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Download a Full Facebook Photo Album in Firefox CodeUnit 11 MAR 2010

Yet another cool little Firefox extension, add-on from LazyRussian, Arthur Sabintsev. FacePAD, Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a brilliant little addition to your Firefox arsenal in that it allows you to download all the photos and images from either a Facebook friend, event or group’s photo album en masse, i.e. all in one fell swoop.

Gone are the days of opening an album, clicking on a photo and downloading each and every image one by one! (Needless to say, you should already be seeing the enormous time saver implications here)

Install FacePAD as you would any normal Firefox add-on/extension and once installed, set the language preference under Options on the Firefox Add-ons page. Now all that is left is to browse to Facebook, find an album you wish to download, right-click and select “Download with FacePAD”.

If your default download path in Firefox is set, you’ll get a javascript prompt to confirm and after clicking yes, all the photos contained in the set will be added to Firefox’s normal download manager and start downloading.

Couldn’t be any simpler! :)

Download Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8442

Related Link: http://lazyrussian.com/my-projects/facepad-facebook-photo-album-downloader-2/

Send Highlighted Text and Link via Email Fast! CodeUnit 09 MAR 2010

Arthur Sabintsev (aka LazyRussion) brings to us the brilliant little Firefox add-on named Email This! which basically allows you to right-click on any selected text on any webpage your are currently browsing and then send the highlight text, title plus link to an email recipient using GMail, Google Apps GMail, Yahoo or even standalone mail clients like Outlook Express or Thunderbird.

The amount of times I want to send an email to myself containing the exact data I just mentioned above for later reference is a lot, so this little add-on is certainly proving to be one hell of an effort saver! :)

To use, simply install as normal and once installed, set the necessary mailer preferences by clicking on the Options button under the Email This! entry on the add-ons page. Once set up, Email This! now becomes usable via either a toolbar entry or a right-click context menu option.

All that, all that is left is now to browse to a page, highlight a passage of text and click send! Brilliant I tell you! :)

Add to Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3102

Related Link: http://lazyrussian.com/my-projects/email-this-firefox-extension/