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The Cute as a Button Emily Dress from Parental Instinct Blogging 21 JUN 2016

A little while ago, Baby Steps let us know that Emily needed to come to playschool the next day dressed as a sports player – all very well and fun, but not so great when you don’t actually own anything even remotely sporty for your little girl toddler!

However, as luck would have it, a beautifully packaged blogger drop from the team at Frontpage Communications on behalf of Parental Instinct arrived at our front door in the afternoon – and wouldn’t you believe it, inside the box was the cutest toddler polo/tennis dress I’ve ever seen!

You want to know something ever more funny? That particular dress is called… wait for it – The Emily Dress! Talk about a happy coincidence.

Emily was of course thrilled to come home to this awesome surprise, and very proudly went to playschool the next day to show off her cute as a button tennis dress to anyone and everyone that she could find!

Actually, pretty much all the Parental Instinct clothing line is awesome. Started by two sport, style and design-loving dads, Paddy Muldoon and Chris Baff (who between them have 37 years spent in the design, production and marketing of sportswear), Parental Instinct was initially dreamed up as a humour-fuelled business idea, but then turned into a very clever movement for producing good looking, easy to care for, and even easier to use children’s wear.

“By taking the innovations trusted in sportswear and applying them to iconic children’s wear essentials, each of Parental Instinct’s unique products include stain resistant and release nano-technology, as well as colour-coded snaps in an attempt to make parenting as easy as pie.”

Oh, and in case that all sounds a bit like marketing guff, they even released a video about what they mean:

Very clever.

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Daycare Toddler Down Emily 20 JAN 2016

One of the inevitable truths of having a baby or toddler that attends daycare is that they are pretty much guaranteed to get sick. A lot.

With so many small, unhygienic little tykes running around, sneezing, and well… touching things, daycare rooms are pretty much covered in little germ surface-to-air missiles (no matter how much the staff wipe and disinfect), meaning that escaping it is nigh impossible!

Unless of course your kid has an impressive immune system at this super young age, or the mix of vitamins and syrups you force feed them before school each day actually does what they promise to do on the box.

sick toddler emily sleeping on the couch with big monkey

Sadly, neither of these two apply to us, and so, after a long, healthy Summer holiday, just a week back at Baby Steps has been enough to leave us with a feverish toddler who keeps throwing up everything we feed her.

Sigh, at least the doctor says it doesn’t look particularly serious, though she did point out a particularly nasty ulcer that seems to have appeared out of nowhere on the side of Emily’s tongue. Ouch!

craig lotter with emily sleeping on his chest

So yeah, I’m not getting a super lot of work done from home at the moment – and for a change it’s not my buggered knee tendon holding me up…

[UPDATE: Oh. It looks like Emily has contracted hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Wonderful.]

Baby Steps Picnic at Helderberg Nature Reserve (2015-02-14) Photo Gallery 16 FEB 2015

Valentine’s Day fell on Saturday this year, and as such I treated Chantelle to a lovely candlelit dinner in the braai room* (whilst she bought me a selection of delicious Woolworths choccies) – but that’s completely beside the point, because what I wanted to mention here is the lovely picnic we enjoyed in the morning with the kids at the Helderberg Nature Reserve.


Baby Steps owner and head honcho Rochelle Kelders had organised the morning picnic as a way for the parents and kids to have a bit of a social get together together, and pleasingly, despite the heavy clouds that looked rather threatening, there was a nice little turn out and everyone was able to enjoy some seriously relaxing time on the grass with the kids. (So, so many tiny cute faces!)

Emily was adorable (as expected), and even managed to stun Chantelle and myself by rooting out a nectarine from our bag and devouring it whole – nothing subtle there. It was basically just nectarine juices on everything!

(The rest of us made do with the blueberry muffins we had picked up from Woolworths on our way – though Emily was quite adept at stealing quite a bit from those as well!)


We’ve been with Baby Steps for quite some time now – just short of three years with Jessica and now 1 and a little bit years with Emily – and funnily enough, this is the very first time that our schedules actually allowed us to join in on the fun.

And I’m kind of glad that we did.

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”30570,30571,30572,30573,30574,30575,30576,30577,30578,30579,30580,30581,30582,30583,30584,30596,30597,30598″]

*small kids are so, so limiting.

Photo Gallery: Emily brings the Festive Cheer! (2014-11-20) Photo Gallery 18 DEC 2014

Every year photographer Wendy Swart pops in at Baby Steps in order to take photos of all the little ones which the parents can then later choose to purchase. Wendy seems to like props. A lot.

So if you are struggling to get into the festive mood, perhaps my cute as a button Emily can be of assistance:

Baby Steps 2014 @ Wendy Swart Photography

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The Teeth are Coming, the Teeth are Coming! Jessica 04 AUG 2011

Jessica hasn’t been 100% as of late, snotty, endless coughing, restless at night, moaning more than usual – pretty much all things that you normally associate with babies when it comes to Winter time. However, we’ve been keeping a close check on her temperature (we have about three or four different tools/methods) and so far no fever, meaning no drastic action other than clean-up operations have been on the go.

However, we have been suspecting that dribble monster’s teeth might finally be on their way, what with all the chewing and gnashing going on (never mind the fact that teething gel seems to calm her down), and at long last it would seem like our suspicions are now accurate, with some very telltale hard bumps towards the back of her gums, lower jaw, front and center.

They haven’t started cutting through yet but they seem to be definitely there, so I guess we had better start stocking up on sleep before the big unhappiness rains down upon us! :)

And on another completely unrelated note, Jessie is still loving the Baby Steps creche, and thus far I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed with the operation. They keep us up to date with the log book, Chantelle has built up a good report with the girls on duty, and Jessie seems to be advancing far faster than what she would have if left to our own devices.

That said, it is also apparent that Jess is definitely behind in terms of her developmental growth at this stage, but seeing as she’s a prem that is pretty normal taking into account what we’ve been told, and thus definitely nothing to get too stressed about at this point in time (try telling that to her depressed Mommy though!).

As for me, I’m just happy she still laughs and smiles at all her silly daddy’s antics and songs, and I’m determined to enjoy/milk her to the fullest while she still finds me at least somewhat amusing! ;)

Jessica’s First Day at Baby Steps Daycare Jessica 05 JUL 2011

Hey, another milestone reached, little Jess Jess has now started daycare! (So no more working from home, trips through from Bellvile for Ouma, or off to Aunty Ingrid any more).

Admittedly, we were a little worried that she might give Rochelle from Baby Steps a little trouble with her penchant for fighting her sleep, but by all accounts she was an absolute star on the first day, slotting right in and capturing the hearts of all the daycare staff on duty, right off the bat! She even surprised Mommy and Daddy by reportedly quite happily eating her lunch while seated in her Bumbo chair, something she has historically not been all that happy with.

Of course it was tough for Mom to drop her daughter off with strangers for the very first time, but she managed to do it without losing her composure or tearing back inside, grabbing Jessica and then running off with her, so I’m proud of my Chantelle for that. :)

And yes, now that Jessica is away at Baby Steps from 07:30 to 17:30 it is most definitely going to make our lives that much easier in getting everything that needs to be done, done, and hopefully Jessie with enjoy the experience too, now that she gets around the clock stimulation and interaction with the other babies and toddlers who inhabit Baby Steps.

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