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Theatre on the Bay: Wild (with Robert Fridjhon) My Life 23 JAN 2015

I’m kind of looking forward to this evening to be honest. Following our recent trip to the always fantastic Theatre on the Bay to catch Alan Committie in his latest hysterical one-man show, Chantelle and I made a conscious decision to make a go at rekindling our “going out and seeing something” spirit which we seem to have kind of lost after having the kids – kicking things off with a trip straight back to Camps Bay tonight, back to our favourite little theatre on the bay! :)

Robert Fridjohn. Wild.

The newly opened show that we’re off to see is called Wild, written by and starring Robert Fridjhon, and directed by Alan Committie. From their own blurb:

“If ever you miss a dinner date with your girlfriend, common sense tells you that you’d better have a good excuse. Which I did … on both counts. And my excuse was outstanding. I was attacked … by a lion … at an office party … in a strip club … in Jo’burg. Well … ok … let me go back to the beginning.”

Multi-award-winning ROBERT FRIDJHON presents a new one-man comedy after a long sabbatical in theatre working with herds of actors. Bitingly humorous, often dark and touching, WILD is a fantastical account of one man’s accidental journey into the otherworldly realm of the animal kingdom where he meets a stray kitten, a herd of wildebeest and a lioness called Eleanor. Through them he discovers that the earth’s creatures know a lot more about him than he ever did.

WILD is based on Robert’s experiences in wildlife during which he was bitten, kicked and scratched (mostly by people), and then educated by lions.

I have seen Robert in one or two theatre pieces before (I particularly enjoyed Boeing! Boeing! from start to finish), and of course I did spot him on the rather admittedly awful Safe as Hausers sitcom that ran on SABC3 a little while back – but I can’t say I’ve ever seen him on his own, let alone him doing straight comedy.

So yeah, this should be fun(ny).

Oh, and as an added incentive to go and catch this while it is still on – Robert is donating 10% of his WILD earnings to the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary (which we recently visited!).

Related Link: http://www.theatreonthebay.co.za/

Alan Committie and the Sound of Laughter (2015-01-02) My Life 05 JAN 2015

alan committie the sound of laughterAlan Committie is (still) alive with… The Sound of Laughter at the Theatre on the Bay in Cape Town (Camps Bay to be exact) from 2 December 2014 to 17 January 2015. As a 40-year-old comedian with slightly greying hair, Committie is trying to be a little more serious about his comedy. Which essentially means new material but the same suit.

As for the new material, this is just a taste of what you can look forward to on a night of side-splitting giggles:


Alan Committie and the Waterfront Weekend My Life 15 NOV 2011

Seeing as this weekend past was another Single Parent weekend for me, and other than Jessica attending a birthday party, me working on the driveway, and enjoying lunch with the folks in Bellville on Sunday, there really isn’t all that much to give feedback on, so perhaps it would make more sense to chat about the weekend before that, which we used as a quasi celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary.

To start off with, Friday night was an interesting one, in that Chantelle decided to reward me and give me a bit of a break from Jessie, meaning she whisked my daughter away with her to Bellville, where she spent the night in the company of her family and hours of Come Dine with Me South Africa recordings.

As for me, I immediately hit up KFC for a proper bachelor, greasy supper, before doing all things nerdy like watching anime, catching up on some blogging, playing Dante’s Inferno and most important of all, sitting down to watch the gritty Batman: Year One animated DVD that had just come in via Takealot.

So a good evening in terms of entertaining myself, but actually a pretty lonely evening and not something I’m looking to do in a hurry any time soon. Anyway, Saturday morning was spent catching up on all the chores and working in the garden, before I got ready and shot through to Bellville, where I picked up Chantelle for our date evening.

Our target: Theatre on the Bay, Camps Bay, to catch the 17:00 show of Alan Committie’s latest one man comedy show, Happily Ever Laughter.

The official blurb:

Alan Committie is back at Theatre on the Bay in his brand-new, hilariously happy stand-up comedy show Happily Ever Laughter!!

In this side-splitting new comedy revue, award-winning comic madman, Alan Committie returns to his one-man roots and explores everything from Royal Weddings to Nursery Rhymes; from the Twilight movie series to Disney princesses and all that’s in-between, including a “do-it-yourself 1980’s music video” demonstration; classic arguments; and a rather extensive look at The Harry Potter Movie Franchise.

But this is a one-man show with a difference! It co-stars Jo Galloway (Boeing- Boeing, Dick and I and Perfect Wedding) who joins Committie in exploring the fairy tale existence of life in 2011!

