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Fate/Stay Night Cosplay: Rin Tohsaka (Heidi Rogers) Cosplay 16 DEC 2013

American cosplayer Heidi Rogers (better known perhaps as Cosplay Kitten) tackles the enjoyable Fate/Stay Night franchise for this cosplay outing, targeting the heroine magus Rin Tohsaka as her character of choice!

Rin Tohsaka is a model student and idol of Shiro’s school. She barely talks to other students in her school and exhibits a desire to be left alone, as exemplified by her tendency to stay on the school’s rooftop, away from the rest of the students. She is also secretly a Magus, and a Master in the Fifth Holy Grail War. In the beginning of the anime, she summons Archer for her Servant, although she originally wanted to summon Saber.

Rin is reared as the successor to her family’s magecraft, instructed by her father, Tokiomi Tohsaka, to prioritize sorcery over her own interests. After her father is killed, Rin continues to perfect her sorcery, with some guidance from her guardian, Kirei Kotomine. She strives to earn the admiration of her peers to avoid drawing attention to her private life, even though she is secretly stingy, tomboyish, and a slacker. She is perceptive, resourceful and avidly competitive.

Rin specializes in the transformation of energy, which includes storage of Mana in objects. She stores all of her mana in jewels that she regularly charges to bypass her body’s natural limitations on releasing energy. She can detonate her jewels on contact with an object, resulting in a release of energy equivalent to an attack rank of “A”. Her most common offensive spell is Gandr, which fires concentrated mana in the form of a black orb from her finger. On contact, the spell amplifies physical conditions – a person who is already sick, for example, becomes far sicker upon being hit, but she can imbue it with such power that it instantly knocks weaker beings out on contact. Rin is also proficient with reinforcement sorcery, which she uses on her legs to give herself more speed. She is known to be somewhat of a prodigy in magecraft – while most magi are proficient at one, sometimes two elements, Rin possesses the very rare trait of being equally skilled in all five and is thus known as an Average One.

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Lady Death Cosplay: Lady Death (Belle Chere) Cosplay 24 NOV 2013

Although Lady Death started out as little more than eye-candy for the Evil Ernie, she has since gone on to be one of the premier bad girl heroines in comic book history.

American cosplayer Belle Chere tackles the task of bringing to life this sexy, sword swinging bad girl with a lot of gusto – as you can see for yourself in these shots!

There are at least three very distinct versions of Lady Death, all carrying very different origin stories, courtesy of the character’s convoluted publishing history thanks to the character rights switching hands ever so often.

Classic Lady Death sees a girl named Hope escape being burned at the stake after mistakenly being labeled a witch, ending up in Hell thanks to a misguided bargain struck with a demon she inadvertently summoned while attempting to escape.

Once in Hell, Hope became entangled in a civil war that was raging between Lucifer and an army of renegade devils led by a powerful sorcerer. Hope was devastated when she learned that the ambitious sorcerer challenging Lucifer for the control of Hell was her own father.

Gradually corrupted by the nature of her surrounding, Hope was tainted with evil. She allied herself with an exiled craftsman who forged weapons for the infernal armies. While speaking to him, she declared that the innocent woman she had once been was dead and that she would henceforth only be known as Lady Death.

In her new persona, Lady Death led an uprising against the Lords of Hell. During the final battle, Lucifer cursed her never to return to Earth while the living walked. Lady Death swore an oath that she would circumvent Lucifer’s curse by exterminating all life on Earth.

Lady Death finally ended Lucifer’s control over her by casting him through Heaven’s Gate (a place where evil cannot go), and in doing so became the new ruler of Hell. Many of the beings living in hell believe that the ascension of Lady Death signaled the beginning of the age of judgment – the final battle between good and evil for the fate of the Earth.

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Military Aircraft: American McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (1976) Military Aircraft 09 NOV 2013

The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15 Eagle is a twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter designed by McDonnell Douglas to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat. It is considered among the most successful modern fighters, with over 100 aerial combat victories with no losses in dogfights.

