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King of Fighers 2001 (KOF) Cosplay: Angel (NonSummerJack) Cosplay 20 OCT 2013

Although she didn’t stick around for long, Angel from the King of Fighters 2001 KOF franchise release remains rather popular, and for this cosplay outing she is sexily brought to life by the very NSFW Japanese cosplayer/model, NonSummerJack.

king of fighters cosplay angel by japanese cosplayer 1

In King of Fighters 2001, Angel is introduced as an agent of the secret organization known as NESTS. She is assigned to keep an eye on the experiment K9999, whose purpose is to hunt down traitorous experiments that had left NESTS. During the final moments of the tournament, it is revealed that both Angel and K9999 are actually on a mission to kill Kula and her guardians.

Angel is a lighthearted, flirtatious, and playful individual in spite of her working status as an assassin for NESTS. She is also, however, quite violent and sadistic.

Due to her affiliation with NESTS, much of her body was enhanced to be far stronger than that of a normal human. It is said that her strength is developed to combat male fighters in the tournament, and her strength is far stronger than Goro Daimon, Tizoc, and Maxima (who has superhuman strength), and Hinako Shijou (who also has superhuman strength despite her weight) combined.

Angel’s fighting style incorporates elements of both Muay Thai (as seen in her stance and some of her kicks) and professional wrestling. Some of her moves and mannerisms pay homage to entertainer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Most notably, her “Winds Fairground”, “Blue Monday Parade” and “Survivor’s Banquet” mimic his “Laying the Smacketh Down”, “Rock Bottom” and “People’s Elbow” respectively.

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