone with decent megapixels and a decent flash and decent sharing options - all of which means more photos for the blog of course. Like this quick snap of Jessica enjoying her cuddle buddy while daddy gets ... (Jessica)
Jessica Mimicking Mommy | It's too cute for words. Not only has our little dribble monster become to big for her bath booster chair that she now gets to sit on her own in the baby bath and happily splash water everywhere, she's also taken to mimicking Mommy - ... (Jessica)
The Bearded One | I thought I should give you fair warning, just in case I stumble across your path and you get a fright, that I am now sporting a beard. Yes, that's right, a beard. There is no reason for this, other than it might make it ... (My Life)
How to Create a WordPress Child Theme | To create a WordPress child theme of another existing theme turns out to be quite simple to achieve. If you haven't heard of child themes yet, basically a child theme is an extension of an existing theme, which allows you to make changes to the ... (CodeUnit)
And Now My Lawn Gets Cut for Me | I like doing my own gardening and DIY projects. It's my bit of territory over which I rule and take great pride in what I achieve on it. That said, it is now Winter. This mean cold and wet weather, though funnily not so much ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Bigger Bath and the Beard (2011-06-11) | Jessica is definitely due a move to the big bath now, Chantelle wanted some cheesy photos of me and Jess, and I think a beard on my face actually works! (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Covered: Beautiful Killer #1 (Adam Hughes) | In 2002 writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Phil Noto unleashed the three part Beautiful Killer story upon the unsuspecting public, via Wizard's short-lived comics foray, Black Bull Comics. It tells the story of one Brigit Cole, the albino daughter of two renowned, world class top ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Knocked off My Perch | Sigh, knocked off my perch so quickly. After my epic championship performance at our four man FIFA battle (chronicled here), and due to another scheduling faux pas of the optometrist visit on my part (I do now actually have an appointment for next week, meaning ... (My Life)
Ubuntu: How to Add a Cron Job | Scheduled tasks are known as cron jobs in Linux (though you could of course make use of the Gnome Scheduled Tasks tool if you would prefer) and are controlled by what are known as crontabs, basically simple text files containing a list of commands to ... (CodeUnit)
Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Uncaged Edition) | South African director Gavin Hood's 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine film was okay at best. Thankfully the movie tie-in XBOX 360 game, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Uncaged) is a whole lot more satisfying! Well, if you enjoy nothing more than clobbering, disembowelling, hacking, dismembering, slashing and beating ... (Games | My Reviews)
PHP: How to Send a PDF File Attachment via E-mail | I've moved to the fantastic PHPMailer PHP class to handle all my e-mail send outs for my projects and have thus far been quite impressed by the ease-of-use and robustness of the class. Today I'll quickly note how you can send an attachment (like a ... (CodeUnit)
Damn You Channel 199! | At last. I though I was free from the television scourge that is Idols this year around, a show that Chantelle religiously watches each and every time around. Seeing as we haven't had MNET for months now, due to the fact we downgraded to DSTV ... (My Life)
How to Feed a Baby Without Messing on Her Clothes | Ha! After noting some rather messy results of Chantelle attempting to feed Jessica all sorts of cereals, purity and home made butternut concoctions (as proven by the image above), I came up with a brilliant method of feeding Jessica and not having to spend the ... (Jessica | My Life)
Photo Gallery: Activity Mat and Granny Time (2011-06-06) | My Mom and Dad came for a visit, and of course, it was activity mat time for Jessica. After all, Grandpa wanted to get some nice shots in! :) (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Firefox 4: How to Duplicate a Tab using a Keyboard Shortcut | Here is a quick and easy keyboard shortcut to duplicate or clone the current open tab in Firefox 4. Simply click on the address bar for focus (you'll note that the address highlights) and then press Alt+Enter to open that same address in a new ... (CodeUnit)
Controllers and the Boys | Last Tuesday I was meant to take a trip through to Bellville after work in order to see Chantelle's optometrist for a long overdue eye appointment plus contact lens order. However, seeing as he is currently on leave, this plan kind of fell through - ... (My Life)
Photo Gallery: Cats versus Birds (2011-06-05) | The problem with cats is that they tend to catch birds. And despite her efforts, Chantelle couldn't save this young feathered fella. (My Life | Photo Gallery)
Covered: The Books of Magic #25 (Chris Bachalo) | Chris Bachalo remains one of my favourite artists, thanks to his hauntingly beautiful and shadowed work, all of which is wonderfully brooding and stylized, but not so much that it becomes too distorted and unrecognisable. From his awesome pencils on mature titles like DC Vertigo's Shade, ... (Comic Book Art | Comic Books)
Jessica back to Full Health | Yay! So the doctor confirmed yesterday on the check-up visit that the antibiotics seems to have done the trick. The ear, nose and throat infections have all receded, the various swellings are down, her chest is open again - in other words Jessie is back ... (Jessica)
Joke Factory: On Parenting and the In-Laws… | If you are a new parent, and everyone always seems to be telling you how to raise your child, in particular your parent-in-laws, perhaps this lovely letter may be of assistance in getting them off your back: Dear Mother & Father-in-Law, Please do not try to tell ... (Jokes & other Funny Stuff)
jQuery: Show a Operation Status bar which Disappears after a Couple of Seconds | Operation or Message status bars are useful creatures when you want to indicate to a user that their action (perhaps AJAX driven) either succeeded or failed. Popping one up on the screen, setting its colours accordingly and displaying the message before making it disappear again ... (CodeUnit)
Review: Sakigake!! Cromartie High School | Utter, absolute drivel. I'm not sure who in the right frame of mind can find this forced absurdity and parody even remotely funny, but let's just say that I'm putting this one down as definitely not one of Production I.G.'s finest moments. Anyway, Cromartie High School ... (Anime | My Reviews)
How to Send a Please Call Me on Cell C | A callback, or rather Please Call Me as it has come to be universally known in South Africa, is a rather nifty concept that allows you to send a free SMS to any other Cell C customer asking them to call you back, usually because ... (CodeUnit)
Ubuntu Crontab: How to Make a Scheduled Task run every couple of Minutes | As a web developer you will always find a use for a scheduled job, something that runs in the background every now and then and does some sort of batch job to make life easier for someone interacting with your portal. If you are running ... (CodeUnit)
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