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Happy 30th Birthday Chantelle! My Life 06 DEC 2010

So it is Chantelle’s 30th birthday today, not the best day of the week to celebrate one’s birthday I know, but hey, what can one do about it after all?

Originally, the plan was to go big – hire a spit braai king, fire up the music and have a proper party befitting a 30th celebration… which of course didn’t quite happen thanks to the rather unexpected events over these last couple of weeks.

Though, as the time has quickly passed since Jessie’s unexpected arrival 3 weeks ago, Chantelle’s recovery has been far quicker than what anyone could have imagined and so it was late last week that I suggested to her that we slap something together to celebrate her birthday on the weekend preceding the actual day after all, in lieu of the cancelled big bash.

Chantelle proudly standing in front of her handiwork!

Which of course translated to a Saturday of frantic ingredient shopping, loads of baking and of course, accelerated gardening and house spring cleaning.

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