Following reviews of proposals, the United States Air Force selected McDonnell Douglas’ design in 1967 to meet the service’s need for a dedicated air superiority fighter. The Eagle first flew in July 1972, and entered service in 1976. Since the 1970s, the Eagle has been exported to Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and other nations. The F-15 was originally envisioned as a pure air superiority aircraft. Its design included a secondary ground-attack capability that was largely unused.

The design proved flexible enough that an all-weather strike derivative, the F-15E Strike Eagle, was later developed, and entered service in 1989.

american McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

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Ghost Cosplay: Elisa Cameron (Belle Chere) Cosplay 25 SEP 2013

American cosplayer Belle Chere dons the ghostly white costume of Dark Horse’s popular Ghost heroine, complete with twin .45 calibers at her side!

If you’re already dead, you might as well make the best of it. Someone brutally murdered reporter Elisa Cameron, but back from the grave as the spectral avenger Ghost, Elisa intends to find out who killed her and why . . . and grab a double dose of .45-caliber retribution.

But Ghost’s journey to the truth follows a dark, twisted path, and the revelations she unearths may lead not to redemption, but damnation.

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Red Sonja Cosplay: Red Sonja (Belle Chere) Cosplay 15 SEP 2013

The sword-slinging she-devil that is Red Sonja, gets a fantastic cosplay effort here courtesy of American cosplayer Belle Chere, who doesn’t seem to mind the cold all that much!

Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, is a fictional character, a high fantasy sword and sorcery heroine created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith, and loosely based on Red Sonya of Rogatino in Robert E. Howard’s 1934 short story “The Shadow of the Vulture”. She first appeared in the Marvel Comics book Conan the Barbarian #23 (February 1973).

After the murder of her family and her rape by a Mercenary group, Sonja’s cries of revenge were answered by the red goddess Scáthach, who appeared to her and instilled within her incredible skill in terms of the handling of swords and other weapons of war, on the condition that she would never lie with a man unless he defeated her in fair combat.

This revenge-driven warrior has since become the archetypical example of the fantasy female barbarian, being fierce and stunningly beautiful, and wearing armour that resembles either a bikini or lingerie.

We can all thank artists Esteban Maroto and Boris Vallejo for that, now can’t we? ;)

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Teen Titans Cosplay: Wonder Girl [Donna Troy] (Unidentified) Cosplay 12 SEP 2013

An unidentified American cosplayer appeared at the 2011 Super Megafest convention, bringing with her all the spandex that comes with Donna Troy, Wonder Girl! (From the Teen Titans in case you were wondering…)

Wonder Girl and the other Teen Titans were next featured in Showcase #59 (December 1965) before being spun off into their own series with Teen Titans (vol. 1) #1 (February 1966). With the character called only Wonder Girl, or “Wonder Chick” by her teammates, her status as either the younger Wonder Woman displaced in the timeline or another character altogether is not explained until Teen Titans (vol. 1) #22 (August 1969).

In a story by Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane it is established that Wonder Girl is a non-Amazon orphan, rescued by Wonder Woman from an apartment building fire. Unable to find any parents or family, Wonder Woman brings the child to Paradise Island, where she is eventually given Amazon powers by the Purple Ray. The story ends with Wonder Girl wearing a new costume and hairstyle, adopting the secret identity Donna Troy.

Or at least, that’s how the original story goes.

Donna’s superhuman powers have changed several times over the years, but in all of her various incarnations, they have always consisted of considerable superhuman strength, endurance, speed, and the power of flight. In her pre-Crisis origin, Donna was granted those powers by the Amazon’s Purple Ray, and these powers increased as she grew older. She also wielded a lasso of her own, but it apparently had no magical properties like Diana’s Lasso of Truth.