The show will include sketches, characters and loads of silly observations as only Committie can provide. And Johan van der Walt, security guard extra-ordinaire, makes an appearance to talk about National Anthems.

As per usual, we walked away very, very entertained, with Alan (as always) on top of his game, drawing the laughs from the crowd right from start to finish. Jo was a bit of a disappointment though, with her performance feeling very much… well, like a performance, meaning that there was too much acting and not enough natural comedy.

As a whole, the show was pretty well done, though the singing, musical segments didn’t really fit all that well and could probably have been done without. I can only imagine they were squeezed in there for Jo. The costume changes were well done, all Alan’s favourite characters made their appearance and as a special, their projected segments of remade movies were quite the riot! Oh, and let’s not forget the hilarious 80’s music video ending! :)

(And as an added bonus though, I did get picked on – for the first time ever – as Alan went through his hilarious cold-reading send-up of John Edwards!)

Now completely stress-free, we decided to follow up the evening’s entertainment with a trip through to the V&A Waterfront, a place I haven’t been to in well over a year. After walking around for a fair bit, loving the addition of the beautifully lit up Ferris wheel but at the same time feeling disappointed that the place hadn’t changed at all in all the time I haven’t been there, we capped off our outing with a delicious supper at the Cape Town Fish Market, where Chantelle got to grips with some fantastic sushi and I played catch with my Surf and Turf.

And then because we’re old and parents now, we drove back to Bellville to get our beauty sleep in preparation for Jessie’s usual 06:00 morning wake up! ;)

Sunday morning was spent lazing around with the Montgomery clan, before we packed everything up and hopped in the car to Kraaifontein, after first picking up some snacks, to visit with Damen and Michelle and for me to get my first introduction to their newly born bundle of joy, little Logan Alexander.

After an enjoyable visit, it was back home, where we got to grips with the usual Sunday routine before breaking with tradition and ending the night off with some home made pizzas, which were as per usual absolutely yummy.

And that, was our weekend.

Alan Committie is Fully Committied My Reviews 01 FEB 2010

Did I ever mention that Chantelle and I went to watch Alan Committie’s latest show at Theatre on the Bay a couple of weeks ago? No? Well in that case you’ve probably missed out then, because I’m pretty sure its finished its run (or should that be fun) by now!

Fully Committied was the show’s title and as always it was jam-packed to the brim with raucous laugh out loud humour that has become an Alan Committie trademark over the years. Following his usual varied topic discussion format, this time we got to see him talking about subjects varying from Dan Brown’s latest book all the way through to joggers and what they see in their heads, and not to be outdone by modern technology, we even got a great PowerPoint slideshow that included a variety of graphs, old photos and even a video clip of a beagle running in slow motion – simply majestic I tell you! ;)

As per usual, Alan’s alter ego, part time security guard extraordinaire, Johan van der Walt came out to play and building on last time’s successful new character launch, Alan’s impersonation of Springbok coach P.Divvy made his triumphant return to the stage as well.

Like I said, the show pretty much followed the same pattern as all his previous shows like Stressed to Kill, and Bigger, Better, Faster, but the level of comedy has stayed fresh and as always his interactions with the audience continues to be absolutely priceless.

Extremely witty, loaded with puns, Alan Committie has proved himself to be one of the few comedians that I actually enjoy going back to see over and over again, and if he continues to churn out these hilarious shows, then I’ll continue to plonk my butt down in support!

P.S. And yes, there was indeed someone from Bergvliet sitting in the audience as per usual! Shame, will they never learn? ;)

Weekend in Review (18-20 April) My Life 21 APR 2008

Alan CommittieFriday saw me once again back in the office, furiously working the day through on my laptop to get as much as possible set up before the big server move on Saturday. Even the scheduled load shed at 12:00 wasn’t enough to stop me thanks to the increased UPS capacity that we finally got installed which meant that the servers could stay up for the duration of the outage – yay, more productivity hours for me :(

Of course, the real reason for attempting to hurry through the day wasn’t so much for work as what it was for ushering in the evening because come 20:00, I needed to have my ass seated in Theatre on the Bay, Camps Bay, for Alan Committie’s Defending the Caveman show. Work passed by pretty quickly and after one long drive home, I found myself sitting cross-legged in the lounge playing some Godfather (thanks Ryan for getting me hooked again!) and waiting for Chantelle’s return from work.

Truthfully, we didn’t have all that much time to dilly dally and after a quick KFC meal for supper and a wardrobe change for Chantelle (who naturally had to buy a new top for the occasion), we set off across the boerwors curtain and headed for the alien territory known as Camps Bay.

