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The Mighty Thor Cosplay: Lady Sif (Yaya Han) Cosplay 07 OCT 2012

Popular Asian-American cosplayer Yaya Han is at it again, this time donning her fantastic costume and armour creations in order to transform herself into Lady Sif, ready for action against the vile trickster, Loki. (Who for some reason is now a woman. Oh well, details, details.)

An Asgardian warrior just as Thor is, Sif has long been enamored with the God of Thunder and has been his on and off love for many years now. A skilled warrior, she often accompanies Thor into battle, fighting often alongside the rest of their merry group, including the likes of Balder and the Warriors Three, made up Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg.

As with any other Asgardian, Sif possesses enhanced strength, durability and longevity, as as the extra ability to teleport, though whether this is through her sword or herself isn’t quite established. An excellent swordsman skilled in the use of cold weapons, Sif is also a fantastic hand to hand combatant.

In other words, truly a warrior to be feared!

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Detective Comics Cosplay: Catwoman (Yaya Han) Cosplay 19 AUG 2012

Asian-American Yaya Han is a well known cosplayer gracing the convention scene, famous for her buxom figure and often meticulously detailed costumes. This time around she has drawn on the popular Adam Hughes’ Catwoman design, donning Selina Kyle’s whip and trademark tight clothes – claws out of course!

Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman is one of Batman’s oldest adversaries and potential love interests, and as such has seen a number of changes and rewrites over the years. However, one thing that has remained constant is her status as an athletic, elite cat burglar – with a penchant for cats.

Whilst she doesn’t possess an super powers as such, she is an Olympic level athlete and gymnast, a highly skilled combatant and of course has all the attributes necessary for any stealthy burglar. Of course, being a burglar puts her squarely on the opposite side of the line from Batman, but as the years have rolled on by, she has been cast as somewhat more of an antihero, making it particularly difficult to know just which side of the fence she straddles.

Nevertheless, certainly a strong female character whom you most definitely don’t want to end up on the wrong side of!

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