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ABSA Credit Card Cancelled and Replaced… but Not by Me My Life 21 JAN 2016

Two or three weeks ago, I got a cryptic SMS from ABSA essentially saying, “Oh it looks like you have a problem with your credit card. Ignore if you’ve already reactivated or else go into a branch for assistance”.

Okay. The fact that my credit card was then declined whilst trying to pay for Emily’s birthday supper at Spur confirmed the fact that ABSA had indeed seen it fit to cancel my card on my behalf.

Not that I was informed of course. Maybe their fraud algorithm picked something up? Maybe pirates were seen close to Gordon’s Bay? Who knows – I certainly don’t!

Look, there probably was a good reason for the cancel, and one day when I’m privy to it I’m sure I’ll be pleased – after all, when it comes to my money, “rather safe than sorry” is the go to policy! (Still, an informative e-mail, SMS or phone call would have been rather nice!)

A couple of days later (not debilitating because I still have my debit card – it just costs me money every time I swipe it!), I received a phone call from UTI couriers asking me to verify some personal information and who then informed me that they would be delivering my card in a couple of working days’ time.

I got to choose between having it dropped off at home or work – to which I responded home, seeing as thanks to my knee I am here pretty much 24/7 at the moment.

(Also, luckily for me, an SMS from ABSA arrived shortly after, just to let me know that UTI would be contacting me – meaning that I didn’t necessarily just fall prey to a scam. Oops.)

Anyway, a lot more business days than promised passed, and so eventually I looked up the ABSA Credit Card division number to find out what is up with my delivery. After holding the line for a bit, the helpful operator informed me that UTI had in fact dropped off my credit card in the complex’s single, communal post drop off point – yesterday.

Say what?!?

I know that technically the card can’t be used until activated, but I can’t say that it makes me feel particularly comfortable that a card together with my details were happily lying there for anyone with an smidgen of bad intentions (hello Internet) to take advantage of.

ABSA’s twitter account was quick to respond to my query, asking if I had opted for the “knock and drop” option, and after a brief exchange I gave them my details and escalated my concerns. (The fact that the “knock and drop” option even exists worries me slightly, mind you!)

Anyway, so now I have a new and shiny credit card after two or so weeks of not having one – without even asking for it.

uti courier van in south africa

Daily Frustrations: Paying Nedbank MFC via an ABSA EFT My Life 09 DEC 2011

Wow, what a exercise in frustration.

When I bought my Getz I needed to get finance for it, and so Hyundai plonked me down with MFC, which stands for Motor Finance Corporation, a division of Nedbank.

Anyway, my monthly instalment of R2,350 has happily been coming off my ABSA savings account for almost two years now, when all of a sudden this month’s payment didn’t go off on its usual 1st of the month debit action. A couple of days later I received an SMS from MFC informing me that I was now in arrears.

Checking my bank account I noticed that the debit had indeed not happened this month, so I phoned up MFC where the operator informed me that according to her records, the debit was denied by ABSA with a return code of 30, which is “No Authority to Debit”. She suggested I go and see ABSA to find out why this had happened and mentioned that I could pay so long via EFT with the following bank details which she sent to me via SMS:

MFC Bank Account
Bank: FNB
Branch Name: JHB Corporate
Branch No.: 255005
Account No.: 62028411289

(A division of Nedbank with a First National Bank account. How quaint).

Anyway, great. With my Reference number in hand and absolutely no desire to make the long trek through to ABSA in the Somerset Shopping Mall, I fired up the ABSA Internet Banking portal in my browser.

So first things first, in order to make this payment, I need to add a beneficiary (because I’ll probably be doing this more than once). So given the details above, I attempt to create a new beneficiary by selecting an account at another bank option, selecting “First National Bank” as the bank and then entering the given branch code. The resulting search says ‘uh uh, no match located’. Right

So I go back, make a new selection and enter in “JHB Corporate” as a search term for the branch. No go. A search on “JHB”, “Johannesburg” and “Corporate” all result in no positive matches. Okay, I’ll just enter the branch code directly and then fill in the details from there. This I did, entered the RVN number, and whammo – denied. Apparently I need to create an ABSA-listed beneficiary.

Right, so then I decide to skip the whole beneficiary thing and attempt a once-off payment. Fill everything in, attempt to pay, and whammo – denied. Again this stupid ABSA-listed beneficiary nonsense.

Very frustrated by now, I turned to Google, with no luck. Fuck it, another attempt. This time I widen my branch name search under the beneficiary add – and finally a hit. Search for “Cor” under FNB finally turns up the right branch number – under the branch name of “CORP CORE BANKING/GTS JHB”!!


Anyway, entered all the details AGAIN, hit the “add” button and whammo – denied with “CREATE AN ABSA-LISTED BENEFICIARY” again!!!

Oh, for the love of Pete!!

So I hopped onto the phone with ABSA’s Internet Banking telephonic support service (0860008600) where I explained my dilemma to the lady on the other end, who promptly informed me that in order to pay this particular account (because it is a big corporate), I actually needed to select the “Link ABSA listed beneficiary” option instead of the “Account at other Bank” option right in the beginning of the whole process!


Okay, my mistake then I guess, but seriously ABSA, improve your error messages so that we can all understand what is going on the first time around!

Anyway, I eventually did come right and was just about to pay my account, when an e-mail from MFC popped into my inbox informing me that the debit failed to go through because they mistakenly changed my account details on their system and were now just confirming the correct details before putting through a manual debit request.

Really? After all that? O.o

So all is well that ends well, but seriously, what an exercise in frustration! :)