Now we have both seen the original Tim Plewman’s Defending the Caveman before, but an invite from Mom and Dad and the desire to see the man who had entertained us so at his “Stressed to Kill” show meant that Chantelle and I wasn’t going to miss this show for the world – and by the looks of the crowd – neither was the rest of Cape Town! The show is so popular that it is already booked out and the first Cape Town tickets you can now get are only for November!

For those of you who don’t know of this legendary global comedic one-man show, Defending the Caveman is basically a hilarious analysis on the differences between men and women and how they try to co-exist, making it one of the best date comedies ever produced! And even having seen it once before, Alan’s take on the show was funny enough to still have you laughing out loud every minute and by the end of the show there must have been more than a fair share of people who needed a change of pants! In the end Mom, dad, Chantelle and I had an absolute blast and walked out feeling thoroughly entertained, a good feeling that lasted only as long as it took me to reach a petrol station on the long drive home and fill up my tank – one wallet lighter and the world just doesn’t seem as funny anymore.

Come Saturday morning and I was back on the road at the crack of dawn, on my way to UCT to prep the new OBE1 server which had finally been stabilized enough to be put into production. The installation of this replacement server had been put on hold quite a couple of times already, but now with the last of the hardware and driver issues sorted out, it was up to me and Bobby from Pinnacle to set it up, connect the SAN hardware and get it running! So from 06:30 on a rainy Saturday morning, I was in the office busy installing software with no relief in sight. 08:30 and Bobby arrived, meaning I had to relinquish my work and spend the next hour or two with him setting up the SAN system on the machine. Again, this section ran pretty smoothly and with the final network cable connected, the new OBE1 was live!

Well sort of. Turns out that this was the worst IIS6 migration we have ever attempted, causing multiple failures across the site and basically leaving me in tears for the rest of the day while trying to put out the multitude of fires raging across the sites. The others were long gone by the time I decided to pack up and leave, but in truth it was just to get out of the office a little because back in Gordon’s Bay it was once more all hands to the pump as I stepped back into battle with the non-responsive software.

By evening I had at least got the basic structure to work again, but to a very frustrated Chantelle, this also meant that our plans for going out to watch a movie was a little squashed, so instead she went out to buy hotdogs for supper while I reached for the tissue box to dam my tears of frustration. A bit later in the evening I finally threw the towel in (not breaking anything luckily) and joined Chantelle on the couch to watch ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s Spark of Insanity Comedy Central special, featuring his popular laugh-a-minute-I-kill-you Achmed the Dead Terrorist act. Having seen the YouTube and email clips, we thought we knew exactly what we were going to get, but in all honesty, Jeff’s full act is kind of painful to watch – meaning we only made it about halfway before flipping to something far more entertaining and then finally hitting the sack for some well deserved rest.

Sunday morning and Chantelle abandoned me for work (lucky bugger had in fact got the day before off as a nice surprise from Wammy and Louise) and I was left to my own devices which meant hopping onto my computer and continuing with the repairs to my sites. Unfortunately by mid morning I was sick and tired of having to work over the weekend that I raised the white flag, pushed aside my chair and grabbed the PS2 controller in the lounge for the rest of the afternoon. The Godfather is one of those addictive GTA style games and before I could blink most of the day had already disappeared right before my eyes (though not quick enough for my liking because there was still enough time for me to do the ironing and washing up).

I did however get some fresh air when I trundled over to the little shopping centre across the road to pick up some drinks for our little mini-braai in the evening – only to stop short, slap my forehead and exclaim ‘doh!’ when I realized that is was Sunday and the chance of me finding an open bottle store in the Western Cape is as remote as finding a successful black business man in the Afrikaaner state of Orania!

Evening eventually hit Gordon’s Bay and after a nice stroll out on the main GB beach with ice-cream in hand (and on arm, on shirt, on toes, on face and in nostril) I got stuck into the manly task of setting up the fireplace for our little ‘test’ braai in preparation of next week’s little ‘house warming’ braai. With ‘30+ Goue Sokkie Treffers’ blasting in the background, Chantelle and I prancing around the lawn in mock dance and the fire blazing in the darkness, our little braai was on!

As it was, I was on fire that night because damn, Tongmaster Craig made some of the best meat he has ever made before, so much so that Chantelle was nearly moved to tears – tears of happiness for a change mind you. And as for entertainment, my attention was fully gripped by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in Speed, eTV’s main movie for the night. Chantelle tried to keep up by staying awake as best she could, but for most of the movie all I heard was a gentle snore coming from her side, so I left the sleepyhead alone and watched the show instead (which I thoroughly enjoyed let me tell you! Just as well we cancelled our plans to go out to the movies because there was no bloody thing showing that I wanted watch – damn you Rogue Assassin for not coming to Somerset Mall Ster Kinekor!)

