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Kevin Bacon and Eggs Jokes & other Funny Stuff 17 MAR 2015

At some point in their career, actors invariably need to endorse things in order to pay the bills – however, I can’t think of one more perfect than this one that I stumbled upon this week.

Kevin Bacon is now the commercial spokesperson for the U.S. egg industry. Yes that’s right.

It’s bacon and eggs time!

kevin bacon frying eggs in a pan - bacon and eggs

Of course, after hearing the news I scrambled to post this up as quick as possible – after all, this could be the most fated of hookups ever!

What a combination, what a combination! (Hopefully Bacon’s critics don’t fry him for this one!)

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Coming back to My Ad Dynamo Experiment CodeUnit 21 OCT 2011

So the Ad Dynamo adverts have been running across my sites for just short of three months now (in conjunction with my existing Project Wonderful campaigns), so I guess it’s time for a little feedback session.

In terms of simplicity in setting yourself up as a publisher and generating advertising code to place on your site, the process is outstanding. Although their website portal could do with some minor tweaking and user interface and usability upgrades, it is very, very quick to get up and running, and I must admit to quite liking that about them. It is very simple to add new websites and then create multiple advert channels for each of them, and as far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of adverts placed on a site, though as any good webmaster will know, less is more in this particular instance.

The fact that they are South African means South African adverts for all us locals, though of course the quality of adverts vary thanks to the relatively small number of big business advertising through them. Obviously I’m not sure on the quality of adverts being served outside of our borders, but from what I’ve been able to learn, it doesn’t seem too bad.

My favourite part is of course the payouts, and the ability to specify a local bank account is really nice for a change. And pleasingly enough, once you pass the R100 minimum amount (which rolls over if you don’t achieve it), the payment is made directly into your account at the start of each month, no mess, no fuss.

One problem I have encountered through their platform was a little nasty though. Someone managed to trick them into delivering malware through a crafted advert, which was quickly picked up on by Google and Mozilla, causing a huge error/warning notice to appear to users in place of my sites. Luckily Google Webmaster Tools has an easy enough method to clear this up, but it did cost me in terms of site views for a couple of days.

In summary, I can’t really say I have any complaints about them or their service at all, and will thus continue using them as my primary advertising platform (alongside Project Wonderful). I’m making money, they don’t come with all those heavy handed restrictions from Google, and they really are simple to implement and expand with.

So yeah, I guess a thumbs up for the Ad Dynamo team then! :)

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Games-Xetra Durbanville Games | My Life 20 MAY 2010

I’ve mentioned before that our pals Andy (Andrea) and Albert Snyman went and opened a gaming store out in Durbanville called Games-Xetra and now thanks to some video magic from the ever creative Albert, here are two video adverts showcasing the new shop.

The store itself is actually pretty great. Nice and large with a good selection of both new and second hand games, not to mention a nifty little gaming nook for you to test out the latest games at, plus a host of other gaming peripherals on offer. Those of you keen on trading in games will also be glad to know they accept trade-in on PS2, Wii and XBOX 360 – for more than a decent price (better than any of their competitors, that’s for sure!)

You can hit their online presence at http://www.games-xetra.com/2010/durbanville/ or visit the shop in person at Shop 4, Die Fakkel Sentrum, 22 Oxford Street, Durbanville. Alternatively, give them a ring on 021 975 7355.

As far as I’m concerned, another gaming store is always a good thing and now that I’ve done my plug, it’s time to sit back and enjoy Albert’s wizardry! :)

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Plugin to Manage Adverts on Your WordPress Blog CodeUnit 01 APR 2010

Managing your adverts on a WordPress blog becomes a pretty simple thing thanks to the great little WordPress plugin entitled Advertising Manager from developers Scott Switzer and Martin Fitzpatrick. Basically it allows you to manage and rotate your Google Adsense, AdBrite, Adify, AdGridWork, OpenX, Yahoo!PN and WidgetBucks (amongst others) adverts on your site – all from an easy to use settings panel that even allows you to place ads in a sidebar through the use of a widget!

It provides a simple way to import your adds, allows you to place adverts straight into your blog posts with a click of a button, has functions to facilitate placing adverts directly into your template files and even goes as far as allowing for advert limitations by author, category, tag and even page type.

Oh, and it also features auto-recognition for 15 ad networks which basically means you can manage these adverts directly from your WordPress blog instead of going all the way through to each website!


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The Breast Blonde Joke Ever! Jokes & other Funny Stuff 11 OCT 2008

For those of you who haven’t YET caught the new Nandos advert on TV, this is for your benefit. Truly the guys in their marketing department have come up with some absolute gems over the years, and this one certainly ranks right up there with the best of them. Sure it isn’t particularly witty or clever, but thanks to the brilliantly funny blonde actress this just works!

Got to say that this is the only advert on TV that currently has me curled up laughing on the couch every time it flights – and I still can’t believe it hasn’t been pulled off the airwaves yet! Somewhere our censor dogs are seemingly fast asleep!

Oh, and is it just me, or is the way that the napkin is laid out at the end with the Nandos logo superimposed over it done like that on purpose? Looks like panties to me, if you ask…

I am here to pick up your daughter Jokes & other Funny Stuff 24 AUG 2007

lol face memeSometimes advertisers just get it right. They make ads that make you laugh outright – and those are the ads that should be made. (True, half the time you don’t know what they advertised, but hey, who cares :D). Case in point. This asian advertisement from Bridgestone is currently making its way around the email circuit with great applaud. I haven’t come across anyone who hasn’t enjoyed it just yet, so I’ve decided to post it up on this blog so that it can survive a little longer.

Download it and laugh with us if you don’t mind