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May 2015 Archive (31 posts)

Cheetah: The Bounding Robot that now Jumps over Obstacles! | Building robots that mimic animal behaviour is pretty common these days it would seem, and in 2014 the team making up the MIT Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory group (Massachusetts Institute of Technology in case you're not familiar with the famous MIT abbreviation) unveiled their entry in ... (Hardware | Tech News)
Things to do with Kids in Cape Town: Eat at The Orchard Farm Stall in Grabouw | If you feel like a drive with the kids, then why not shoot up the N2 and tackle Sir Lowry's Pass, taking it up past Steenbras Dam and then swinging left into Grabouw. The first thing you'll see is the large rolling green lawn of The ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Things to See in South Africa: Clarence Drive (2015-05-03) | Without a doubt one of the most beautiful stretches of road in South Africa is Clarence Drive (also known as the R44), a 22 km long scenic coastal drive between the windswept hamlet of Rooi Els and the naval town of Gordons Bay, which ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
Gone Black Bin Gone | Sigh. I dislike the fact that this game even exists here in South Africa. Every Sunday evening I dutifully place my municipal black wheelie bin out for emptying by the refuse disposal truck the next day, and every Monday evening when I come back home ... (My Life)
Things to See in South Africa: Kirstenbosch Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway (Boomslang) | Kirstenbosch is a famous botanical garden, founded in 1913 to preserve the country's unique indigenous flora, nestled at the eastern foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. The garden is one of nine National Botanical Gardens covering five of South Africa's six different ... (Travel Attractions)
Things to See in Japan: The Wisteria Flower Tunnel of Kawachi Fuji Garden | If you ever find yourself wandering around the city of Kitakyushu, in the Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, it might be worth your while to pop into the Kawachi Fuji Garden. This private garden is home to an incredible 150 Wisteria flowering plants spanning 20 different species. ... (Travel Attractions)
Banting: How to Make a Cauliflower Pizza (with Suzelle DIY) | Hate it or love it, Professor Tim Noakes and his Real Meal Revolution (Banting Diet) has certainly had a massive impact on the South African food space, sparking a whirlwind of food-related conversations to take place between South Africans from all walks of life. My new ... (Recipes)
Why Google Translate wasn't particularly useful in Japan | Ryan and I managed to navigate our way around Japan pretty well over the course of our whirlwind holiday last year. However, this wasn't because some useful translating tool like Google Translate was making everything understandable to us, nor more importantly allowing other people to ... (Tech News)
Things to See in Japan: Hitachi Seaside Park | If you ever find yourself in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan, then it might just be worth your while to pop in to the renowned Hitachi Seaside Park whilst you are there. Hitachi Seaside Park is a public park that covers an area of 190 hectares, featuring blooming ... (Travel Attractions)
In Need of Some Balance | The nice thing about living in Gordon's Bay is that when you need to take a bit of a break and get some fresh air... well then this is pretty much on your doorstep: I needed that little lunch time stroll along Gordon's Bay's main beach ... (My Life)
Comic Book Art: Wolverines: Mystique by Juan Doe | "Wolverine may be dead... but what will happen to his mortal remains, encased in something as rare and powerful as Adamantium? The battle for control of this valuable artifact has begun! But why does it matter so much... and why is a war brewing in ... (Comic Book Art)
Figurine: Satsuki Kiryuin (Senketsu) from Kill la Kill by Good Smile Company | Hobby products manufacture Good Smile Company turned to the final scenes of hit anime Kill la Kill to come up with this particularly angry looking figurine - antagonist Satsuki Kiryuin, armed and ready for bloody action, wearing Senketsu - the Kamui (Godrobe) sentient sailor uniform made ... (Toys)
The Lotter Clan and Gran's 80th Birthday | Back in April this year, much of the Lotter clan assembled at Mom and Dad's house in Oakglen to celebrate Dad's mom, Granny Lotter's big 80th birthday. We were blessed that the weather was particularly great on the day, thus making for a perfect braai ... (My Life)
Oupa and Jessica planted Beans! | I forgot to mention that a fair couple of weeks ago, Jessica was in for a right treat when Monty prepared a bed of soil for her and tasked her with planting her very own green bean garden patch. Of course, the actual planting was ... (Jessica)
Figurine: Noire / Black Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia by Alter | Japanese figurine maker Alter is releasing this particularly aggressive (but in a cute way), 1/7 scale, anime styled version of Hyperdimension Neptunia's Noire, aka Black Heart, figure late October 2015. With her look faithfully replicated from both the anime and game, Noire comes in her standard ... (Toys)
