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Come Dine with Us Again My Life 16 OCT 2010

Last Friday saw the second leg of our local little Come Dine with Me competition (well competition is unfair considering everyone is seemingly to chicken to allow voting), following on the first one held last month which I unfortunately missed out on due to illness, forfeiting my place alongside Chantelle to Retha as they enjoyed a succulent feast prepared by the team effort of Gary and Michelle. (Young David proved useless in the kitchen after all).

This time around it was the turn of Andri and Malcolm to knock our socks off, and after initially agonizing over what to prepare before eventually picking Chinese, Andri did a full 360 on the night and instead presented the hungry pairings of Michelle and Gary, and Chantelle and myself with a fantastic combination of steak over the coals, home made potato wedges, butternut squash, green salad and of course followed up by the all important dessert which consisted of completely home made sorbet (three delicious flavours) combined with mouth watering home baked meringues!

Needless to say, the six of us ate like absolute kings, seven if you include young Corban who did his best to behave despite a certain Craig encouraging him to play with his dinosaurs whilst at the table, something dad Malcolm was quick to nip in the bud! ;)

As an added bonus, Malcolm hauled out an oversized bottle of red wine his has been keeping for a number years now after winning it as a prize during some or other golf thing, and surprisingly enough, the 2002 Meerlust Red was still in perfect drinking form, actually proving itself to be one of the nicest and easiest drinking reds I’ve enjoyed for quite some time now!

The evening went on for much longer that what I had originally anticipated, which funnily enough was a good thing because it meant that the adults were really enjoying themselves despite the presence of two small babies, making it a shame when it was eventually decided to call it a night.

(As for me, well I didn’t exactly rush off home to Gordon’s Bay though to be honest. After all, I still needed to pick up my Gi to which Mom had lovingly sewed on the Funakoshi badge whilst I was merrily away enjoying supper!)

Not that last weekend’s visitations ended on Friday night mind you. Saturday afternoon saw Chantelle and myself out and about again, though this time wasn’t quite such a gourmet affair. No, we joined all my fellow karateka at Sensei Birgitt’s house where the men enjoyed the fantastic rugby clash between the Sharks and Western Province, whilst devouring Gert’s special “budget” muffins as a snack (Seriously can’t believe how tasty egg and bread baked in a muffin pan in the oven is).

Anyway back to the topic. What this all leads up to is obviously that it now falls upon us to host the final Come Dine with Me leg come next month.

Needless to say, Chantelle has more than a couple of ideas up her sleeve on how best to blow the competition out of the water already, though I dare say none of them actually involve me “helping” her out in the kitchen on the big day!

Still, can’t say I’m not looking forward to this one! ;)

Snapshot of Andri and master Jack. (In case you were wondering, this beautiful picture of the bridesmaid and ring bearer was taken on the day of our wedding!)

Weekend in Review: Christmas Busy My Life 21 DEC 2009

Okay, so maybe the title is a bit of a white lie as in all honesty, only Saturday ended up being busy as all heck, but after the sociable week we enjoyed coming up to the weekend, Chantelle and I more than DESERVED Friday evening and Sunday off for a change! :)

An unfortunate turn of events led to Chantelle having to work on Friday evening (despite it being her off weekend) and as such I found myself returning to an empty home, clutching a bag of KFC for two to my chest. However, my forlornness at losing Chantelle to work was quickly replaced with euphoria as I set about clocking Mirror’s Edge (fabulous game despite its iffy animated cutscenes) and then jumping straight into the pile of titles Albert loaned to me, including Frontlines: Fuel of War, Dead or Alive 4, Call of Duty and Tom Clancy’s HAWX (though the latter didn’t want to load off the disk properly, so I’ll have to scratch trying my hand at that one!)

And thanks to the tip from Ryan that my TV actually features an audio out port, by the time Chantelle finally arrived home, the entire car park was booming with the blistering sounds of war being cranked out through my surround sound system! :)

Of course with Chantelle home it was off with the games and on with the TV, where animated DVD fare was to reign and the night was finally sealed off with the rather strange choice of Poena is Koning, which was worth its weight in terms of some very stupid laughs and giggles.

Saturday arrived and Chantelle and I kicked into overdrive, hitting the shops early in order to get this year’s Christmas shopping done. After a hilarious mix-up that saw me trying to pick up cricket pads that had been held in stock for Dean at the wrong store, we hit the mall proper and thanks to our well thought out list, managed to get everything bought in a record amount of time with minimum fuss. With the shopping done, it was back home to quickly drop everything off, before jumping back into the car and heading out to visit with Dean and Zania, the first time we had done so since the birth of little Zandea.

Naturally, on arrival and sight of the little baby, Chantelle’s motherly instinct kicked into overdrive and so I got comfy, drank a beer, nibbled on chips and watched the cricket as Chantelle played mom, ending with little Zandea falling fast asleep in Chantelle’s arms, after having first been properly sated by Dean (with a bottle, not his breast).

From there it was over to Tygervalley in order to finish off the last items left on our Christmas shopping list as well as pick up the necessary picnic snacks for the evening, before quickly popping in at Monty’s stronghold in order to pick up some skirts that Cheryl was mending for the guesthouse.