Eventually enough was enough, and come midnight I dragged Chantelle off of the couch and tossed her into bed, following shortly after for some much deserved rest after a weekend that truly was dominated by Commerce IT work, the first time in I don’t know how many years! *sigh* Here’s to hoping Monday runs just a little bit smoother…

Stressed to Kill My Life | My Reviews 10 JAN 2008

Stressed to KillLast night marked the seventh month that I’ve been in a relationship with Chantelle, and what better way to mark this romantic event than with flowers (our new stricter dietary and exercise plan doesn’t allow for Lindt chocolate showers anymore) and an injection of culture, more specifically a trip to the theatre (albeit for a one man comedy show).

The venue in question was Theatre on the Bay, a cosy little intimate theatre situated in the heart of Camps Bay, the one man comedian was none other than the self-proclaimed One Man Committee of Comedy, Mr Alan Committie and the show was his hilarious Stressed to Kill, formerly known as Return to Send Up.

Theatre on the Bay advertises Stressed to Kill as:

In a compassionate move specifically designed to help all Capetonians and visitors to the Mother City stay sane this Festive Season, ALAN COMMITTIE presents his hysterical one man comedy show at Theatre on the Bay from the beginning of December. In this, his 7th personally-penned one-man show, ALAN takes a look at how we cope in the modern world, with – and without – cellphones, computers, e-mail, golf, movies, television, flying, Enid Blyton and security! You know, …my cellphone’s smaller than your cellphone’ and that kind of thing …

Culture is put under the spotlight in a daring expos’ of why opera, ballet and contemporary dance are so meaningful that nobody actually understands them, while a dear old favourite, Johan van der Walt, star of the MNET series LAUGH OUT LOUD, makes a welcome return with his masterclass in self-defence!

Knowing that he is currently responsible for handling the highly successful and long, long running South African comedic show, Defending the Caveman (previously Tim Pluman’s baby), I kind of expected Stressed to Kill to pretty much play out in a similar way, a kind of story driven show with elements of comedy in it. However, much to my surprise (and utter enjoyment), Stressed to Kill is nothing more than a laugh a minute stand-up comedy routine that examines various aspects of daily life and looks at the hilarity inherit in each situation.

Alan interacts continuously with the crowd and in doing so feeds off them much to their detriment. Beware if you are from out of town, an international guest or even worse’ from Tableview. Also, sitting in the front couple of rows probably isn’t the best idea either, particularly if you don’t want to become an impromptu part of the show.

This two hour long show covers a lot of ground. We are taken through a host of daily activities which Alan masterfully dissects and points out the humour to us, being sure to throw in copious amounts of gags and puns along the way. He then examines a lot of past activities that we as an older audience appreciates, like looking at Enid Blyton’s works, the days before the cellphone and the pleasure of going to drive-ins. As a treat, we even get to experience an authentic Dinner for One reproduction, complete with inconveniently placed animal skin rug!

The show gets interrupted with a special guest appearance of Johan van der Walt (Alan Committie), most recently seen on MNET’s Laugh Out Loud show. A highly officious, disturbingly pedantic and rude man, Van Der Walt is a part-time Sheriff of the Court and full-time bumbling. Alan’s character is a riot to watch as he extracts humour not thought possible out of a wonderful mixing of Afrikaans and English – and his self defence course is guaranteed to have you in stitches! Karate!

We get a wonderful rendition of a one man jazz band and then when you think it is all over, Alan surprises you with a hilarious look at why in the world contemporary dance and ballet is so deep and meaningful – even if no one understands it!

As a comedian, Alan is the whole package. Charmingly funny, impeccable ability to pull puns and gags out of almost any situation (Noddy having aural sex with Big Ears?) and a commanding voice and stage presence that draws and holds your attention for the entire duration of this laugh out loud session, Alan is just one of those top drawer comedians that shouldn’t be missed.

And if you don’t laugh at the stressful life of a triangle player in the philharmonic orchestra, then there is most definitely something wrong with your funny bone!

For more information on Alan Committie – comedian, stand-up comic, actor, director, writer, producer, Master of Ceremonies, facilitator and – hide your children – fully qualified school teacher – go to his website www.alancommittie.co.za. Definitely one of those thousand-gags a-minute comedian and actor to watch out for in the future. Highly, highly recommended!

Stressed to Kill1Stressed to Kill2Stressed to Kill3