Things to See in China: Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge | Completed in 1912, the Chengyang Bridge in Sanjiang County, Liuzhou (in the People's Republic of China) near the village of Maan is perhaps the most impressive of the so-called "wind and rain" bridges created by a Chinese ethnic group known as the Dong. Constructed without ... (Travel Attractions)
Things to See in Netherlands: Rozenburg Wind Wall | Rozenburg is a town and former municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. The municipality had a population of 13,173 in 2004, and covers an area of 6.50 km² (of which 1.99 km² water). It was the second-smallest municipality in the ... (Travel Attractions)
Music: Woodstock Mafia - Trigger and Gun (2013) | Grunge rockers from Cape Town, Woodstock Mafia consists of Joe Theron on vocals, Nick van Rensburg on guitar, Ryan Matthews on bass, and Owen Ingarfield on drums. They formed as a band in 2011 and rocked out Cape Town for four solid years before deciding ... (Music)
Military Aircraft: South African Atlas Impala (Macchi MB-326) | My introduction to the Impala as a boy growing up in the 80's was of course through promotional images of the Silver Falcons proudly flying these distinctive jet airplanes throughout the country. In other words, it is about time I featured the Impala on this ... (Military Aircraft)
Music: Springbok Nude Girls - Illuminate (2007) | If you were a South African rock-leaning teenager growing up in the nineties, then undoubtedly you were madly enthralled with the Springbok Nude Girls - there was literally no way you didn't lose your shit when the opening cords of Bubblegum On My Boots started ... (Music)
How Fiber Optic Cables Work | Have you ever wondered just how fiber optic cables actually work? Well sure it probably has something to do with light seeing as the word optic appears in the name, but exactly what role does it play? Well, if you are curious about this technology then ... (Science, Technology & Curiosity)
Things to See in South Africa: Stony Point Penguin Colony in Betty's Bay (2015-05-03) | The African penguin is a species of penguin, confined to southern African waters. It is also widely known as the "jackass" penguin for its donkey-like bray, although several related species of South American penguins produce the same sound. There are three known mainland breeding colonies in ... (Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions)
African Blogger Awards 2015 Winner: Dad and the Code | I'm not particularly active on Twitter to be quite honest - the appeal of the whole thing doesn't quite make sense to me, but nevertheless, I have an account and as such I do receive e-mail notices whenever someone directs a tweet my way - ... (Blogging)
Green Screens of Old and Green Screens on the Cheap | If you aren't aware as to what Green Screen or Chroma key compositing is (which is great if you don't, because of course, this technique is meant to be seamless), our old friend Wikipedia gives quite a good rundown: "Chroma key compositing, or chroma keying, is ... (Science, Technology & Curiosity)
Japan 2014: An Adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun | In October 2014 I embarked on my very first overseas trip ever - to the one destination that I've always wanted to see above all others: Japan. Terrance, a friend I have known since primary school, has been living in the land of the Rising Sun ... (My Life)
Review: ROMOSS Sailing 3 - 7800mAh Power Bank | Sigh, load shedding from Eskom is just such a pain now, isn't it? Of course, working from home means I need to have a few things up and running for those 2 hour stretches without electricity, which then essentially boils down to me doing all ... (Accessories)
Review: Everki Swift Light Laptop Backpack | For years I've used the traditional, over the shoulder, laptop carry bag. It works just fine, I've used it for years, and my laptops don't seem to mind being shuttled around in it. However, with an upcoming business trip I decided that perhaps it was ... (Accessories)
Things to See in South Africa: Afrikaans Language Monument (Taalmonument) | The Afrikaans Language Monument (better known locally as the Afrikaanse Taalmonument) is located on a hill overlooking Paarl, Western Cape Province, South Africa. Officially opened on 10 October 1975, it commemorates the semi-centenary of Afrikaans being declared an official language of South Africa separate from ... (Travel Attractions)
I Should Probably Get That Fixed... | You know that old saying "Stop bugging me woman, I said I'll do it. You don't have to keep asking every six months about it you know!" - well, totally applicable when it comes to me and DIY/upkeep here at my house in Country Mews. ... (My Life)
Military Aircraft: British Avro Shackleton | The Avro Shackleton was a British long-range maritime patrol aircraft for use by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the South African Air Force (SAAF). It was developed by Avro from the Avro Lincoln bomber, itself being a development of the famous wartime Avro Lancaster ... (Military Aircraft)
Things to See in South Africa: Steenbras Dam | Aerial photos of Gordon's Bay always fascinates me, primarily because inevitably they show this massive amount of water, all neatly held by the mountains directly over our little town's head! When travelling along the N2 away from Cape Town one has to cross the Hottentots-Holland Mountains ... (Travel Attractions)
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