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Review: Air Gear: Break on the Sky (2010) Anime | My Reviews 29 NOV 2012

Ringo’s position in Sleeping Forest can no longer be ignored. As the time draws closer to the opening of Trophaeum Tower, Sleeping Forest begins targeting all major teams and riders capable of challenging them. Among the victims is Simca, who is attacked and temporarily crippled under Ringo’s orders. When Ikki discovers Ringo’s role in incapacitating Simca, he considers her a traitor and runs from her. Realizing she has no other method of showing Ikki her and Sleeping Forest’s true intentions, Ringo challenges Ikki to a one-on-one Dash-Type Battle.

The ever popular mangaka Oh Great!’s Air Gear was a fun little shonen battle action anime which featured over the top characters on rather over the top, powered up inline skates. However, despite the actually pretty cool concept, the series (both manga and anime) quickly lost sight of the really cool inline skate dynamic and instead got bogged down by stupid power and ability escalations, leading to a very overwrought and somewhat silly franchise.

Nevertheless, four years on from the end of the original anime run in 2006, someone decided that the fanservice-laden silliness needed some screen time again, and so the Break on the Sky OVA series was announced, this time animated by studio Satelight in place of Toei, with Shinji Ishihara as director and Jun Maekawa as script writer.

The result is thus far three 28 minute long episodes, the first of which I’m discussing here.

First off, the animation is really cool as per usual. High octane, high detail, very kinetic and loads of fun to watch. The character designs are pretty cool as always, and as expected, the girls are looking pretty hot, with loads of unnecessary fanservice thrown in to boot (well, this is a show courtesy of Oh Great! after all).

The voices all fit the tone and action perfectly, and the soundtrack and opening and closing musical tracks all work well.

However, then there is the story. Yeah, not particularly good. Plenty of action as to be expected, but very, very overwrought, very silly over the top antics, and in the end, serves to remind one just how difficult it was to watch the original anime series through it’s entirety. Unless of course you are a hardened Air Gear fan – in that case you’ll no doubt enjoy this outing (though be warned, it isn’t particularly high on the usual Air Gear comedy hijinks).

So in other words, don’t worry too much about missing out on this one.

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Review: Air Gear (Volume 5) Manga | My Reviews 03 NOV 2011

So Ikki and his rather makeshift little group finally manages to get a proper Air Trek team going after a fair bit of scrounging around, and even partake in their first official battle as a team (though after a proper preliminary round of fisticuffs of course!)

Although Agito ignores them and Buccha and Onigiri fail them, Kazu is given a moment to shine and they are rescued through the arrival of a mysterious female skater as well as the skills of Ikki who continues to ascend his Air Trek skating path.

But there is an unexpected turn of events that awaits for them back home, one which will see Ikki possibly losing his skates for good, as we are let in on more of the mystery surrounding the legendary Sleeping Forest clan…

Mangaka Oh! Great continues his madcap action comedy shonen romp with Air Gear volume 5, giving us again plenty of action, fight and skate sequences, plenty of juvenile humor to have a giggle at, and of course sprinkled with serious scenes so over the top that they do end up feeling a little silly to have there in the first place.

It is definitely a shonen story through and through, and so if you are fans of this kind of silliness and over the top action with power escalations, then you’ll probably get a real kick out of this one, which doesn’t really let up on anything promised inside. (And as a bonus if you are actually enjoying the storyline, Oh! Great tantalizes us with even more titbits from the past, once again deepening the mystery of the family backstory as you reach those last few pages).

Artistically Oh! Great never fails to entertain, particularly with his penchant for drawing beautiful girls and delivering the quota panty shots, butt admiration views, and veiled nudity on a regular basis (remember, this is the artist who has had no qualms about producing adult works like Silky Whip before). His drawing style jumps the full range as he stretches from his cartoony, super distorted pieces to emphasize all of the slapstick humor, to his fantastically rendered and detailed action sequences which do well to capture the pace and energy of the events.

For me though, I must note that at times his faces or rather the head-to-body joins do let him down just a little bit, but for the most part this is the perfect art for this type of madcap shonen adventure.

In other words, Air Gear Volume 5 is an enjoyable continuation of this anime-inducing romp and certainly if you are a fan of the over the top action with loads of juvenile and slapstick humour genre, then this one will certainly entertain you.

Of course, if you are aren’t, then it probably won’t! :)

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Screenshot Saturday: Air Gear (Episode 1) Anime 23 JAN 2010

Inline skates on steroids, that’s what this is. Air Gear straps them on, takes it to the sky and then beats the crap out of all challengers in this action-packed, laugh-a-minute 2006 shonen hit! This edition of Screenshot Saturday takes a bite out of episode 1 and delivers us Ikki, the show’s protagonist, learning to fly!

Ikki takes to the skies for the first time!

Irrepressible Itsuki “Ikki” Minami, the delinquent student and East Side Gunz gang leader known as the Unbeatable Babyface stumbled into the world of Air Treck quite by accident (well, he did “borrow” his sisters’ hidden Air Trecks after all) in response to having been humiliated by a rival gang of Storm Riders going by the handle Skull Saders.

Of course, with the help of his mysterious benefactors (his sisters who just happened to have all been a part of the legendary Sleeping Forest Storm Rider group), Ikki soon found himself in the thick of things, his stubborn approach and refusal to back down landing him in far more hot water than what even he could cope with.

Today’s screenshot chronicles the first time Ikki takes to the skies and finds his “winged road”, that which marked the start of his journey to become the Sky King.

His path cleared thanks to assistance from a rather unexpected source, Ikki takes off after the Skull Saders leader

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