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Lollos and Lettie Birthday Cake Print Design 10 JAN 2014

Andrea and Albert recently(-ish) hosted a Lollos-themed birthday party for little Bella who turned three (and when I say Lollos-themed, I mean that they had the actual Lollos costume there – which Jessica absolutely loved to bits mind you. It certainly helps to be in the entertainment industry, that’s for sure!)

Anyway, Andy tasked Chantelle’s Cupcakery with producing a simple cake print box cake for the party, which of course meant that Chantelle immediately turned to me and tasked me with coming up with the image to be sent off to the printers!

Luckily for me, a decent enough in terms of size Lollos image turned up after some deep Google searching, and with a little Photoshop magic, I introduced Lettie to the image and rounded off the remaining bits and bobs to end up with what was rather a colourful cake print:

lollos birthday cake print

Just in case you’re not so familiar with Lollos – it’s a kiddies entertainment franchise relatively popular with small Afrikaans kids at the moment – basically Lollos is a friendly alien creature who is learning all about us through his Afrikaans-singing friends. Kind of like an Afrikaans version of Barney the Dinosaur basically.

Anyway, you can grab the large print version here: Download Large Print Version

Games-Xetra Durbanville Games | My Life 20 MAY 2010

I’ve mentioned before that our pals Andy (Andrea) and Albert Snyman went and opened a gaming store out in Durbanville called Games-Xetra and now thanks to some video magic from the ever creative Albert, here are two video adverts showcasing the new shop.

The store itself is actually pretty great. Nice and large with a good selection of both new and second hand games, not to mention a nifty little gaming nook for you to test out the latest games at, plus a host of other gaming peripherals on offer. Those of you keen on trading in games will also be glad to know they accept trade-in on PS2, Wii and XBOX 360 – for more than a decent price (better than any of their competitors, that’s for sure!)

You can hit their online presence at http://www.games-xetra.com/2010/durbanville/ or visit the shop in person at Shop 4, Die Fakkel Sentrum, 22 Oxford Street, Durbanville. Alternatively, give them a ring on 021 975 7355.

As far as I’m concerned, another gaming store is always a good thing and now that I’ve done my plug, it’s time to sit back and enjoy Albert’s wizardry! :)

Related Link: http://www.games-xetra.com/

South Africa’s rAge Gaming Expo 2009 Games Notes 14 SEP 2009

rage expo south africarAge is probably South Africa’s premier (if not only) gaming expo and 2009’s edition is fast approaching, setting down hard from October th 2nd to the 4th, Coca-Cola Dome as per usual. Now I’m not a hardcore gamer and so I’ve never bothered making the trip up country to attend before, but the reason I am highlighting the 2009 even is this:

Albert, Andy’s husband in case you’re wondering, you know, the bright orange bearded man with the ponytail, was approached to whip up some promotional video material for the event. Of course, not willing to step down from a challenge (after all, he does write for Binnelanders which must be tough as hell because I’m not sure how you keep people glued day in and day out to a soapie of all things) and on a budget of R40, he came up with these two absolute gems! :)