After that quick hi and bye, it was then on the N1 and off to Kirstenbosch, where we joined up with Andri, Malcolm and Andri’s whole family, Michelle and Gary, and Retha and Retha’s whole family to enjoy the annual Rotary-organised Carols by Candlelight celebration, more of which I’ll talk about tomorrow (and even put up a few pictures) – but as a teaser I’ll simply say that the evening was an absolutely stunning success and you couldn’t have asked for a better turnout, nicer weather, more spectacular view or even a more special event if you wanted to. (Oh and our snacks were pretty damn awesome too! Mini cheesies for the win!!)

It goes without saying then that by the time we did finally arrive home back in Gordon’s Bay, we were so poop tired and exhausted that we pretty much just fell into bed, quickly dozing off into that oh so very welcome blackness of mind-numbing sleep.

Sunday morning saw us actually sleep in for what feels like the first time in ages and despite our earlier mumblings of wanting to hit the beach or park and get some sun on our rather oh so white bodies, we ended up pretty much lazing the entire day away in front of the TV (the classic animated Superman series rocks I tell you!), wrapping Christmas presents (we’re all set for the big day now) and scheduling some blog posts, breaking only for a single trip through to the Pick ‘n Pay across the road in order to secure the raw materials needed for the awesome braai I was about to conduct.

The braai was awesome.

The not doing much trend then continued, with more TV, ice-cream and comic book reading, until eventually we couldn’t keep the pretense of being awake up for much longer and we both hit the sack, completely chilled and relaxed, ready for the week ahead.

Well on that front, I am at least. Leave starts on Thursday for me already you know! Oh, it’s good not to work in the service industry sometimes if you ask me! :P

Visiting Hours My Life 24 JUN 2008

PotjiekosWhile last Saturday saw both Chantelle and I do ABSOLUTELY nothing the whole day long apart from playing games and lazing about, Sunday was a whole new bag of kittens entirely!

Sunday morning we actually made the conscious effort to raise ourselves out of bed early enough and go try out a Church in area for the first time since either of us has moved here to Gordon’s Bay! Our first outing was to Christ Church, Somerset West, a church that our old pastor Gary had recommended based purely on the fact that it belongs to the same branch as what our old Church belonged to.

Now apart from the fact that the incorrect information on their website caused us to arrive half an hour before the service started, the service itself was actually pretty nice, but I’m afraid that we were pretty quick in deciding that this won’t be the church for us after all – and this decision is based entirely on demographics, which is certainly not the most PC of things to be saying in this day and age I know! But before you jump to conclusions, let me explain: Chantelle and I stuck out like sore thumbs thanks to the fact that 96% of all people in the church were silver-haired! Goodness gracious, and this was still at the 09:30 family service! Anyway, with the abundance of churches in the Somerset West/Strand/Gordon’s Bay area, I’m sure we’ll find something along the way :)

From church it was back on the road to the Montgomery clan stronghold in Bellville, where we had been invited over for some lunch which was to be some delicious curry chicken potjiekos, a competition-winning recipe that tastes as good as it looks. Seeing as Monty had been out at work for the morning, it was up to Cheryl and Rob to craft our gourmet cuisine and I am happy to report that it was definitely as good as what I had been told it would be! With Monty returned from work the five of us sat down for lunch where we enjoyed the delicious meal over some good wine and lots of chatter, followed up with a delicious serving of some creamy choc fudge ice-cream that I had picked up on the way earlier in the day.

Admittedly, we did run out on doing the dishes (again! Sorry about that Cheryl!), but only because Chantelle had organised to meet up with Andri over a coffee at Tygervalley seeing as the two of them haven’t seen each other in such a long time, especially now that poor little Corban is so sick all of the time! So I dropped C off at Tygervalley around 15:00 and then went over to keep my family a little company which turned out to be not the best of timed decisions as Mom and Pops were out on their way to visit the grans and Ryan is currently sitting once again without an Xbox as he waits for his second faulty console to be exchanged! So Ryan and I ended up lazing about the house and watching TV for a bit, before heading out for a nice stroll out in the neighbourhood, checking out houses and looking out for ‘punch buggies’ :)

Chantelle later joined up with us after a successful coffee meeting and we pretty much ended up watching TV for the rest of the afternoon/early evening as Chantelle still needed to hang around in Bellville because she was joining her mom in visiting her gran in hospital later the evening. Of course, leaving the comfy couch was easier said that done when the time to leave fell upon her, particularly as everyone was quite enjoying Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell’s stupid 1999 Superstar movie which was running through its final scenes. However, she did eventually get up and go, taking my car with her and leaving me, Mom and Ryan to fill out crossword puzzles as we awaited her return and thus the opportunity to make some snackwiches for supper!

I think we only got back home to Gordon’s Bay around 22:00 that evening, after having been in Bellville since before 13:00, making it officially the longest visiting hours with the parents ever! So much for my just relaxing at home weekend that I was so looking forward to :(

But at least I got to eat good food, which always makes up for it! :)