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L-Tido releases brand new album ‘All of Me’ with a Hot Video
[Partner Content] 28 NOV 2013

l-tido african rapperAfter a long wait, L-Tido finally drops his awaited new album ‘All of me’ which is inspired by personal circumstances and situations that his friends and family have gone through in the last year. He’s laced the current hip hop sound with his African heritage which gives the sound a bit more longevity and variety.

L-Tido is no longer a newbie in the music industry after hit singles such as ‘We Rollin’ ft K.O from Teargas and ‘Calling’ ft. Teepee which won a Channel O Video award solidified his relevance in the market.

His sophomore album includes stand out tracks: ‘Who you lovin’, ‘We aint leaving’ ft DJ Dimples and ‘Antii’ and ‘Steve Kekana’ which samples the Doc Shebeleza classic Sget Sgetza.

‘All of me’ dropped last week on iTunes and debuted at number 3 on the local charts and in all good music stores nationwide. Today he accompanies his album drop with a hot video for ‘Steve Kekana’. Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8ckmDaKh0k

Download L-Tido’s brand new album, “All Of Me”, now available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/all-of-me/id726164769?uo=4&at=11l4yH

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Download a Full Facebook Photo Album in Firefox CodeUnit 11 MAR 2010

Yet another cool little Firefox extension, add-on from LazyRussian, Arthur Sabintsev. FacePAD, Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a brilliant little addition to your Firefox arsenal in that it allows you to download all the photos and images from either a Facebook friend, event or group’s photo album en masse, i.e. all in one fell swoop.

Gone are the days of opening an album, clicking on a photo and downloading each and every image one by one! (Needless to say, you should already be seeing the enormous time saver implications here)

Install FacePAD as you would any normal Firefox add-on/extension and once installed, set the language preference under Options on the Firefox Add-ons page. Now all that is left is to browse to Facebook, find an album you wish to download, right-click and select “Download with FacePAD”.

If your default download path in Firefox is set, you’ll get a javascript prompt to confirm and after clicking yes, all the photos contained in the set will be added to Firefox’s normal download manager and start downloading.

Couldn’t be any simpler! :)

Download Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8442

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