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Sucker Punch Cosplay: Sweet Pea (Illyne) Cosplay 22 JUN 2012

French cosplayer Illyne picks up her sword and dons her armour as she transforms herself into Sweet Pea, the only girl to come out alive in director Zack Snyder’s visual masterpiece, Sucker Punch.

Sweet Pea is Rocket’s older sister, and out of all the girls, probably the one closest to being sane. She together with her sister ended up in the asylum following their running away from home.

In the fantasy world, she uses a silver broadsword for close range fighting, complemented by a customized M4 rifle for the longer range stuff.

By the end of the film, Sweet Pea is the only girl to successfully escape, though her passage in the real world is nearly thwarted by the police, though thankfully for her, help in the form of a bus driver was close at hand!

Sweet Pea is played by Abbie Cornish in the movie.

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