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X-Men Cosplay: Kitty Pryde a.k.a. Shadowcat (RuffleButt) Cosplay 09 SEP 2013

Kitty Pryde, a.k.a. Shadowcat, has literally grown up in front X-Men comic book fans as the years have passed by, maturing from a young insecure girl into a strong and resilient X-Man that all her teammates can depend on. Today’s fantastic cosplay rendition of everyone’s favourite intangible heroine comes from American cosplayer RuffleButt, also known as Jessie Pridemore to her mom.

x-men cosplay kitty pryde shadowcat by american cosplayer rufflebutt aka jessie pridemore 1

A mutant, Kitty possesses a “phasing” ability that allows her and objects or people with which she is in contact to become intangible. This power also disrupts any electrical field she passes through, and allows her to simulate levitation. At the time of her initial membership, under the then codename Sprite, Pryde was the youngest person invited to join the X-Men team.

During her early years, she was portrayed as a “kid sister” to many older members of the X-Men, filling the role of literary foil to the more established characters. However, this has evolved with time and Shadowcat is now more than capable of standing on her own. Apart from her phasing skills, Kitty is also a capable pilot and hand-to-hand fighter, as well as possessing excellent computer skills, both in terms of programming and design.

Oh, and she is a talented dancer, at a professional level in both ballet and modern dance, and can shout at you in English, Japanese or Russian if she so wants!

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Superboy Cosplay: Knockout (Molly McIsaac) Cosplay 05 SEP 2013

American cosplayer Molly McIsaac visits DC’s pantheon of supervillains for inspiration and then decides to go for a knockout with this awesome Knockout cosplay. Bam!

Knockout is a fictional character, a supervillainess in the DC Comics universe. She first appeared in Superboy vol. 2 #1 (February 1994), and was created by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett.

Knockout is a former Female Fury from Apokolips. She first appeared shortly after Superboy moved to Hawaii. Using her superstrength, she fought and flirted with Superboy just for the fun of it. Her hidden identity was that of a super strong stripper who worked at a club called the BoomBoom Room.

Later, she was recruited to join Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad for an attack against the international crime cartel Silicon Dragons. She joined Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Sidearm and King Shark on the Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad had to overcome betrayal and overwhelming enemies, and in the end, Knockout was supposedly killed when the Squad left her and King Shark in the exploding base.

She later returned alive, and assisted Superboy in a battle against Valor, although she and Superboy did spar. She turned up shortly thereafter and teamed up with Superboy in several of his adventures.

Knockout is a highly trained warrior and is also a master of hand-to-hand combat. She has superhuman strength, durability, and endurance. She also possesses a healing factor.

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Military Aircraft: American Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (1938) Military Aircraft 06 AUG 2013

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is a four-engine heavy bomber aircraft developed in the 1930s for the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC).

The B-17 was primarily employed by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) in the daylight precision strategic bombing campaign of World War II against German industrial and military targets. The United States Eighth Air Force, based at many airfields in southern England, and the Fifteenth Air Force, based in Italy, complemented the RAF Bomber Command’s nighttime area bombing in the Combined Bomber Offensive to help secure air superiority over the cities, factories and battlefields of Western Europe in preparation for the invasion of France in 1944. The B-17 also participated to a lesser extent in the War in the Pacific, early in World War II, where it conducted raids against Japanese shipping and airfields.

From its pre-war inception, the USAAC (later USAAF) touted the aircraft as a strategic weapon; it was a potent, high-flying, long-range bomber that was able to defend itself, and to return home despite extensive battle damage. It quickly took on mythic proportions, and widely circulated stories and photos of B-17s surviving battle damage increased its iconic status. With a service ceiling greater than any of its Allied contemporaries, the B-17 established itself as an effective weapons system, dropping more bombs than any other U.S. aircraft in World War II.

Of the 1.5 million metric tons of bombs dropped on Germany and its occupied territories by U.S. aircraft, 640,000 tons were dropped from B-17s

Military Aircraft American Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

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